Website Updates #2 – 14to7 & The Company Issues

First of all, I would like to thanks again all the people who are sending me bug reports about the website! I’m still hardly working to update the site and correct the mistakes! 😉

Second, I’ve got some reports from some of you who purchased “14to7” or “The Company” and didn’t get correct link to download it! There were a database error with those two and the links were empty so that is why you couldn’t download anything! Now that the problem was found I’m going to update the comics with the right link but until that I removed them from the store because I don’t want any of you step into the same situation.
It will be back in no time if my “fast’ internet connection does the work! 😉 I will send the ones who suffer from this probem, the link of the new files as soon as the upload is done! If you have the same problem, please send me a PM or a mail!

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