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Witch Candy

So this story was the first idea for this Halloween. Unfortunately, we started to think about what should be done for this year so, we ran out of time to actually deal with “Witch Candy”. My resources were already taken away by other projects, and the neccesery stuff like, props, scenes weren’t available this time to turn this idea to a Comic. 
So this is why idea is the one why it won’t be in the poll! Making it would take a long time, but probably it could live in a story form or be made for next year! We gonna see that! The story concept & idea was written by ARWander & BLZBub! 
Thank you guys!

Witch Candy

By ARWander1600 and BLZBub

Picture 1:
(The door opens with a creek, Stacy (12) walks out dressed in a red and gold Wonder Woman costume. Chelsie (2) steps out of the house holding Will’s (35) hand, she wears an adorable fairy costume with sparkling wings, a tangerine colored flower skirt and a yellow blouse. Will brushes off his blue business suit as he walks out with them.)
Stacy: Daddy, you’ll have to either hold her hand or pick her up all night! We won’t get to see all the houses!
Will: When you were her age I had to do the same thing for you to go trick-or-treating and we still got to see all the houses we wanted. Your mother and I even got to go to some haunted houses!
Stacy: But wouldn’t those have scared me?
Will: No, we only went to the cuter haunted houses, nothing that would scare my little princess!
Stacy: Well, I’m a lot braver now, so I won’t mind seeing some scary houses!
Chelsie: Daddy, wie you no dwess up?

Picture 2:
Will: Because, I’m too old to dress up and it just doesn’t feel right to dress up without your mother, she’s sick in bed and she didn’t want to ruin our fun!
Chelsie: Will Mommy geh betta?
Will: Absolutely sweetie, she just has a cold right now, so she just needs to rest!
Stacy: Come on slowpokes, there are so many houses to see!
Will: Stacy, stay near me and Chelsie, I don’t want either of you getting lost!
Stacy: Okay, Daddy, I’ll stay with you!
Will: Thank you princess, so where should we go first?
Chelsie: Dat house!

Picture 3:
(They are standing outside a house that’s shrouded with a lot of spider webs and black cloths.)
Will: That’s weird, I don’t remember seeing decorations on this house yesterday…
Chelsie: Dat house!
Stacy: Wow, way to go Chelsie! I thought you’d be too scared to go to the scary houses, I bet they have lots of candy at that house! Are you sure you want to go to the big “scary” house?!

Picture 4:
(Chelsie suddenly runs towards the house.)
Will: Girls, I’m not sure if we should go to that one, something just doesn’t seem right—
Chelsie: Dat House! Dat House!
Will: Chelsie! Come back here!
Stacy: Wow, looks like tonight might be even more fun with her around!

Picture 5:
(Will picks up a struggling Chelsie while Stacy walks to the house.)
Will: I got you, you little munchkin!
Chelsie: Waaaaaahhhh!!! I wan dat house!!
Will: I don’t know what has gotten into you, you usually never want to do anything without me!
Stacy: Well, I think I’m going to try it!
Stacy: Trick or treat!
Will: Stacy, no I don’t think we should—

Picture 6:
{A woman in her late 20’s with golden blonde hair, large breasts and a royal purple witch outfit opens up the door with a mischievous smile.}
Mysterious Woman: My, that’s quite the costume you have there, you look like quite the heroine.
Stacy: Thank you, may I have some candy please?
Mysterious Woman: Why but of course dearie, I’d be more than happy to give you some candy. Oh and please call me, Melina.
Will: Ma’am—um Melina, I’m not sure if I feel…comfortable having my girls except candy from you. Let’s go to some of the other houses girls.
Melina: Oh nonsense, my candy is just as good as anyone else’s, in fact I would say my candy is better! I make my own sweets and many people say that my candy is so good it’s “magical”.
Stacy: Daddy, can we have some, please?!
Chelsie: Pwetty wady, candi!

Picture 7:
(Melina opens the front door wider, beckoning them inside.)
Will: Okay, if you two insist…
Melina: Wonderful! I have the candy set up inside the cauldron, I’ve been working hard on theming my haunted house after a real witch’s coven! Would you like to see it?
Will: Umm, I’m not sure if we should… it might be too scary for Chelsie!
Stacy: Please Daddy?! I know it will be fun and it doesn’t look too scary! Chelsie ran right up to this place!
Chelsie: Scway fun Daddy!
Will: Well, okay but if anything too scary happens then we have to go…
Melina: Well, then my “brave” trick-or-treaters, be my guests and come in!

Picture 8:
(They walk into Melina’s house, which has many jars filled with colored liquids on nearly every surface.)
Melina: Welcome to my “haunted house”!
Stacy: Wow this place looks so cool!
Melina: Why thank you, I’ve made sure to get all the little details just right! I am certain I will win the award for best haunted house this year!
Chelsie: Me wike! (Giggle)
Melina: The candy is in the cauldron,, would you all like some?
Stacy: Yes please!
Chelsie: Candi!!
Will: No thank you.

Picture 9:
(Melina puts a large handful in Stacy’s bag, Will is giving her a disapproving look.)
Melina: There you go!
Stacy: Wow, you gave me a lot!
Melina: That’s because I want you to share it with your cute little sister.
Stacy: But this is my last year to trick or treat, can’t I have all of it?
Will: Stacy, when we get home I’m going to have to have a talk with you about your manners lately…
Melina: Well, what would you say if I told you that I could make sure you have many more years to trick or treat?
Will: What do you mean by that?
Melina: Oh nothing, just make sure she enjoys her candy, I’ll get some more for her little sister!

Picture 10:
(Melina gives Chelsie a large handful of candy.)
Melina: Here you go little lady, I’ve got some homemade candy for you!
Chelsie: Fank ou, pwetty wady!
Melina: Aw, you’re so polite!

Picture 11:
(Stacy and Chelsie have unwrapped one piece of taffy each and are eating it.)
Chelsie: Eh’s weewee yummy!
Melina: I’m so happy that you like it sweetie! And how do you like your candy dearie?
Stacy: It’s, like, the best candy I’ve ever had!
Melina: Now would you give this piece of candy to your father?
Stacy: But, he doesn’t eat candy very much, he says he’s on a diet!
Melina: But this one is sugar free and has lots of vitamins and minerals!
Will: Oh, I wouldn’t mind having one that was actually good for me!
Melina: Well, I can in all honesty say that it’s very good for you…

Picture 12:
(Will has popped the taffy into his mouth as Melina grins widely. Stacy and Will’s eyes glow purple while Chelsie’s eyes glow green.)
Melina: You might even experience some immediate…Changes!

Picture 13:
(A purple/green light surrounds Melina as she starts to chant.)
Melina: Oh, Mother Goddess, I beseech thee,
Shift the ages of these three,
Teach of two how more to be,
Kind to others on Halloween,
And to enjoy that which is unknown.
Make eldest young and youngest teen,
For two, now same age, must atone.

Picture 14:
(The purple and green lights dim and a 12 year old boy and a 17 year old girl stand in place of Will and Chelsie, while Stacy appears to be unchanged.)
Stacy: Daddy, is that you?!
Will: Melina, what did you do to us?! What was in that candy!?
Melina: Oh the usual, sugar, cornstarch, toe of frog, eye of newt, all of the things required for teaching you two a lesson!
Chelsie: Daddy, look at me! I’m a big girl now!
Will: Chelsie, baby, th–this isn’t right!
Stacy: Who are you and why did you do this to us?!

Picture 15:
Melina: Well, as you can tell by my humble abode, I am a witch and as a witch I have most of my power on Halloween! Most of the year I disguise myself as one of you mortals and practice my magic in secret, it has kept me alive for centuries, although now most humans seem to be more accepting of my kind. But once a year, I am able to show off my power and impress my fellow witches and that’s where you three come in! Well, in a way yes but this is also a chance for you and your daughter to learn what the spirit of Halloween really means! I have a task for you three to complete, I used my power to transport small pieces of my delicious candy into the candy baskets of four homes in this neighborhood and I want you to retrieve them by trick or treating! Each of the four houses will have a glowing green light near the door so it will be easy for you to find them. Each of the houses will have scarier decorations than the last and most the people at these houses will only give a small amount of candy including my own. You will both need to be more adventurous and become less selfish in order to complete the challenge ahead. Also the longer you take to get the candies, the more both you and your daughter’s age will transfer to your youngest daughter. If you, complete the task and retrieve the candy from the four houses by 10 then you will all return to normal and you’ll have learned something that will guide you throughout the rest of your lives! If not Chelsie will be “nurturing” you for a very long time and I will receive a new cauldron and a consolation prize! So what will it be Will, Stacy and Chelsie?

Picture 16:
Stacy: Wait how do you know our names?
Melina: Oh, I know a lot about Chelsie, Will and you, Stacy! And I don’t have to set you free from my place either, but I am giving you this chance. So what will it be?
Will: Stacy, Chelsie, I don’t think we should trust her anymore. What if this is all an illusion and she tricks us into doing something we shouldn’t do?
Stacy: I think we should do this Daddy! We only have to make it to five houses, right?
Chelsie: Yeah, it’ll be so much fun Daddy, besides you’re short now, we don’t want you to get any shorter!
Will: Alright, we’ll do it!

Picture 17:
(A purple light appears under Will as his clothing begins to morph.)
Melina: That’s wonderful news! Remember, I’ve made it easy for you to find the houses, all the ones with green lights in the front! Oh and young William, you need a costume as well, you can’t be going out in that business suit of yours!

Picture 18:
(The purple light disappears, revealing Will with a blue button up shirt, brown safari hat, watch and light brown hat.)
Melina: Much better, you look like quite the explorer now, you’ll need to be “brave” for this mission! And Stacy, you may continue to wear your superhero costume, but if you’re going to accomplish this task you’re going to have to live up to it! I’ll transport you to the front of my house.

Picture 19:
(With a flash of illuminations, Will, Stacy and Chelsie appear on Melina’s porch.)
Voice of Melina: Goodluck, children, it’s already 8:30 now, I would hurry if I were you!
Will: Okay, we have an hour and a half to get all the candy from the houses, so we have no time to lose.
Chelsie: Yay! This is going to be fun, although you are really adorable with your outfit on!
Stacy: I think, I see a green house over there, let’s go get some candy!

Picture 20:
(They head over to the house, with a moderate amount of decorations and a green light over it.)
All: Trick or treat!
Voice from House: My you all have quite the costumes! I’ll go and get some candy for you! And there’s some for you and you and you, Happy Halloween!
All: Thank you!

Picture 21:
Will: Wow, that was easy! And look we got, candy just like at Melina’s house!
Chelsie: Yay! So what time is it Daddy? I can’t tell time yet!
Will: It’s 8:40, we’re making great time! So girls are you ready to find the next house? Wait, Stacy what’s wrong?
Stacy: They only gave us two pieces of candy…
Will: Well, that’s all we really–
Stacy: They only gave us two pieces of candy!! That’s not fair, I want to go to other houses and get more than just these taffies!
Chelsie: But if we don’t get the candies at the houses we won’t be able to return back to normal! Maybe if we’re fast enough, we can still go to the other houses, okay Stacy?

Picture 22:
(They continue to search the neighborhood, after a little bit more searching they come across another house which is only dimly lit in green. Will, look glares at the house, he looks younger than he did moments ago. )
Will: Shou–should we kn–knock?
Stacy: You actually look a little bit younger, are you scared little Daddy?
Chelsie: Stacy, it’s not nice to make fun of people, especially not Daddy! And you shouldn’t be talking about looking younger, you look younger than Daddy! Go on Daddy, I know you can do it!

Picture 23:
(Will, Stacy and Chelsie walk towards the door and knock, Will is visibly shaking.)
All: Trick or treat!
Loud Voice: Wow, I love Indiana Jones!! You have a great taste in costumes there! I’ll go and get some candy for y’all!
Will: Tha–thank you, mister werewolf!

Picture 24:
(As they leave the house, Will breathes a sigh of relief. He reaches for Chelsie’s hand, noticing that he has to hold his hand up just a little bit more to reach it.)
Will: We did it! Just three more houses to go, I don’t think I could have done it without you two with me! And it’s almost 9, I think we’re doing great!
Chelsie: Good job Daddy, you were really brave, but there are still three more houses to go!
Stacy: He only gave three pieces of candy! At this rate, I’ll never fill my bucket up!
Chelsie: Stacy that’s not our goal! Now stop whining!
Stacy: You’re not the boss of me!
Chelsie: I might be if we don’t get all the candy!
Stacy: I’ll go get the candy myself, you big meanie!

Picture 25:
(As Will and Chelsie chase the now 7 year old Stacy down the street, they see Stacy run up to a house which is brightly lit and has a sign that says “Candy for Trick or Treaters” on the outside. Next to the house, is another house lit in green, but darker than before and only dimly lit with small candles on the pathway.)
Chelsie: Daddy, I’ll go after Stacy before she gets into trouble! You have to go to the big green house on your own!
Will: Chelsie, I–I ca–can’t go there by myself, it’s so dark and sc–scary!
Chelsie: I believe in you Daddy! Just be brave while I get Stacy!

Picture 26:
(Will slowly walks towards the house, his legs quake with every step. As he reaches the front door he gently knocks.)
Will: Tri-trick or tr-treat!
Old Woman’s Voice: My what a wonderful costume you have there! I haven’t seen that movie for years, so where are your parents?
Will: My dau–older sister is next door, she’s chasing af–after my little sister! She’ll be here re-real soon!
Old Woman’s Voice: Well then I better eat you before she get’s here!

Picture 27:
(Will shakes all over as he backs up, he is physically now 6 years old.)
Old Woman’s Voice: Hahahaha, I was just joking, I wouldn’t eat a little boy you. Especially since you’re being quite the gentleman, getting candy for you and your family! Here is enough candy to share!
Will: Th-thank y-you! And th-thank you for no-not eating me!
Old Woman’s Voice: You’re welcome little William! Oh and before you ask, I’m a witch just like Melina! We’re watching you and you’re making surprisingly good time but your “sister’s” tantrum might change that. It’s almost 9:25 now and you’re looking a little more “innocent”!

Picture 28:
(Will, now 5 years old, quickly runs from the front porch to the house next to him. He pauses immediately when he sees an irritable looking long haired, busty 20 year old Chelsie with a butt almost poking out from under her dress. She is holding a now 3 year old Stacy’s hand.)
Will: Chelsie, is that you?
Chelsie: Yes it’s me Daddy, and this little “super villain” is Stacy!
Stacy: See panked me Daddy, see panked me when I got almost all the candy!
Will: Well it sounds like you deserved it! Chelsie, I give you permission to spank me if I’m being bad!
Chelsie: Daddy, I don’t think I could spank you, you’ve been such a good boy! And you’re looking cuter by the minute!

Picture 29:
(Will shows Chelsie the candy he got from the last house and she smiles, seeing him become 4 and Stacy become 2 as she becomes 22.)
Chelsie: You did it baby boy!
Will: Hay, I’m not a baby yet!
Chelsie: I know sweetie, you might be one soon, though…do you think you could call me Mama? Just until we turn back to normal?
Will: Well…if it would make you happy…Mama…
Stacy: Uppie Mama! Uppie!
Chelsie: Okay baby girl, up you go!

Picture 30:
(Chelsie picks up Stacy as she becomes a year and a half, her panties transform into a diaper as she giggles. Will, now 3, sucks his thumb as he holds onto the now 24 year old bombshell’s hand. They continue walking with the last house nowhere in sight.)
Chelsie: Wait, did I just feel a diaper morph around your bottom? Don’t you get any funny ideas, little lady!
Will: I hope we fin—find the house soon! I’m starting to forget how to talk!
Chelsie: Aw, baby boy, I don’t see the house anywhere and it’s almost 9:50!
Will: Mama, if anyone can find da place ets ou!
Chelsie: Aw, sweetie that makes Mama so happy to hear… And would it be so bad if we didn’t find the last house? I’m really liking you two calling me Mama!
Will: We need ta continu, buh you do mak a pwetty Mama! Maybe wee coub pway ouse when wee nowmal!

Picture 31:
(As they walk, Chelsie now 25 happily beams down at Will, who turns two as a diaper forms around him. He blushes, as if ashamed of having a diaper. Stacy becomes a year old as she begins patting on Chelsie’s top.)
Chelsie: Aw, you’re just the sweetest baby boy! Oh and look at that, my sweet little baby boy is wearing a diaper too! We better find that house soon before–Stacy are you trying to pull down Mommy’s top?
Stacy: Boo boos!
Chelsie: Well, it is natural for a baby your age to want to… Stacy, did you just go poo poo?!
Will: Cweltea, nap out da et! I tea da ouse! Et in daytime!

Picture 32:
(Before them was a house that almost didn’t fit the neighborhood or logic. Before them was a house with a green light that almost looked like it was in the daytime.)
Chelsie: Thank you Daddy, I’m so sorry, I almost became your Mama!
Will: Et otay, tweetie! We awmost dere!
Chelsie: Pretty soon, we’ll be back to normal and…I won’t be Mama anymore… but it was nice while it lasted…

Picture 33:
(Will, now a year and a half, knocks on the picturesque door, it opens revealing Melina wearing nothing but her hat, a bra and thong. She smiled mischievously at them.)
Melina: Well, it looks like you all made it just in time! Aw, Willy, you look cute as a little baby, oh and look at that you have a diaper now! Although speaking about diapers, Chelsie, you’ve been such a great Mommy, would you like me to let you change little Stacy before I give you the candy?
Chelsie: Well maybe, she does really need a change…

Picture 34:
(As they walk inside they see that the inside of the house looks like a big nursery. As they walk inside, Chelsie turns 26 while she holds the now 6 month old Stacy who claps and babbles. Will, turning a year old, sucks his thumb as he holds Chelsie’s hand, looking at Melina on the other side of the room.)
Melina: Here are some diapers on the table for the little stinker…it’s amazing to me… Stacy had all this time to change her ways. To learn to share and be more “heroic” but all of her selfish desires have lead to her own “changing” and a chance to have many more Halloweens. She got what she wanted!
Chelsie: If this is some kind of trick to make us not get the candy by 10, it won’t work!
Melina: Actually, the time inside of my house stands still, your age can still change but you’re not losing any time at all. However, I do have a different kind of test, I’m going to be “rewarding” our little hero here for going above and beyond for you two!

Picture 35:
(Melina’s eyes glow as she presses her large breasts together and winks at Will.)
Melina: I saw you ogling my breasts when you walked in, that’s okay, you’ve earned some quality titty time! Now if you would, please be a dear for Mommy and soil yourself so that I can change you too?

Picture 36:
(Will immediately pooped his diaper, letting go of Chelsie’s hand and started slowly waddling over to Melina. Chelsie grabs his hand while he tries to pull away.)
Chelsie: Daddy what are you doing?!
Melina: I call this game, “Mommy’s Love” whoever can promise the best “motherly qualities” in exchange for him choosing a “mommy” gets to keep him. If I win, you stay an adult and get to be Stacy’s Mom, while I re-raise Willy as my apprentice. If you win, you all back to normal like this night never happened! You might even use Stacy to your advantage, if you’d like, she might be able to redeem herself!
Chelsie: He can’t be your apprentice! What about us? What about my mom?
Melina: Your mom? She doesn’t have to be your mom anymore. She doesn’t need a husband or children now. She can just be your older sister while Stacy can be her darling niece.
Chelsie: You would actually do that?!
Melina: Yes I would, a witch cannot have children once she’s become a witch, so now that I’ve found a suitable apprentice, I’ll do whatever it takes to have a family! Even if it means “reshuffling” yours! And isn’t that what you want to happen, deep down? Doesn’t it feel good to be called “mommy?
Chelsie: …I know deep down…I would…but I can’t keep pretending to be their Mommy!
Melina: Oh there’ll be no pretending if you want to beat me!

Picture 37:
(While Chelsie is distracted, Will pulls himself away from her. He holds his arms out to Melina and toddles towards her like an infantile zombie.)
Will: Mommy…Mommy…
Melina: Hi baby! Are you ready to have Melina as your new Mommy?!

Picture 38:
(Seeing this Chelsie sets Stacy down and holds her arms out to Will, speaking in the sweetest, most maternal voice she can.)
Chelsie: I’ll have to do this to save you Daddy…Come to Mama baby boy, baby did such a good job getting all that candy! Yes he did, yes he did!

Picture 39:
(Upon hearing Chelsie, Will turns around and starts to walk back to her, smiling all the way.)
Will: Mama!
Chelsie: That’s right baby boy, come to mama! Mama’s got everything you need to be happy!
Melina: Is that so, I bet she can’t do this!

Picture 40:
(Melina unclips her bra, letting her dripping D cup breasts spill out in front of Will. He turns around and starts to walk towards Melina.)
Melina: Is baby Willy ready for his first meal? Mommy Melina’s got so much sweet milk for her baby!
Will: Boo boos!

Picture 41:
(Chelsie quickly grabs a diaper and wipes and starts to change Stacy who coos and giggles. Chelsie’s breasts having grown more are almost bursting out of her top.)
Chelsie: Look baby boy, Mama’s changing baby Stacy! I know your diaper needs changing too and then after your change Mama Chelsie can give you something better to suck on!

Picture 42:
(Will seeing this becomes slightly younger and loses his ability to walk. He starts to crawl back to Chelsie with a droll covered smile on his face. Melina begins to squeeze her breasts together causing droplets of milk to drip out of her nipples.)
Melina: You can always get a change later baby, but Mommy Melina can give you sweet, warm milk right now.

Picture 43:
(Will ignores Melina and continues to crawl to Chelsie, who beams down at him with a maternal expression.)
Will: Mama!
Chelsie: That’s right baby boy, Mama Chelsie’s going to take such good care of you! I’m done changing Stacy, so when Mama’s done changing you, I will give you and Stacy some tasty titty!

Picture 44:
(Just as nine month old Will is about to reach Chelsie and the five month old Stacy, a blue light appears under Chelsie and Stacy and Melina grabs Will who starts crying.)
Melina: Nobody ignores Melina, nobody!
Chelsie: Will my baby boy!
Will: Mama!!

Picture 45:
(Melina cradles Will in her arms and presses her breast against Will’s lips but he pushes her nipple away and won’t latch on.)

Melina: Come on baby, Mommy Melina has the sweetest, warmest, creamiest milk in the whole world!

Picture 46:
(Chelsie grins as she stands up cradling Stacy, she pulls down her top revealing her massive F Cup breasts. Stacy immediately latches onto her nipple and starts suckling.)
Chelsie: That’s the good stuff huh baby…Mama has more than enough milk for you and baby Willy!

Picture 47:
(Will seeing this reaches out to Chelsie while still cradled in Melina’s arms. Melina struggles to hold him down.)
Will: Mama boo boos!!
Melina: No baby, take my boobies! Her boobies maybe bigger but mine are all yours! Don’t they smell yummy?!

Picture 48:
(Chelsie caresses Stacy’s head and rocks her in her arms, beaming down at the baby suckling her breasts.)
Chelsie: I have a lot of booby, right baby? Isn’t my milk so sweet, almost like candy?
Stacy: Mmm hmm! (suckle)
Chelsie: Do you think my baby boy can have some “candy” too?
Stacy: Mmm hmm! (suckle)

Picture 49:
(Suddenly, Will teleports from Melina’s grasp and into Chelsie’s loving arms. Both Will and Stacy happily suckle from Chelsie’s massive mammaries. Melina’s face grimaces, her eyes turning green as she prepares to strike Chelsie, Stacy and Will with a spell. )
Chelsie: See, isn’t it better to share the love?
Melina: How dare you!! I’ll get my apprentices no matter what and there’s one spell I haven’t done!
Chelsie: You won’t hurt my babies!

Picture 50:
(Melina shoots a spell out of her hand, quickly Chelsie ducks shielding Will and Stacy. As she ducks, the spell rebounds off of Chelsie’s wings, hitting Melina.)

Picture 51:
(Melina has disappeared, her thong and her hat being all that his left of her.)

Picture 52:
(Chelsie, on her knees sets Will and Stacy down, who remain babies. She proceeds to change Will out of his dirty diaper with the other diapers left over.)
Chelsie: We did it babies! Mama is so proud of both of you, but now baby boy you need a change!
Stacy: Gah goo Mama!
Chelsie: I know baby girl we did it! Mama’s so proud of you for sharing!
Will: Mama bah goo ga gee!
Chelsie: I’m sorry that we weren’t about to turn you back Daddy, but I’m still happy you’re still Mama’s little baby boy! But Melina won’t be hurting you two anymore, in fact…

Picture 53:
(Chelsie steps outside with steps outside cradling Will and Stacy, with the sunlight illuminated all of the little heroes, it is revealed that Chelsie is now 4 months pregnant.)
Chelsie: I don’t think we’ll be seeing her for at least 5 months! Let’s go visit our “auntie” I bet she will have a lot of questions for us but I know she’ll believe us! Besides, she was just weaning me when we started yesterday, maybe she’d be willing to “help” me raise you and our new “witchy” addition to the family!
The End



    • ARWander1600

      I’m so happy that you like the story! I wanted you to know that Miracle Cosplay should be up soon as well. Make sure to read that one when it is up(since you were the one who originally had the idea and I made sure to put that below the title) and my other ones and see which one you think would make the best comic!

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