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Hellloooooo Everyone!

Been some time since I was here but I’m back again with some news and comics. As some of you may know at the moment I’m active mostly on PixivFanbox as I created a new page over there. It is some kind of a replacement after my Patreon has been shut down. Of course, now Pixiv also is having a change in their Policy so who knows how it’s gonna affect my stuff. But if you are interested in supporting me, you can find me HERE.

I posted several comics over there but as it was, most of those comics are slowly coming out here, on AgeArts. Just like today, I’m presenting to you the first tale what you can find in the gallery. It is a Halloween comic I made for this year. Hope you’ll like it!

See you soon!


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  1. Kastragos

    Glad you are back! I think you shouldn’t neglect your homepage too much, since it’s the only thing that you have real power over. As you said, changes in policies on external platforms happen all the time, and loosing your community over and over sucks. Better building one here that lasts 😉
    Love your work, keep it up! The new comic is great btw. Always Love seeing transformations that go over more Pages

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