Welcome to the New AgeArts!

Hello, hello, and on the third time, HELLO!

Welcome back again on AgeArts! bela04 here… Pfuhh… a hell of a ride! But after months the site is back online again. Many things happened since the last time I give some sign about myself good things, bad things, even tragic things happened as well. There’s something in the air… our life is changing….

Anyway, we can talk about that in a later post. Now let’s see what we have here! If you’re browsing the site you can notice a few things. I t may resemble the old outlook but under the hood, almost everything was changed and rebuild, and as you might notice I’m still just getting my stuff inside. Many things still need to be added or edited but I did what I could so far and I thought this was the time to give it a shot and see how it goes on LIVE. What the site need is a good old testing and checking by the wider public. Which means you!

Here’s what I can say so far:

  • Introducing a new member handler system with many great features! – This will be seen if you guys might even use it – Now you get a functional profile page that looks like a Facebook page. You can add notes, comment, message to each other, get live notifications and more. Unfortunately, since everything was build up again all the users were lost including all your comments, pictures and store purchases! Now the first thing to do is to register again and then we can move on to deal with the other things.
  • The Forum also got erased so I created some topics to start again. I would like to ask all of you to use it and give me feedback and notes about glitches and errors around the site. You can add threads/topics!
  • The Gallery is still under construction I’m uploading all of the old materials and new ones one-by-one. So far the whole 2016 year – my works – is uploaded. Changes can be expected on the Gallery page as I go forward.
  • The Store is also got hit so it looks a little bit empty. Old and new Premium Comics will be uploaded as I move forward with the reupload.
  • A new about and blog page was made, thankfully all the post has been saved which means all the stories were saved! You can find and filter them on the Stories page but since it’s not fully ready I suggest using the “Search” function, you might get better results.
  • COMMISSIONS will be back soon! The Infos about it will be available in the near future on a dedicated page if you’re interested! More info soon!

This is where we are at the moment! How things will be going on from now on depends on me and of course you! The site only lives if you guys find it interesting! 🙂  I hope with the new functions you get in the mood to come back and chat with each other, or submit your own works!
Until the next post,




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