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Witch Wish Part 2 & Redesign Story Menu

It was a busy week so far, made a lot of changes on the site, some of them on the front-end and a lot at the back-end. I think all these little updates makes the site smooter and more suitable for our use! So yesterday I made a deep update on the “Stories”  menu to make it more efficient and look more “fancy“! 😀

We still need new stories and now you can Submit your own!!! Just click on the Submit button and you can start writing your own success story! 😉

Also today, the second part of our very “divide” comic: the Witch Wish! 😉 Tell me your opinion, how do you like these “dark” stories/comic?

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  1. Dracoknight545

    Any restrictions on the story submitting? As I got an age tf story set based on different series like Pokemon and such and I wouldn’t mind post it here but I wanted to know if it’s okay before I post it

    • bela04

      Well it definitely needs to include some sort of changes! The theme is open, I mean it can happen in any “universe” until it fits into one of the categories! 😉

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