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Updates about AgeArts

Hello Boys & Girls!

I’m sure you noticed the changes in the past week! I’ve been working on a little makeover, and I’m excited to share the updates with you.

The goal was to modernize AA, a little more and make it easier to navigate. Now, on the homepage, you can easily spot the latest posts, stories, and comics all at once, creating a more seamless experience.

One of the main goals was to make the stories page more accessible and browsable for you. I know I was owning this since the last theme update so here you go! I hope now it will be easier to navigate through the story page and find your favorite story!

I know the gallery has had its share of issues. Unfortunately with the new design change, I have to redo every gallery one by one so don’t worry! I know about the trouble but it will take some time to fix every comic!  Overall, if you come across any troubles with the new design, drop me an email or share it on the forum.

Lastly – “The Drone – Chapter 3” is coming this week!

Thanks for your continued support – and don’t miss “The Drone – Chapter 3” coming your way soon!


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