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Welcome again! The New AgeArts is up & running!

Well helloooooo there!!

We are LIVE!!! YESS!! After days of fustration, coding, moving, nightmares… it’s finally here! The new redesign AgeArts have arrived! What can I say? It was a long couple of days for me and for you boys & girls as well! I’m sure many of you got confused about what happened with the site, but I didn’t know on what forum I should tell any of you about the updates… Maybe I’m gonna need twitter or something to post these kind of updates in the future…

Anyway as you can see, I tried to give a fresh look to the whole site which I’m very proud of! Everything look “fancy” like in my dreams! Most of the stuff remained the same under the hood, I didn’t want to confuse anyone with the profiles and the downloads. That will remain the same for now, until a find a good way to solve that issue!
As you’ve noticed – at least the ones who are affected – many users was removed from the system. Why is that? The background of the site was a mess since I got malewares, and many, many, MANY fake accounts during the last two year…. Unfortunately I couldn’t monitor all of the users at the time, since I’m still just one guy behind all. So all this, made the site slower and caused many problems with the other users as well. So many ppl registered with stupid e-mails just to see the gallery… So I had no choice but to remove more than 1000 users from the system. It wasn’t a random picking, the system choose ppl who looked troubled!

But as always, things happen and it looks like some “active” users got into the filter somehow. So, all of you who had been deleted, please send me a mail with all your account name, e-mail and if you bought a product, the PayPal receipt and I can restore your account!

Other things: Since the whole site have been moved to a new server, some problems can happen, maybe some stuff will get slow to reach or you can’t comment or whatever, I don’t know all of it! So please if you find something, an error or anything write it down in the forum at the TOPIC I created for this matter!

What I’ve already know that the site has some problem with the gallery – as you can see – so it gonna take more time to deal with it. Mostly the two main problem are the sizes and that there isn’t any cover for the albums! Also the “back” move is not working if you want to return one step back, you have to enter the whole Gallery again in most cases! So far these are the problems I’m aware of so you don’t have to report these!

But for now, I wish all of you a happy browsing on the new site! I welcome any suggestion how to build more or add to the site!
Welcome! 🙂



  1. Dracoknight545

    Well I do like the new layout of the site, it was a bit hard to read your message above, so I have had to highlight it with my mouse to read it, so I hope you can fix it in the future before more announcement can be read as I could read some of it on the front “News” page but when I came to this page, it was hard to see the text.

    • bela04

      Glad you like the new site! The second part of your comment is not perfectly clear to me, but as long as I tried, everything seems fine with the reading! I tried to choose a background what doesn’t affect the text that much! Of course if other’s will have the same problem, I can do something with it!

  2. Hey! I was wondering where the site went!
    I have to say that I love the new design and font! It really fits the page and it looks really clean!

    I’m currently on my Phone, and it handles really well! I’m going to Check it out on my computer later, but this looks amazing!

    I’m also looking forward to your next comic! Any update on the story that won the Poll contest back in November? 🙂

    • bela04

      Well, here it is! 😀
      That’s what I wanted to do with the new look! To make the whole site feel more “together”! I hope that’s what happened, even though it’s not perfect everywhere!
      I tried myself on phone as well, so far it looks clear, and you’ve got a “cart” in the coner – what I don’t know why isn’t visible on the desktop mode – and I think that version looks well too.
      As for the comics, new stuff coming up this month for sure! Keep an eye out!

  3. bela04

    I love it! The gallery does have problems, but I see you’re fixing them. I can’t see the full pictures, but there’s something I like a lot and it’s that now you can open them in a separate window to see them in full size!

  4. ARWander1600

    Your new site looks amazing, I can tell that you’ve worked hard on it and thank you for putting me up as one of the writers!

  5. The new site looks cool, but I am unable to login. I recently purchased 2 comics, and now I am unable to login to see them.

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