Valentine’s Day – Comic Day

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Okay not literally as you can see but we made a plan to release something new and special for that day. Me personally, never was the person who were celebrating this day, but that’s another thing. But this didn’t stop me to apply myself to continues BLZBub’s idea about last year’s hero’s Verity & Tracey! Do you remember? Their love were in the main in the comic called: “Heart’s Ideal.

Well, I’m happy to say, that BLZBub decided to continue the story! We can see how Verity’s & Tracey’s life changed in one year, how their life changed how they could face the problems of the adulthood and of course, how their peaceful world is about to change again! Watch out… there are some bimbofication coming…. 😉

Check it out in the gallery! And we all wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! But remember, you can always bring some kindness and love in everyday for your lover! 😉




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