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Updates and a new format

Roll up, roll up, roll up!

Good news for today! I’ve finished “Hypno” ! At least the rendering of the pictures, so just some typing and it will be out here in no time! Nah… it will take a few more days and probaly I’m gonna be a little bit busy in the next week, I’m gonna be on some meetings but I will post some stuff here! Next week will be mostly about The Patreon updates but I’m gonna give you some nice short ones here as well!

So for today, I can say I was really in the back-end of the site, as you could see in the last few day. We had a chat for a few time, but it was just a test to see how it works and I wasn’t really satisfied with it! Looks like today, you can only get these “Live Chat” sh*t’s everywhere! Whatever….
I finally updated the user profiles, so you can get some extra funciton which I reccomend to use, and most importantly, we have now PM!!! PRIVATE MESSAGES are now available on every profile! 😉 That’s something I really wanted a long time ago and now it is finally possible! Also some visible small update is the little “Hearth button”…. Okay it is a like but I think it is a nice one! 😀



AAAAnd today I brought to you some small comic in a “test” form to see how it fits into the gallery and of course see, if you guys and girls are like it. It is basically two pictures in one Before/After Slider but it can be a little slow so wait a few second after you click to see it!! Tell me what do you think about it! Would you like to see more like this? If yes, submit your ideas! 😉

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  1. Not sure how it is on computers, but on mobile it doesn’t work very well at all, so I’d personally rather there weren’t any more, but if there were, then it would be good to have ths option to view it the regular way

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