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Update, Update, UPDATE!

Yes, yes it is finally an update!

Sorry that it took me so long but it looks like, LIFE want’s me to fight through some challanges! Well I’m looking forward to it! First the datas what I made was dissapeard, than some server problem, and now my beautifule ASUS battery decided to die. Doesn’t matter, these thing can’t bring me down so let’s see what is on going to happen this week!

First today’s update is a new short comic which was made for the Patreon  supporter caleld SirVal back in June! It is called The new Sitter ! Finally some Female AR/AP! There will be another Patreon update here this week [or two..?! who knows!] We finally announce the winner of the Summer contest! It looks like a lot of you were interested in the contest what makes us very grateful! So get ready and tell us in the comments if you guys would like any more contest or ideas like this in the future!
Also, this week I’m gonna bring you some information about our New Premium Comic with TGTrinity! We worked really hard on it and now it looks like we are finally at the point where we can talk about it! If everything is going allright, next week can be a potential RELEASE week!

There are a few more things in my mind what I would like to show you! I would like to give you guys some new story this week and an update for “The Bet”!

Oh, yeah, one more thing: we hit a mile stone!
1200 users on AgeArts!
Thank you Guys!


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