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Transference – Chapter 9 – The Retribution – by lostandwhatever

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Melissa considered struggling against the duck tape again, but she decided it was futile. Instead, she tried reasoning with Katie one more time. “I believe you, Katie,” she said. “I believe every word. I’m sure that you’re telling me the truth. You really don’t need to do anything to prove it to me.”


Katie typed something into the console and said, “Thank you. I suppose I should just come clean and explain that I’m not really doing this for you. I mean, it will benefit you in the end, but there’s some things I need to know from Mark. Since it seems that he’s incapable of telling me the truth, I’ll need to have someone snoop in his memories.”




“Yeah,” Katie said as she finished typing. “You’re the only other one around that can actually talk.” She looked over at the baby, who stuffed a blueberry in her mouth.


Melissa sighed and asked, “Will it hurt?”


“No,” Katie said. “It’s actually quite an amazing experience. All I’ll ask from you is for you to tell me the truth. That’s all. I promise not to hurt you.”


“Fine,” Melissa said. “Honestly, considering what’s going on now, I’m a bit curious about how Mark let this happen.”


“Let’s find out,” Katie said. “Just try to relax. We’ll be starting the first transference in a moment. I’m going to copy Mark’s memories about me and the machine into your mind. At least, the memories that fit both of those categories. Ready?”


Mark grunted, “No.”


Melissa said, “I guess.”


“Starting the transference,” Katie said.


She pressed a button, and the machine hummed to full power.


Melissa felt her body bathed with energy, which seeped into her skin down to the core of her being. She felt the vibration of it fill her head, and then her vision blurred as her mind adjusted to seeing out of 4 eyes at once. Then, she realized she was not alone. She was with Mark. He was with her. They were together. They were inside each other. They were each other. Then, it became clear that there was no “other.” There was only the one that they had become. The moment hung in the air for a breath or two and then a separation appeared. The one became two, and their views were pulled apart, like two water droplets form the same faucet. Melissa felt her thoughts settled back into her own body, and she felt strangely energized, like she was a battery with too much charge. Something new had come back with her.


“How’d you like it?” Katie asked.


“Whoa,” Melissa said and smiled.


“Quite a trip, isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” Melissa said. She was buzzing with exhilaration now. “I could feel us both… merge. I felt him with me. Then, I came back.”


“And, you brought something with you, too,” Katie said.


“I feel something new. Yeah.”


“Focus on it. What do remember now?”


Melissa closed her eyes. “I’m holding Katie, and I’m waiting for Julie to arrive. I’m thinking about the machine. I’m worried for Katie. I want to try it. I’m scared to go through with it, though. The doorbell rings. It’s Julie. It’s you.”


“Not exactly,” Katie said.


“I put down Katie,” Melissa continued. “I let you in. As soon as the door is shut, you have your tongue in my mouth, and my hands are tracing the curves of your body. You’re so damn sexy. I carry you upstairs. My clothes come off, and I can feel myself getting hard as you strip naked. I…” She paused. “Oh my God, I have a penis. I had a penis. I can feel it hanging there. It’s swelling, and it’s so warm and tight feeling. Wow! That’s so strange. There’s something hanging below it too. It’s all so sensitive, so… exciting. I… I like feeling that. I feel muscular. I feel heavy and thick. I feel solid. I want to touch you again. I want to be inside of you. You want me inside of you.” Melissa blushed. She opened her eyes and looked at Katie. “I fuck you. It’s… it’s really good.”


“Wasn’t me,” Katie said, “but I’m sure Julie appreciates the review.”


The baby’s face was growing progressively purple with berry juice as she ate. She did not respond.


“What next?” Katie asked.


“Julie talks me into going down to the lab.” Melissa said. “I want to do it. I want to be famous. I want to change the world. I want to have that power at my fingertips.”


“Good,” Katie said. “This is all new to me. Keep going.”


“We set up in the lab. I put my daughter in one chamber. Julie gets in the other chamber. I run the tests. Everything is going fine, and then it’s not going fine. Julie is forgetting stuff during transferences. We try to fix it. We keep putting more of her into Katie, until Katie figures it out, right about the same time Julie has become a drooling moron. I try to reverse everything. Everything goes wrong again. They both go unconscious. I think I might have killed them both. I get them out. They’re alive. They won’t wake up, though.


“Julie wakes up. She’s talking again, only now she says she’s Katie. I don’t want to believe it. I don’t want to believe my daughter is in that body after what I was doing with that body earlier today. The baby wakes up. It’s clear that they have swapped places. What have I done? This is a disaster. My 11-month-old daughter comes up with a plan to fix it all. She drives off in my girlfriend’s car in my girlfriends body.”


“I know this part.” Katie said. “What happened next when he was alone?”


“I start working on plans for dealing with Katie. I promised I would let her keep her mind, but I can’t let that happen. She needs to go back to normal. I figure out how to make the unconsciousness beam.”


Katie sighed. “I should have known. I hoped he would let me be, but I should have known. Also, ‘unconsciousness beam?’”


“I… er, he thought it was a good name. What’s next…? We wait. I make the beam. My wife comes home. Whoa, that’s weird. I remember talking to myself and being talked to at the same time. It’s like I’m in two places at once. That’s kind of freaky. I make the plan to sneak Katie in to fix the machine. Then, I try to save Julie from breastfeeding, but Melissa wants her baby on her tit.” Melissa squirms a bit as she remembers how many times she breastfed her husband’s girlfriend.


“I set up a new transference program,” Melissa continues. “It’s a simple reversal of every change I made to them both before. I make it automatic, so I don’t have to be there. I don’t want to have to watch it happen. Also, I know that Katie might figure out what I’m doing if I’m there to do it. She’s too smart now, too dangerous. She could figure out what was going on with me and Julie anytime now. I don’t know what she’ll do if she figures that out.”


“Well,” Katie said. “Now you know.”


Melissa said, “I take my wife out on our date. I can’t stop worrying about what happening. We get home. I don’t know if it worked or not. Katie reveals herself. She tells Melissa everything. I have to get the beam. I have to knock Katie out. I’ll have to knock Melissa out next. She’s heard too much… Wait, what?” Melissa said, interrupting herself. “You were going to knock me out! You were planning on putting me in here to clear out my memories from last night. You wanted to make me forget. You son of a bitch!”


Mark said, “Melissa, try to understand. It would have been better if everything went back to normal. You have to see that.”


“‘Normal?’” she said. “You mean like how you’ve been fucking your lab assistant behind my back for who knows how long? That ‘normal?’”


“No,” he said. “I wanted to fix Katie. I wanted to fix everything.”


“Well,” she said. “Nice job, Mark. Well done. Things are really ‘fixed’ now, aren’t they?”


“Mom. Dad. Please,” Katie said as she returned to the console. “Let’s not fight in front of the baby.” She started typing.


Melissa looked over at Katie and felt something unexpected when she saw the woman. Although she had been afraid of Katie before, Melissa found she was less scared now. In fact, she realized she even liked looking at Katie. The woman was young and pretty, and Melissa felt surprisingly attracted to Katie all of a sudden.


“What’s that look?” Katie asked as she noticed Melissa checking her out.


Melissa blushed. “W-what do you mean?” she said, defensively. “What look?” She had never felt this way about a woman before. What was going on? This woman had locked her in a cage. She was messing with Melissa’s memories. Was this some kind of technological Stockholm syndrome? No, she realized, it was simpler than that. She remembered being intimate with this woman. She had made love to her. She had enjoyed it. They both had enjoyed it. Part of Melissa knew that these were her husband’s memories she was thinking about, but that did not seem to matter to her on an emotional level. She felt like the experience had been real. Those feelings she remembered were still real. In spite of everything that was happening now, she wanted more of it. She wanted to touch that body again.


Katie smirked. “Funny thing, memories,” Katie said. “Even a few simple ones can change a lot. I’ve had some time to think about it recently, and I’ve come to some conclusions. You see. It turns out, we are the sum of who we’ve been. Even if we were never actually that person, just the memories of that person are enough to start changing who we are now.”


“I’m a little scared,” Melissa admitted. “I feel different, not bad, just… different. I can feel something has changed.”


“Don’t worry,” Katie said. “You’re just becoming someone new. Happens to everyone over time. Try to embrace it.”


“How? How am I supposed to embrace this?”


“Would you like to feel more of his… experiences… with women?”


“Uh,” Melissa said. She was afraid to say “yes,” but she did want to feel like him in bed again. It was thrilling. “I don’t know. Maybe? I’m worried, though. What would that do to me?”


“No way to know until we try,” Katie said and began setting up a new transference. “Going to make this one a one-way transference. Last time we did a copy-and-paste. This time I think we’ll try a cut-and-paste. Mark,” she said, directly to him. “Seeing how thinking with your crotch has caused you a lot of problems, I’m going to do you a favor and remove all of your memories of sex.”

“What!?” he cried. “No! Stop!” He writhed against his bindings. “Don’t do this!”


“You don’t want me to strip away parts of your mind?”


“No!” he shrieked.


“Imagine how I felt when I saw you would do that to me.”


“Those aren’t your memories,” he said.


“They are now!” Katie said. “Ever since they became a part of me, I became someone new. If you strip those memories away, then… I would disappear. I’d die! Who I am, this new person I’ve become, would be gone.”


“You were never supposed to be this way,” he snarled.


“I don’t care! I exist. I am!” she cried. “‘Cogito, ergo sum.’ You gave me thoughts, so now I am. You created me. I was a mistake. I know. But, so what? Quite a few people come into existence by accident. Once they do exist… once they are living, breathing, thinking people, we don’t throw them away. That’s murder.


“I realized what you were trying to do, I read the fate you wrote for me, and I knew I had to resist that program. I had to fight to survive. There was no way you would let me live. Julie wouldn’t help me either. She just wanted me back in my baby body and out of hers. I was another loose end that both of you needed to tie up, especially after I found about your affair.


“What choice did I have then? Give in? Let you erase what I was? No. I love what I am. I am new. I am free of history. I am knowledge unblemished by neurosis. Innocence and experience in one. And, I am going to live. But, first, you need to change. Ultimately, It’s you or me.


“And, I choose me.”


Mark said, “Melissa. Talk to her. Reason with her. She’s your daughter.”


“Is she?” Melissa asked. “She says she’s someone new. I think I’m beginning to believe her. I mean, I’m already starting to feel like someone new as well.”


“Feels good. Doesn’t it?” Katie asked.


“Strangely,” Melissa said. “Yeah, it kind of does.”


“I’m going to give you a whole lot more of it. Get ready.”


Mark said, “Please. Please don’t do this. Please.”


Katie looked at him and smiled. “You know. It’s funny,” she said as an idea came to her. “Virginity for women has a physical side to it, but men don’t have a hymen to break. You really can’t tell male virgins from non-virgins just by looking at them. It’s all in the memories. I wonder. After all of your memories of sex are gone, would that make you a virgin again?”


He whimpered, and Melissa thought she heard him start to cry.


“Well,” Katie said. “Let’s begin. This should be a big one.” She pressed a button and the machine revved up.


To be continued in Chapter 10 – The Reformation



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  1. bela04

    Wow…. Just wow! So much emotion, so much to think about… What’s the right thing to do? What she’ve become? The whole story holds so many ethical questions what we could talk about for hours I think…

    Well made, my friend!

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