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Unique Monique Burlesque and Magic School By ARWander1600 aka ARColt67

Here is the next story to choose from! Hope you like it so far!


Picture 1. (A large dark stage is visible as a bright neon red sign which reads “Unique Monique” appears illuminating the stage. A grinning announcer with a black and white tuxedo appears.)
Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen of the AgeArts magic theatre, we are proud to introduce our newest act to our stage. Coming from Italy, is a mysterious woman who says that she is a witch and is able to make any fantasy come true! She said that she is looking for some apprentices to help her continue making magic for years to come! Do any of you believe in magic? Do any of you want her to teach you her ways? Do any of you want to be entertained?! Then welcome to the stage UNIQUE MONIQUE!!!!

Picture 2. (After thunderous applause the announcer quickly exits the stage as upbeat Italian music begins to play, a silhouette appears on the side of the stage. A busty smiling blonde haired woman in her late 20’s walks onto the stage wearing a long black skirt, long black dress shirt, a corset and a tall black top hat appears to greet the audience.)
Woman: Welcome one and all to Unique Monique Burlesque Show and Magic School! My name is Monique and I am your host and entertainer for tonight! You are all very lucky because you’ll be experiencing a one of a kind, one woman burlesque show!

Picture 3:
Monique: Now I know many of you may be thinking, “How can one woman do an entire burlesque show”? But I assure you, with a little bit of “magic”, I am more than capable of becoming a part of any fantasy you may have!

Picture 4: (Suddenly a cloud of smoke appears around Monique, completely covering her. When she emerges she looks like a completely different person. She now has brown hair and wearing a cowboy hat, short pants, a tight white shirt which shows her belly button and cowboy boots. The audience applauds.)
Monique: Y’all like that trick? Ya ain’t seen nothing yet!

Picture 5: (A smoke cloud quickly appears and she walks out again and now she has black hair and she is wearing an all latex jumpsuit which hugs her large breasts and butt. She smiles and pulls out a whip.)
Monique: I heard some of you have been bad boys, would you like me to punish you?! Or do you want to see something more “bootylicious”?

Picture 6: (The crowd continues to cheer as the smoke cloud appears once again. She appears once again wearing only a red bra and a thong, both of which barely contain her large breasts and butt. She grins as she poses with both of her hands on her sides.)
Monique: Do any of you want to see me dance?!

Picture 7: (The crowd cheers in response, the music quickly changes from an upbeat Italian theme to loud club music as multi-color neon lights change the color of the stage. Monique turns around and starts to shake her booty, every shake causing her ass cheeks to slap against each other.)
Monique: Have any of you ever seen an ass so nice and firm and bouncy?!

Picture 8: (The crowd’s cheering intensifies as she shakes her ass and sashays across the stage, spanking her bottom and shimmying her breasts.)
Monique: Thank you everyone! You are being such a nice audience that I think I want to show you some real magic! “Butt” I think it’s time to show you some real magic, I think I need something for the ladies out there to ogle!

Picture 9: (A bright light appears around her and within a blink of an eye she has become a tall handsome man, an audible gasp is heard from the audience as she stands on stage. Her long blonde hair had shortened and her breasts had turned into a sizeable toned muscles and her thong had turned into a pair of tight boxer briefs, which did little to hide the woman turned man’s massive cock. Monique poses as he smiles and winks.)
Monique: I bet you didn’t see that coming! Do you ladies and fellas want to see me flex and show off my manly features?!

Picture 10: (Monique flexes his muscles, showing the audience how toned and manly he had become. He also rocks his hips back and forth allowing his cock to swing from side to side beneath his boxer briefs, the crowd cheers in response.)
Monique: I’m so happy you all enjoy my manly features but a lot of the time I just like being myself, except much cuter!

Picture 11. (Another flash of blinding light appears causing Monique to shrink. When the flash of light dissipates, Monique stands there now, as a two years old toddler girl. She has her hair braided into little pig tails, she is holding a teddy bear and wears a diaper and a pink shirt. The audience lets out an audible “Awww” as she waddles to the front of the stage, she speaks with a lisp as she addresses them.)
Monique: See, ah told oooo ah ad magic! Ah fink ah make a cute beebee! But…

Picture 12: (A light quickly flashes around the little toddler causing her to quickly grow up and appear in a short black dress with a low V-neck to show off her large breasts. She now has long brown hair and wears glasses.)
Monique: I think I want to do one final act, I will need a volunteer from the audience! You sir, come right up on stage!

Picture 13: (She points to the front row as a man in his 30’s with black hair, tee shirt and jeans walks onto the stage.)
Monique: My you are quite handsome there sir, what is your name and how old are you?
Man: My name is Thomas and I am 34, Miss Monique.
Monique: Oh you are so polite! Now I’m wondering, do you ever think you work too much and need a vacation?
Thomas: I do, I work very long hours at my job and it’s rare for me to ever get more than one day off in a week!
Monique: And you came to see my show on possibly your only day off? Well thank you very much! In that case I think I know just the thing to do for my last act to thank you!

Picture 14: (Monique holds her hand out and a small vile appears in her hand, she hands it to Thomas.)
Monique: When you drink, deary, it will make you start to think of me, the more you think about me, and the better it will work! And the more enjoyment me, you and the audience will have!
Thomas: Sounds good to me, I hope it tastes good!

Picture 15: (Thomas quickly drinks the vile.)
Thomas: Wow that was really good!
Monique: I’m glad you liked it, now get ready for the “Regressive Finale”, baby!

Picture 16: (Monique begins to caress Thomas’s chest, he smiles and begins to look visibly younger. His stubble begins to disappear and he starts to lose muscle tone, he looks to be in his late 20’s. When Monique speaks to him, it’s almost as if he is in a trance.)
Monique: Do you find me attractive Mr. Thomas?
Thomas: Yes I do…
Monique: Good, do you want to see more of me?
Thomas: Yes Miss Monique…
Monique: Okay, I think you and everyone else here will love this next part then!

Picture: 17: (Monique quickly removes her dress revealing a white bra and thong which barely hold her boobs back. When Thomas sees this he instantly gets younger, becoming shorter and looking like he just turned 20. He has a visible boner, he tries to hide.)
Monique: You don’t have to hide that from me honey bear! Now just relax and enjoy yourself!

Picture 18: (Monique turns around and shakes her ass once more, as she does so Thomas becomes even younger and reaches to touch her jiggling booty. She laughs and continues to shake her butt as he turns 18.)
Monique: I see that you like older women, hmm?
Thomas: I do Miss Monique!
Monique: Well, you’re about to like me even more little man!

Picture 19: (She quickly turns around and shimmy’s her breasts and blows a kiss to Thomas. Thomas shrinks even more, his clothing starts to become baggy as he gazes at Monique.)
Monique: You look like you’re about 14 or 15 now! Would you like to feel my big tits Tommy?
Thomas: Y-yes ma’am!

Picture 20: (Monique grins as she grabs Thomas’s hands and has him start to grope her tits. He smiles as he becomes much smaller, his now baggy pants almost start to fall off as the now 10 year Thomas gazes up at Monique. )
Monique: Wow you are such a cutie, little Tommy!
Thomas: Thank you Miss Monique, you’re really pretty too!
Monique: Aww, you’re such a sweetie! But you don’t have to call me Monique anymore, call me Mama!
Thomas: Okay Mama!

Picture 21: (Monique caresses Thomas’s hair causing Thomas to shrink more, he is now 7 years old as his pants fall down.)
Monique: Aww, let Mama get you some new clothing baby!
Thomas: Okay mama!

Picture 22: (Monique picks up a now 5 year old Thomas and brings him over to the other side of the stage where a changing table has appeared. She turns to the audience.)
Monique: I bet you all wish you were in little Thomas’s place now!

Picture 23: (The audience roars with applause as she brings a now 4 year old Thomas to the changing table. She pulls out a pacifier and hands it to Thomas as she sets him down.)
Monique: Look what Mommy has for you Tommy, it’s a pacifier, and would you mind sucking this for me dear? It will make you feel really good!

Picture 24: (Thomas nods his head and takes the pacifier into his mouth and immediately starts sucking. With each suck he becomes even younger as the magic of the pacifier takes effect on him. Monique smiles as she looks at the now 7 month old baby who is covered by his tent-like shirt, which fit him only moments ago.)
Monique: Awww, what a little sweetie! Oh, I can’t wait to put your cute little bottom in a diaper! Would you like that little Tommy?!

Picture 25: (Monique quickly removes the shirt that was on Thomas and lifts up his little legs. She proceeds to powder his bottom and place a diaper under him, she then tapes the sides of the diaper and sit Thomas upright. She removes the pacifier as she talks to him.)
Monique: There we go little Tommy, we don’t want any accidents on stage now do we? So how do you like your vacation so far my little Tommy?
Thomas: Buh, buh goo ba ma ma!
Monique: That’s right! Mommy knows that baby Tommy doesn’t have the muscles required to talk but he is still big Thomas underneath that cute toothless grin! And speaking about toothless, are you hungry baby, would you like me to feed you?
Thomas: Ba ba? Ma ma! Ba ba!

Picture 26: (Suddenly Monique put her hands underneath her bra and removed it revealing her massive breasts and erect nipples. Her pink areolas dripped creamy white milk as she caressed her engorged boobs.)
Monique: Well, I think it’s time to give my baby my sweet, warm, delicious milk but I don’t think he can eat enough to empty both of my breasts! Would anyone else like to be my baby and have a vacation?

Picture 27: (The crowd goes wild as almost everyone in the audience raises their hands hoping that Monique would pick them. Monique grins, shaking her hips and points to the front of the audience.)
Monique: Well, since I have a new son I might as well have a daughter as well, so come on up!

Picture 28: (A 25 year old woman comes up onto the stage, she looks like she is a go-go dancer with long straight, crazy multi-colored hair, bright pink knee high socks and a green mesh shirt which shows off her bright green bra and short which hug her large booty.)
Monique: Well hello there sweetie! My, you are very, very sexy my dear! So what is your name and why do you need a vacation? You look like you have a lot of fun at your job!
Kimberly: My name is Kimberly and while I love dancing, I actually started tap dancing when I was really little, like 4! So while I like being sexy, I miss being really cute as well!
Monique: Then I will make sure you are the most adorable little girl ever! All that needs to be done is this!

Picture 29: (Monique quickly makes a smoke cloud appear around Kimberly and when the smoke dissipates, she is now wearing a cute frilly pink dress with white socks, black shiny shoes, hair breaded into twin pony tails and a large diaper pushing up the back of her dress. Kimberly blushes and grins at Monique.)
Monique: Now you have the cutest little clothes ever, I especially love your diaper! Since Tommy is already physically a baby, when I feed him it will only erase his memory so that I can take care of him like a real baby! However, because of the spell I just put on you, when you drink my milk, you and your little dress will now shrink with you! So are you ready to become my new baby girl?
Kimberly: Yes mommy!
Monique: Well, come to me while I get your brother!

Picture 30: (Thomas happily claps his hands as Monique picks him up and places him on her hip. She smiles as she grabs Kimberly’s hand and walks to the middle of the stage. The AgeArts Theatre, claps as both the man turned baby and the woman dressed as a baby are brought up.)
Monique: Everyone for the last part of my final act I will turn both of these audience members into full-fledged babies so that I can teach them my magic as they get older! Are my two little babies really thirsty? Do you both like boobies?!
Kimberly: I love boobies, mama!
Thomas: Ba ba ma ma!
Monique: Then say hello titty!

Picture 31: (Monique brought her breasts up their faces and both Thomas and Kimberly begin to furiously suckle Monique’s breasts, causing her to moan in delight. She cradles Thomas close to her tit and places her hand on Kimberly’s head to encourage her to suckle more.)
Monique: Aww, such hungry babies!

Picture 32: (As Kimberly suckles the sweet milk from Monique’s breasts, she quickly starts to shrink. She goes from being 25 to 17 within a matter of moments, her clothing shrinking with her.)
Monique: My, my, Kimmy, you’re shrinking so fast! You must really like my milk!
Kimberly: Your milk is so sweet and yummy!
Monique: I know Kimmy! But there’s lots more for you, keep on drinking Kimmy!

Picture 34: (Thomas began kicking his legs as he suckled, he also started to playfully pat Monique’s breast causing it to jiggle. Monique smiled at this and kissed the top of his head.)
Monique: I see you’re enjoying yourself there! Are Mommy’s big boobies’ lots of fun?

Picture 35: (Kimberly continued to suckle quickly turning from 17 to 10, her clothing continuing to shrink with her as her face began to become chubbier. She had to start to stand on her toes to keep Monique’s breast in her mouth.)
Monique: Aww, you’re becoming cuter by the second and pretty soon mommy is going to have to pick you up to continue feeding you! But I know you’re still hungry, keep going baby girl!

Picture 36: (Kimberly’s continuous feeding had caused Kimberly to turn from 10 to 4 and she could no longer reach Monique’s nipple. The dress she is wearing actually looks appropriate for her at her current age. Kimberly holds her little hands up for Monique to pick her up.)
Kimberly: Up mommy up!
Monique: Okay, sweetie, do you want more of Mommy’s sweet milk?
Kimberly: Yeah! Mommy’s milkies ah so yummy! An it make me a cutie!
Monique: Yes it did, my darling! Would you like to try tap dancing now that you’re 4 again?
Kimberly: No, me wanna be baby wike Tom Tom! Me tap danc wen me big gurl again!
Monique: Okay then, jump up my little bunny!

Picture 37: (With one arm Monique scoops up Kimberly and guides her to her breast, Kimberly happily resumes drinking from Monique’s boob. Kimberly, quickly adjusts herself into a cradle causing Monique to blush.)
Monique: You really do want to be a little baby girl don’t you? Well, we’re almost there Kimmy!

Picture 38: (Monique smiles as she rocks both Thomas and Kimberly in her arms, she gazes down at both of them as they continue to suckle and snuggle into Monique. Kimberly looks like she is now a year and a half old.)
Monique: You’re almost done babies, now I can be your Mommy for real! I know that you are both at this club because at least one of your many fetishes as an adult was age regression. Well now you are helpless little babies for real and you’re going to enjoy having me as your mommy! As you grow up, I’m going to teach you all the magic I learn! While a witch can live for a very long time, and I can even change my appearance, I can’t live forever so I will need your help in starting a magic school! You’ll be Mommy’s little pupils and you’ll get to drink my yummy milk as much as you want! Although, I think I want to take this act one step further…

Picture 39: (Monique cradles both Thomas and Kimberly in her arms, they both look to be about the same age now. Monique smiles as she unlatches the two sleeping babies from her nipples, milk drizzles down their chins as she rocks them back and forth. She addresses the audience.)
Monique: And now for the grand finale, I will make these two adorable babies disappear! Where will they go, you’ll have to watch and find out!

Picture 40: (Monique closes her eyes and with the appearance of a thick purple cloud of smoke, the two babies have vanished. Monique smiles as she rubs her now expanded belly. The audience roars with excitement at both the trick and the implications of what might have happened to them.)
Monique: Both Kimmy and Tommy wanted to have a full vacation and wanted me to take care of them, so their wish has been granted! They will have a relaxing 2 month “vacation” inside of me and then I will give birth to them and be their mommy in every way! I will raise them to be amazing magic users and be my first students when they are old enough. I am so happy that everyone enjoyed the final act and since I want to create a magic school you are all welcomed to join! I will be back in a few months for to adopt more students for my school! When I return, I will select people who I will make into magical teachers, who will also serve as surrogate mothers, and ones who I will allow to be re-raised by me and the teachers I chose! So, who wants me to come back in a few months?
Random Crowd Members: I Do!
Random Crowd Members: Me too!
Random Crowd Members: I wanna be a baby!
Random Crowd Members: Can I be a Teacher?!

Picture 41: (A few months has passed and Monique can be seen holding the recently re-born Kimberly and Thomas, she smiles as she looks out at a pre-school. Dozens of babies happily crawl, play and reach for the three sexy maternal women who are now helping her to re-raise the people of the AgeArts Theatre.)
Monique: I am so happy, when we are done re-raising these little ones then we will have the most powerful magic school in the world! And all of these babies will be our children who will make us so proud, especially Kimmy, I will make sure that she gets all the dancing lessons she needs!
Maternal Teacher 1: Thank you so much Mistress for allowing us to help!
Maternal Teacher 2: Yeah, thank you for turning me from a man into a sexy lady with big boobs!
Monique: You’re most certainly welcome loves and speaking of boobs, I think it’s time for everyone’s feedings! Alright class of AgeArts, time for num-nums!

Picture 42: (The four women are seen breastfeeding babies in their arms as other babies try to reach for their new mommies to feed them. They smile as they slowly give every former adult the mothering and attention needed to grow up to be powerful magic users.)

The End



  1. I am speechless, Loved it hope it gets adopted into a comics.

    • ARWander1600

      Thank you again so much! I loved getting to make this story but the one that you had suggested is out now, Miracle Cosplay! I hope you enjoy it just as much!

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