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Updates about the Site

Alright so I’ve got reports from many of you what were asking me to check different parts of the site. I find the trouble parts what are mostly not loading in or not showing up. The solution? In short: I have no idea.

I’ve already spoke with some technicians to see what I’m missing but so far nothing came up. Since I updated the site to the new look it shows troubles and troubles again what were already solved once and without any touch it’s just mess up again. At the moment I’m full with it since I spent numerous hours again with the end of nothing so I’m just gonna skip it for now. Probably the best would be to re-build the whole thing again but I’m just so full with many stuff that I don’t have the mood and time to do it. :/ :/

Of course I’ll try to find the best solution but to redo everything again it would take days if not weeks so I’m not going to start it. Probably in the near future when I’ll have the┬ápatience and time to deal with it. Until so please excuse me about the missing parts. Mostly it affects the older part of the site – the older galleries/comics – and some part of the shop. I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. May be you can reupload them (unless you tried that). hope this does not hinder new stuff too much.

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