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Witness Protection Program

Something short, something a little different form Planet! Enjoy! 

Witness Protection Program

by Planet


“So, if I go with it, can you really guarantee my safety and my family’s?” asked Jim Daniels, his wife nodding next to him.

FBI Agent Silva took a deep breath before answering. The Daniels were the only witnesses that could win him the case against the biggest mob boss in the city. The bureau wouldn’t have any trouble authorizing their very best protection program for the family.

“I’ll personally supervise the operation,” Silva said, reassuring. “You’ll be safe.”

“We’ve got three kids, Agent. And we know the organization´s reach is quite large. I can’t testify if I’m not confident in the protection you’ll be offering.”

Agent Silva sighed. He needed to come clean or he would lose his best players.

“Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, what I’m about to tell you is highly sensitive information. You can’t divulge it. But I think it’ll give you enough confidence to do what you must.”

Hattie exchanged a look with her husband and they both listened to the Agent.

“As you know, ever since the existence of magic was discovered, the government has kept close control over it. It’s only used for very important instances, including, I can tell you, the protection of endangered state witnesses.”

“Are you able to cast protective spells on us?” asked Hattie.

“I’m afraid it’s not as subtle as that. As of now, our understanding of magic is quite limited. We can’t do anything we want. Yet, the things that we can do, are frankly quite amazing. We’re able to completely change the identities of our witnesses.”

“Come again?” Jim wasn’t expecting that.

“We can rewrite the reality of the whole family so that nobody can ever know who you were. Not even the bureau’s agents will have that information. You’ll be completely anonymous as a completely new family, in another state.”

Husband and wife didn’t answer for a few minutes.

“That’s… quite a lot to process,” said Jim at last.

“I know that. And I’m not asking for you to answer right away. Talk about it as a family. Tell me your decision tomorrow. I’ll understand either way. But you’ll realize you should do the right thing for this town. Even if that means a great personal sacrifice.”


It took them quite a long time to arrive to a decision. Hattie was devastated, and their 18-years old son Thomas hated the idea of renouncing his life. Only the younger kids, 14-years old Ronnie and 10-years old Noelle, were somewhat excited about the idea of becoming someone else.

But they all eventually admitted it was the right thing to do, and I any case, Jim knew there was no much choice anyway.

“Even if I don’t testify, my boss knows I saw that evidence. They’ll be too afraid to leave me alive, and he’ll want to hurt us whatever we decide” he said. “So I think this is our best shot at safety, and maybe we should take it. In any case, our lives as we knew them are over.


The Magical Witness Protection Program became active as soon as the trial was over. The gang’s heads were immediately convicted thanks to the Daniels’ evidence, and when Hattie saw how the mobsters were looking hatefully at them, she became convinced that they were doing the right thing: at least with new identities, they wouldn’t need to be afraid again.

Agent Silva personally drove the couple and their kids back to headquarters. He looked hasty.

“The faster we do this, the better,” he commented. “We’ve known of hits that happen on the same day as the trials.”

He conducted the five of them into a nondescript room in the basement. There was little there but a small cauldron filled with a bright blue potion. It was obvious by the way it glistened that it wasn’t a regular liquid.

“Wow,” said Noelle, her eyes wide as plates.

Even the adults were impressed. Though it had been almost a decade since it had been discovered that magic was real, almost nobody had seen it in action.

“I’ll need a hair from each of you,” said Agent Silva.

“What for?” asked Thomas as he obliged. He was still not wholly on board with this.

“The potion will need to get a reading of your current identities. It also needs to understand the bond between you all, so that when it changes you, you’ll still be related to each other in some way.”

“What way will that be?” asked Ronnie, though his parents had already explained.

“Nobody except the potion knows that. That’s what guarantees your anonymity. As far as we know, the changes are random, and they don’t know any gender, age or role barrier. The only thing that is sure is that you’ll still be a family, and you’ll keep a similar socioeconomic background. Also, the potion guarantees you’ll be very healthy, so don’t worry about that. In any case, this will be an improvement.”

As Jim put in his hair, the last, the potion bubbled a little, and then it became still.

”It’s ready,” said the agent closing the cauldron’s lid. “Just pour a glass for each of you. As for your new accommodations…” Silva touched some runes on the concrete wall. It hummed and a multicolored portal materialized. Everyone gasped. “Just step right over there.”

“Aren’t you coming?” asked Hattie.

“No, I can’t know where you end up. Only you will. But it’ll transport you to your new house in another part of the country. The portal is in sync with the potion, so the house already has everything your new identities will be needing.”


“And don’t take too long in drinking the potions! They’ll become inactive after half an hour.” Silva made a little salute. “I want to thank you all for your bravery. The country is in your debt. Now go and live your new lives. They will be good.”

The Agent bowed and stepped out of the room. Jim took the cauldron and nodded. The rest of the family held hands and together they went through the portal.

It was like walking in the void for about half a minute. Then the spinning colors settled down around them and they were in the living room of a nice house. They looked around, amazed.

“The air feels a bit warmer,” commented Thomas. “I wonder what city this is.”

“The potion, dear!” said Hattie looking at her watch. “We can see the rest of the house later!”

Jim nodded and they hurried to the kitchen. He put the cauldron over the table as the kids looked for five glasses. Carefully, Hattie filled them with the blue liquid.

“We can drink them at random,” she said. “The agent said the potion already knows who each of us will become.”

“I’m a bit scared, Mom,” said Noelle. “What if I become the dad, or something?”

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Jim said. “You’ll develop everything you need to fit the role as time passes. Besides… Being the dad is rather cool.”

He winked and she smiled, still nervous.

They stared at the glasses for another minute.

“Maybe we should go before the kids,” suggested Hattie.

“You’re right, dear,” said Jim. “I’ll do it first, then. Well, I guess this is it.”

Without thinking too much, he grabbed the first glass he could and swallowed it whole. It tastes strongly like yoghurt. Despite his outer confidence, he was quite worried.

“I can go back to be a kid,” he thought, terrified, as he waited for something to happen. “Or I can become a woman. Oh, my God! What if I’m married to one of my kids?”

But before he could make further guesses, the 53-years-old man started to feel off. Then, his balding head sprouted a healthy amount of short brown hair. His beard, conversely, was gone.

“Your wrinkles are vanishing, Jim!” said Hattie, shocked. “Oh, wow, you’re getting younger!”

Jim swallowed hard, trying to recall how hard childhood actually was. But it didn’t look like he was going that far, for he suddenly started to get taller. He had always been a short man, but now he was slowly towering over his 18-years-old son.

Similarly, he used to be skinny all his life, but he could feel his body getting thicker as his muscles were swelling.

“Still a man,” he sighed in relief, and as on cue, he felt his crotch enlarging.

The suit he had been wearing to court shifted into a pair of shorts and a sleeveless undershirt. The changes had stopped and he studied his reflection, his family beside him.

He was a young man of 17 now, even younger than Thomas, but in a much better shape than he had ever been. He looked athletic, and his young face was handsome. He also didn’t look an iota like his former self. Even his eyes were darker. It was clear he had become a wholly different person.

“You’ve got a tattoo, Dad,” said Ronnie “Cool!”

“I don’t think I’m your Dad any more, Champ,” he said, turning to see the large tattoo over his bulky left bicep. Even his voice and accent had changed.

“Wow!” said a shocked Hattie. She was more than twice his age now. Their marriage was obviously dissolved.

He turned to see his ex-wife and he was shocked to notice all his attraction for her was gone. He could only see her as an older lady. When he tried to think of someone appealing, his mind conjured the image of some 17-years-old hottie. He immediately understood that this was his new girlfriend, and that both of them were seniors at the local high-school. He still couldn’t think of her name, but he somehow knew she was on the cheerleading squad. His new memories were foggy but starting to settle.

Trying not to think much about the loss of her husband, Hattie swallowed her potion next. She removed her glasses as she did so, hoping she wouldn’t need them anymore. After all, the potion was supposed to make her healthy, wasn’t it?

“I was kind of tired of being a housewife anyway,” she thought as the potion passed through her throat, leaving a strong taste of guava. “Maybe I’ll get to be the man of the house now. Yeah, I think I’d like that…”

With a sudden jerk, her body started to become slimmer. Hattie had never been fat, but she certainly had been pudgy all her life. That was changing now, though, as she became very slender in seconds.

“Oh!” she said aloud, surprised at the sensation. She could feel her skin puller tighter too, which surely meant she was also getting younger.

In two blinks, both of her eyes became piercingly green-blue and, indeed, her sight became crystal clear. Her graying black hair got luscious and brighter, and it pulled up in a messy dark-blonde bun.

“I think I’ll remain a woman,” she realized, as her face started to shift, apparently becoming prettier.

She wasn’t technically a woman for too long, though, as she started to get shorter and scrawnier at a very fast rate.

“Mom, you’re a kid!” yelled Noelle, and even she was now taller than Hattie.

Her former mother looked up at her family, amazed. Her large clothes shrank into a pale pink dress as her adult teeth receded, giving place to small baby teeth.

“This is unbelievable,” she said in her childish voice, looking at her reflection. The cute face of the 7-years-old she had just become greeted her back.

She looked at her tiny hands and legs, amazed at how much energy she suddenly felt. She was a kid alright.

“I guess you’re my big brother now,” she said looking at her former husband.

She was pleased by the results. She looked at the mirror again, transfixed at the pretty face and eyes she now had.

“I think I’ll like growing up again like this,” she said smiling. “I bet I’m going to be a looker this time.”

“And I guess this means some of us will become the parents,” said Ronnie.

“Don’t worry kids, you’ll be fine,” said Jim. “And besides, Hattie is right. Look at us! You’ve got two good-looking children. That means you’ll probably turn out fine too.”

Thomas stepped out and took his glass.

“I’ll go next,” he offered, looking at his two younger siblings, who were still scared. “Well, here goes nothing…”

The 18-years-old boy swallowed the potion.

“It tastes like mint,” he commented.

“It didn’t to me,” both Jim and Hattie said.

Like his parents, Thomas hadn’t been too tall, and the first thing that happened as he swallowed was that he grew a couple of inches.

“Unless this family has yet another older child, I guess I’m turning into a parent,” he thought.

His hopes about becoming the father vanished almost immediately, though, as his blonde hair grew around his face and changed into a rich brown color.

“Oh, no, no way!” he said. “I don’t want to be a woman… a mom!”

But his plea went unheard as his face became more delicate, his eyes turning into beautiful green in the process. He looked in horror increasingly feminine hands as his fingernails elongated.

“No, no, no! This can’t be happening to me!” he shrieked in his already girlish voice.

“Don’t fight this, dear” said the small Hattie, though she also looked taken aback by what was happening to him. “The magic chose this for a reason. It thinks that out of all of us, you’re the best suited to be our new mother. So all will turn out fine.”

Thomas wasn’t sure about that. He only knew that suddenly his ill-fitting clothes were thrown out of his slimming body, leaving him in only his briefs. Then they got changed into white panties, and a matching brassiere appeared over his still male torso.

His manhood was in full retreat. He could felt as it reshaped behind the lace, turning him into an official woman. His mind suddenly snapped, and from that moment, Thomas even was unable to think about herself as a boy any longer.

Her waist shrank sharply as the last remnants of body hair disappeared. Her legs looked long and shapely, and his behind started to bubble out gently. Her attractive face was getting older along with the rest of her body, but she looked incredibly beautiful still. Small breasts blossomed on her chest, and she looked down at her new form as she knew the changes were slowing down.

“Woah! Mommy?” asked a wide-eyed Hattie.

“Yes, dear, I’m you Mom now,” said Thomas, still freaked out but somehow comfortable. When she looked down at the little girl, she could feel a wave of motherly love overcoming her.

“You sound… different,” noted Ronnie.

It was true. Not only he had a husky woman’s voice, but his accent had changed radically. While Jim and Hattie’s accents had also altered slightly, Thomas now sounded completely like a foreigner.

“I’m not American any longer…” she said, then she realized she could speak another language fluently. “Az egész identitásom megváltozott. Európai nő vagyok. Ez annyira furcsa.”

She still had no idea of what language she was speaking, but it was rather neat how thorough her cultural change was shaping up to be.

“Oddly, I could understand a bit of that, though I can’t speak it like you do,” realized Jim.

“Me too!” said Hattie. “Makes sense we understand it, growing up with a… uhm… oh, right, a Hungarian mom!”

“Hungarian!” said Thomas as the word made click in her brain. “Yes, that’s what I am now… I know that suddenly. And I know I’m 36…”

“At least you didn’t end too old,” commented Jim. “Young parents, that’s great.”

“And you look so pretty, Mom,” said Hattie, looking at her former son’s figure. “Especially considering you had two, maybe three kids.”

Thomas looked appreciatively at his midsection and nodded.

“I was a model once, sweetie,” she said, and she immediately knew that was true.

Jim’s teenage mind, meanwhile, couldn’t believe how sexy the new woman was.

“I wish I was still the father,” he thought. “Then that would be my wife! She’s hot as hell!”

But when he looked at her again, his mind shifted.

“No, that’s not right… that’s my Mom I’m talking about…” He could still appreciate her beauty, but now he saw her with a son’s eyes and merely felt proud of her good looks.

Thomas, meanwhile, was picking up his clothes in the floor and putting them on again. They had been changed into stylish pants and a shocking-pink blouse. As he passed it over her head, she realized for the first time that her ears had sprouted earrings. They caught into her hair, so she arranged it into a simple ponytail.

“I even smell like a lady,” she said, shaking his head, before putting on a plaid jacket. “Now kids, take your potion! The time is running out!”

“Yes!” said Noelle. “I want to grow up too. I’d love to be the Dad, then!”

“No, I’ll be!” said Ronnie, taking his glass. “It’s my turn first.”

He drank his potion.

“I guess it tastes differently to each person. Because mine is like very black coffee…”

He went pale as he gulped, then his height shot up radically.

“Aaaahh, this is intense,” the boy said, getting very tall. He passed Thomas height, and then he became about as tall as Jim. Then his body started to age.

“I guess you’ll be the father after all!” conceded Noelle, as her brother nodded enthusiastically.

No longer 14, Ronnie was quickly getting to be a man. His small clothes were ripping at places, there where his muscles were swelling the most.

“Oh, yeah, this is what I’m talking about!” he groaned in his deepening voice as he opened his arms, allowing for his chest and shoulders to become much broader. The sensations centered on his groin for a while when he grew into full adulthood down there, getting a pleased manly chuckle from Ronnie in return.

His clothes were changing: he got large shoes, pants and a buttoned-up shirt, but before he was covered by them, he could glimpse the hairs growing on his chest, arms and legs.

He was older than Jim now. He got a short beard, and his face had matured into that of a completely different person. His hair got a bit of gray too, but he looked very handsome with his salt-and-pepper hair. He finally hit 39 and Ronnie was now the man of the house.

“Dad?” asked both Hattie and Jim.

“Honey?” said Thomas instead, and when she realized it, she put her hands over her mouth. “Oh, no!”

“Wait, does this mean…?” asked Ronnie, looking down to his finger and seeing a wedding band. It was identical to the ring that Thomas was wearing now.

“No, no, no!” Thomas was desperate again. “This can’t be! We were brothers!”

But that was not what registered in Ronnie’s mind. When he looked at the Hungarian woman, he immediately felt attraction and… love. They had just become husband and wife, and he felt quite lucky. He was over a head taller than her, so he embraced her.

“Be calm, my dear. We’ll get through this,’’ he said, feeling more confident than ever before in his life.

“Easy for you to say. You got the role you wanted… But me, I’m not what I expected!”

“Sorry to interrupt, but I only have a couple of minutes left!” said young Noelle, drinking from her glass in a hurry. Scared as she was, she didn’t want to lose her opportunity. “Oh, it’s just like peach marmalade!”

She swallowed slowly, wondering what kind of role she would get. She had missed the chance to be a parent, but she hadn’t completely lost her hopes to be a grown-up.

“Maybe I’ll be an aunt, or something… or an uncle,” she thought. “But I’m not sure if I’d like to be a boy or a man anymore… And I guess there’s a chance I’ll turn into the family’s baby, or something… The parents are young enough for that. That would be awful! Hey, something is happening! I’m definitely becoming bigger, not smaller! OH, YES!”

She had said those two last words aloud as she started to get larger at a fast enough rate to make her sure she would be leaving childhood behind. Her gender was still in doubt, but then her short hair started to get much longer and she felt certain –and happy- that she would remain a girl.

Speaking about her hair, it was swiftly turning from brown to dark blonde, while her eyes changed to hazel. Then her vertical enlargement slowed a bit and she started to grow outwards, gaining curves that didn’t belong to a 10-years-old kid.

“Oh, yes, here comes puberty!” she said happily, proving that, indeed, puberty had already done something to her voice, which was now a teenager’s.

She was shaped like an hourglass now: her slim waist nicely matched with her flared hips and the 32C breasts which had flowered suddenly.

Another startling change occurred on her face, her nose got rather long, as did her chin. She got pointy features which conferred her with an air of maturity and beauty. Her lips got full and her usually small mouth got larger.

Her features shifted further, making her more adult-looking as she acquired exceptionally high cheekbones. Her baby-teeth became large and straight inside her bigger mouth, giving her a wide smile.

Noelle stopped aging, but her tight pink dress changed into a yellow one of a size and style to better suit a young woman: its short skirt showed her long legs and her plunging neckline revealed her cleavage. Make-up appeared over her face as a finishing touch.

“Oh— my— Gawd!” she said, her hands naturally going to her chest first. She sounded very much like a teenager, not just because of her deeper voice, but also in the way she pronounced the words. “This is sooo… totally cool! This is the best thing that I could hope for!”

“How old are you?” asked Ronnie, her new father.

She searched on her mind for a while and then answered with complete certainty.

“I’m 17. Almost out of high-school!”

“But so I am!” said Jim. “That means we’re…”

“We’re twins!” she said enthusiastically, hugging him. She was tall, like the rest of the family, but not nearly as much as him.

He hugged her back, feeling a new connection to her. They had just been father and daughter, and now they were brother and sister and had apparently shared a womb.

“And here’s the little sis!” said Noelle, pulling Hattie into the embrace.

“And your parents,” shrugged Thomas, looking at Ronnie. “One happy family.”

Despite her doubts, Thomas knew it was true. She was starting to feel at peace with her new matriarchal role. In fact, she realized something.

“You know? Suddenly I don’t think my name is Thomas any more. It wouldn’t suit me like this anyway. I’m Rebeka now.”

As soon as she pronounced her new name, she felt her new identity reaffirming itself even more.

“It’s not only you,” said Ronnie with a sudden realization. “I’m Logan now. Woah. That feels weird…”

“Amy,” muttered the former Hattie.

Jim thought for a while and then he finally said “Matt.”

“Then I guess goodbye Noelle for me and hello Bridget!” said his twin sister in her new California girl accent. For they were, it turned out, in Los Angeles.

The next few hours were spent in a careful exploration of their individual changes and what the new family dynamics would be.

The twins were having it easy. Bridget was still female, and though she was a few years older, she was still young enough to consider herself still a kid, and thus she hadn’t gained that many new responsibilities. Yes, being 17 was much different to being 10, but it wasn’t that big a breach and she felt quite natural at being a teenager.

Her physical differences aside, she was fleetingly worried that she would find school much harder, but after a brief examination of a few books she found in her new room, she realized that she had gained the necessary knowledge to succeed at high school. She also found a few other details about her academic life, including a cheerleading squad’s captain uniform. As Noelle, she had never been particularly interested in being a cheerleader, but her new Bridget-self felt quite giddy at the discovery.

Matt, her brother, was equally unconcerned. He had already been a teenage boy once, and this time he was good looking and strong for a change, and he no longer had a demanding adult life. Not a bad trade-up, in his consideration.

Amy, was having slightly more trouble adapting to her situation. But she had also been a little girl once as Hattie, so she was doing relatively fine. She welcomed how easy her life had gotten for the next few years, but she also thought she would miss a few things about being an adult for a while. Not only had she lost her husband, but unlike him, she wouldn’t be able to even date for about a decade or so. She would be bossed around by everyone around her, in place of being the woman of the house. Still, instead of brooding, she just felt a bit bubbly. She had the sudden impulse to go and play. Luckily, she found a nice TV and a video game console on the living room, and before long, she was completely hooked to a Zelda game.

Logan was torn. On one hand, he had aged radically. The former carefree boy was now the house boss, and he had a job and a family to provide for. On the other hand, that very thing felt absolutely great. He was so confident and successful, and he already had everything he ever wanted in life. He stood in the bathroom for a while, flexing his bare torso, and deciding he would adapt easily to his change after all.

His wife was having the hardest time of all. Rebeka had been the one who had transformed in most ways. She too had become older, but her gender change put her in a unique position among her family. To boot, her cultural identity had altered vastly.

In just a few hours, she had realized that becoming Hungarian was much more than just speaking a new language or liking new foods. Everything about the way she felt and thought about herself has different, which was strange, yet somehow exiting. She really liked her new roots.

What wasn’t especially enticing was her new role as a wife. It felt natural to strip down to her underwear and lay in the mattress next to Logan that night, but also awkward. She looked at him, feeling an undeniable attraction for him, but when he embraced her in his manly arms, she pushed him away gently.

“Not tonight”, she said. “I’m not ready for this.”

Her husband nodded, but he felt very disappointed. Her body was extremely alluring to him, and he had been anticipating this all day, but he understood that Rebeka wouldn’t have it easy.

Indeed, it took her almost a week before she allowed as much as a kiss from Logan, but by then she had started to accept she couldn’t fight her feelings forever. The magic that had changed her body was nothing compared to what had changed her inner self. She was quickly falling into her role as a wife and a mother.

At first she had tried not to dress too feminine, a hard choice considering the fashionable choices that her wardrobe had. But her tastes had also transformed, and soon she wanted to look her best, as any upper-middle class woman would.

Indeed, she discovered she had been a model in her youth at Hungary. That had been when Logan had met her during a business trip.

“I remember it almost as vividly as if it had happened,” he said one night. “You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I had to ask you out right then and there. I’ve always wanted what is best. And I got the best wife a man can have,” he concluded smugly, yet lovingly.

It wasn’t long after that she gave up on fighting her own love for him. She soon started to dress more enticingly at night. For a woman in her mid-thirties, she looked quite youthful and very attractive indeed.

Just a few months later, the family had practically adapted completely. The twins were about to go to their prom, and they were about to graduate and leave school forever. Bridget loved that, considering she hadn’t even been in high school before her transformation. Also, she had never gone to a prom dance, much less in a dress that looked like that.

Sharing a punch with her brother for the first time, and looking around the dancing students, she wondered how many more people had also been altered by magic. Who knew? Maybe one her classmates had been an old lady once, or the curvy Biology teacher had been a little girl like her.

There was no way to know, and that was a good thing, since it meant their past would never caught to them. She shrugged, unconcerned. This was their life now, and it was satisfying and safe. Her past was gone. Only the present mattered.



  1. I enjoyed this story immensely! I loved the concept, the execution, everything. There just aren’t enough good family changes, but yours never disappoint!

  2. Glad to see that you are still branching out into new territory with your ideas, I really enjoyed the role swaps not being the typical ones you would expect. I have been reading all of your works since you moved from your own site and I am always checking for new stories from you. Keep up the good work.

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