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Webshop Issues

Quick update about the webshop issue! I noticed the probem with the webshop and working on it to solve the problem. The point is, you may see that your order is cancelled but it is because of a glitch. The problem is somewhere in the connection when PayPal tries to verify the orders. I’m working on it to solve the problem, until then it is important to know, that after your purchase you may need to wait a little until you can download the product! Hopefully it won’t take too long to solve the problem, but I will keep you updated about it!
Long story short: For a short period of time, the orders will slow down a little bit! You get every product you buy you may just have to wait a little bit to download it! Thank you for your patience! 🙂
And thanks to all the people who emailed me about this problem!!! You helped a lot to identify the problem!


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