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You are in my DNA!! New comic in the Gallery!

Pfhuuu! Long week behind me! AAAnd a loong week ahead of me but first, here some tasty comic for you guys!

You know the days, when an idea just jumps into your head? I mean you walk on the street, riding on the bus or anything, you see someone, something and than… BAMM!!! You know what you need to do! Well this is one of these comics what just came from a short visit and than, I made it instant! I loved this one so much, I shared it with my beloved AgeArts Writing Group, and ARWander  was so kind to help me with this!

“You’re in my DNA!”  is showing ARWander ‘s skills very well by telling the whole comic like a story so if you love text-heavy comics with great details, this is your comic! We’ve got AR/AP/ Nursing in this short one, so check it out if you are a fan of these transformations and don’t forget to tell your opinion!

Thing are fast around me so you can experance a little bit slower comic updates but there are many what’s are under progress! I’m doing some side project for something else, so my time is divided a little bit! See you soon!


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