Updates and a new format

Roll up, roll up, roll up!

Good news for today! I’ve finished “Hypno” ! At least the rendering of the pictures, so just some typing and it will be out here in no time! Nah… it will take a few more days and probaly I’m gonna be a little bit busy in the next week, I’m gonna be on some meetings but I will post some stuff here! Next week will be mostly about The Patreon updates but I’m gonna give you some nice short ones here as well!

So for today, I can say I was really in the back-end of the site, as you could see in the last few day. We had a chat for a few time, but it was just a test to see how it works and I wasn’t really satisfied with it! Looks like today, you can only get these “Live Chat” sh*t’s everywhere! Whatever….
I finally updated the user profiles, so you can get some extra funciton which I reccomend to use, and most importantly, we have now PM!!! PRIVATE MESSAGES are now available on every profile! 😉 That’s something I really wanted a long time ago and now it is finally possible! Also some visible small update is the little “Hearth button”…. Okay it is a like but I think it is a nice one! 😀


AAAAnd today I brought to you some small comic in a “test” form to see how it fits into the gallery and of course see, if you guys and girls are like it. It is basically two pictures in one Before/After Slider but it can be a little slow so wait a few second after you click to see it!! Tell me what do you think about it! Would you like to see more like this? If yes, submit your ideas! 😉

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