Youthful Relaxation

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Youthful Relaxation
By ARWander1600 aka ARColt67

(Pristine white marble floors and a polished oak counter can be seen as a young woman in her early 20’s walk in with a man in his early 50’s coming in behind them. The young woman is wearing a long green turtleneck and a black mini-skirt, she has blue eyes and long brown hair with a medium build and C-cup boobs. The older gentleman has a nervous expression on his face, he wears a tee-shirt and jeans and he has silver grey hair and the same blue eyes as the young woman who came in with him. At the front desk a beautiful Asian woman in her late 20’s with long black hair wearing a white tee-shirt which reads “Youthful Sauna” greets them with a warm smile.)
Asian woman: Welcome to “Youthful Sauna!” My name is Sanmo, is this your first time here?
Young Woman: It is our first time here, and I have reservations for my father Ralph McGregor!

Ralph: Mary, I appreciate this gift, I really do but are you sure you want me to do this, it looks a little expensive…

Mary: Nonsense! I’ve already paid for it and you deserve this and much more! When Mom died you worked three different jobs to make sure that I had everything I needed and you rarely took any vacations! You’ve been a fantastic daddy and I think that someone should take care of you for once.

Ralph: Thank you sweetie… So what will you do while I’m here?

Mary: I’ll go out with my friends, I mean I’m 22, I’m a big girl!

Ralph: Okay, just make sure you don’t get into any trouble. I love you sweetie!

Mary: I love you too daddy! (They hug as Mary walks out the door.)

Sanmo: Please follow me, this is your towel and this is your locker key.

Ralph: Okay, so I’ll just put all my stuff in one of the lockers?

Sanmo: Yes and your clothing.

Ralph: Wait, my clothing too?

Sanmo: Yes, no clothing is allowed, except for the towel. This is to keep everything sanitary and to make it easier for me to guide you through the experience.
Ralph: Okay, if you insist…

(Ralph opens the locker and places his clothing and belongings in the locker. He nervously attempts to fasten his towel around his waist, which is too small for him. He sighs when he looks at his belly protruding out and the fact that he can barely keep his towel up.)

Ralph: I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this. Are you sure this is going to be a relaxing experience? Are there any towels that are meant for people who are my size?

Sanmo: There really is nothing like this experience! The towel is the traditional size as well, this is no place to be modest. Now follow me, I need to give you a bath.

Ralph: Umm… Are you sure this is necessary? I mean I am a grown man…

Sanmo: It is completely necessary and do not fear I have bathed countless people, many of them your age.
Ralph: Okay, I trust you! What do you need me to do?

Sanmo: Go behind the wall, there is a table. Just lay down on the table and I will be there soon. Make sure that you take your towel off though, we don’t want it to get wet.
(Ralph sighs as he hoists himself up onto the table covered in a waterproof mat. He reluctantly sets his small towel in a watertight square container next to the table. Suddenly he sees Sanmo come into the walled area in a blue G-string bikini and top which left little up to the imagination. He frantically tried to cover his massive boner which pushes against his hands.)
Ralph: I am so sorry you had to see that!
Sanmo: You needn’t be ashamed around me, after all I am still wearing more than you. Also it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.
Ralph: O-okay…umm…s-so what do I need to do now?
Sanmo: Just lay back and let me take care of everything, namja agi.
Ralph: If you don’t mind me asking, what does that word mean?
Sanmo: I’ll tell you later when I’m not busy, now lay down and get comfy, Ralphy.
(Ralph cautiously lays back down as Sanmo fills up a bucket with warm water and pours it all over Ralph. As the water runs down his body he feel strangely relaxed, and somehow lighter. He smiles as she starts to take fragrant soap suds and scrub the sides of his body which make his body start to tingle. Sanmo smiles down at Ralph who looks to be in his early 30’s. )

Sanmo: Mary told me a lot about you, how you worked all the time to make sure she was taken care of. How you never went on any dates because you wanted to make sure that she was taken care of and how even now that she lives on her own, you still check up on her every day to make sure she is okay. You are a wonderful father but I think it’s time you stopped worrying about her and enjoy someone taking care of you for once, namja agi.
(As she continued to scrub Ralph, he could feel all of the stress in his body being washed down the drain with every soft buff she gave to him. He looked as if he was in his late 20’s, his belly had flattened and the slight wrinkles he had on his face became smooth. She rubbed and massaged every inch of him, making his boner grow larger. Seeing this she gripped his member and began to quickly stroke his massive hard-on. As she strokes Ralph’s member, she takes his other hand and directs it to rub her round firm butt.)
Sanmo: Oh that’s right I have to take care of this too! I hope you enjoy it, it may be your last cum for a while… Also you can grab my ass, I know you’ve been thinking of it…
(Sanmo rapidly stroked Ralph’s cock, he could not believe what was happening. Under usual conditions he would have ran away from a woman like her, his wife had not been anything like her and he wanted to be with someone like her. But he was entranced by her, she made him feel better than he had in years. Ralph gripped her voluptuous ass, as she guided him to a mind-numbing orgasm. Suddenly he felt his cock erupt with ivory colored fluids as Sanmo directed them to the wall.)
Sanmo: Good boy, you should start to feel much, much younger now…
(Ralph began to feel exceptionally energized, more than he had felt in years. He also felt a bizarre falling feeling, as if he were going down an elevator. The world around him grew bigger but instead of being scared he just smiled as he gazed up at Sanmo who beamed down at him.)
Sanmo: Aww, you are such a cutie little Ralphy! Your mind will soon adjust to your new body, you should start to think of me differently now!
(Ralph now a naked toddler claps his hands, holding them up to Sanmo. She smiles as she lifts him into her arms and drys him with a towel.)

Ralph: Eh beebee!? Awe ou Mama?!
Sanmo: I am your Mommy, at least for now my little one, my namja agi! Let’s do the rest of your spa treatment and get you cleaned up!
(She takes Ralph to another room filled with toys and diapers and clothing for babies. She sets him down on a changing mat and begins to apply baby lotion to his private parts, causing Ralph to giggle. She proceeds to place a diaper underneath his bottom and tape the sides of the crinkly diaper.)
Sanmo: I see someone likes his relaxing experience! And you look so cute wearing that diaper!
(Suddenly Sanmo puts her hands under Ralph’s armpits and hoists him into her arms. Ralph smiles and places his little head on Sanmo’s breasts. As he lays his head down, he sniffs the air, a sweet aroma is coming from them.)
Sanmo: I bet after all of that bathing, you’re feeling pretty hungry now! Good thing for you, your package included a complimentary meal.
(She walked over to a rocking chair and sat down, cradling the toddler in her arms.)
Sanmo: There is nothing better to feed a little baby than sweet breast milk…
(Ralph looks at the barely covered breast in front of him in wonder as if he had never seen one before. Sanmo grins, pulling down her bikini top as a white droplet roles off her nipple.)
Sanmo: Time to eat, namja agi! Sanmo has lots of milk for you!
(Ralph takes the nipple into his mouth as a flood of sweet nectar flows down his throat. He kicks his legs in excitement as he drinks from Sanmo who beam down at him.)
Sanmo: Aww, my little Namja agi loves Mommy milk doesn’t he! Oh and to answer your question, namja agi means baby boy in Korean. So I’m going to take care of you as if you were my real baby boy, until your new mommy gets here.
20. (As Ralph drank it became harder for him to understand what Sanmo was saying, he just continued to suckle the sweet milk being fed to him. He barely noticed that he was slowly shrinking again, turning from a toddler to an infant. Sanmo, smiled and patted his diapered bottom.)
Sanmo: What a hungry little boy you are! If you like my milk this much, I can only imagine how much you will love your new mommy’s milk.
21. (Ralph’s eyes begin to slowly open and close as the milk dribbles down his chin. Seeing this Sanmo rocks him back and forth in her arms, watching the little baby in her arms fall asleep.)
Sanmo: You are going to be such a good baby for your new mommy…I think I should bring you to her.
22. (Sanmo quickly puts on a tee-shirt and with Ralph fast asleep in her arms, she walks back to the front counter where all of Ralph’s old clothing and information is waiting. Two women await Sanmo as she gently hands Ralph to them.)
Sanmo: Here he is!
23. (A woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and a short mini-skirt is seen holding little Ralph and in the background Mary is smiling.)
Blonde Woman: He’s so beautiful! Mary I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me!
Mary: Katie, I knew you’ve been wanting a baby with Ben for so long but that you couldn’t conceive. My Dad, always told me that he worked so hard to take care of me because he was raised by my great-aunt and uncle, since his parents died. He worked so hard to constantly take care of me and would sometimes even go without food so I could eat, so I thought that the best father’s day gift I could give him would be having him experience a true family. So will you and Ben promise to take care of my Daddy and give him a better, less stressful upbringing?
Katie: I most certainly will! He is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen and I cannot wait to pamper him! Also Miss Sanmo, you did an incredible job with him!
24. (Sanmo blushes, smiling at Katie’s complement.)
Sanmo: Thank you very much, I am so happy that I was able to help and little Ralphy. I had to persuade him into relaxing but once he calmed down, he enjoyed the process as well! By any chance have you started lactating yet, did the pills work?
25. (Katie nods her head and with her free hand lifts up her shirt revealing her massive dripping breasts.)
Katie: I sure have, my breasts have doubled in size and I can’t wait to feed him once he wakes up!
Mary: Wow, they look amazing! Daddy won’t be going hungry with those big boobies!
26. (Katie grins as she cocks her hips to the side and holds her breast out, as a drop of milk slides off the end of her nipple.)
Katie: Well, if you like them maybe you could be my second baby, I have more than enough for both of you…
Mary: Ha, I might have to take you up on that offer one day! I wouldn’t mind a vacation!
Katie: Sounds good to me! Miss Sanmo, do you have any options that might work as “temporary vacations”?
Sanmo: Mary got the highest level package for Ralphy. But yes, we have one or two day packages as well.
Katie: Okay, then I might have to be “motherly” to you someday as well!
27. (Katie pulls her shirt back down and beams towards both Mary and Sanmo.)
Katie: But in all seriousness…Mary and Sanmo thank you again for everything! Ben and I have been trying to have a baby for four years, he really wants to be a father! Aside for maybe giving you an occasional “vacation” is there any other way me and Ben could repay you?
28. (Mary smiled, her eyes welling up with tears as she embraced Katie.)
Mary: Just make sure to give my Daddy the upbringing he deserve! I love you Daddy, be good to Katie and Ben okay?
29. (Ralph lay still in Katie’s arms as Mary kissed his forehead.)
Mary: Tell Ben happy Father’s Day and happy new birthday Daddy, or should I say little Ralphy!
30. (As Katie walked out the door Mary shouted with tears in her eyes, smiling knowing she had given her father a father’s day present like none other.)
Mary: Make sure to visit Aunty Mary as much as you can okay? Both me and Miss Sanmo can babysit you!
Sanmo: I would be happy to feed you anytime Namja agi!



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