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Transference – Chapter 6 – The Repairs – by lostandwhatever

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A short time later, Julie was alone down in the basement waiting for Katie to return from her car with her supplies. For the moment, Julie was fascinated by her own toes. She was sitting on an ordinary office chair leaning against the back and feeling small. She had sat in this chair many times before. It used to be her toes would touch the ground while she sat. Now, her toes did not even reach the edge of the seat. There was no way for her to get off the chair safely. She would struggle to even turn the chair at all. All she could do was sit and stare at her own toes and wait.


Julie came to the sad realization that even now, after being freed from the watchful eye of her “mother,” she was no more free than she had been over the past couple of days. Even with Katie, who knew Julie even better than Mark did in some ways, there was no more opportunity to act like an adult than had existed before. She might be able to nod her head or wave or something, but she had no way to actually contribute to fixing the machine. She just had to sit and wait.


She was well past the limit of her patience, which left her with only two options: throw a screaming tantrum or sit staring mindlessly until someone else did something. Yesterday, she had tried the tantrum. She had screamed and cried and thrashed about with every ounce of force she possessed. That had been satisfying for a short while, but ultimately it did nothing to improve her situation. She had a nipple in her mouth again a short while later as if nothing had happened. She had no power. She had no control. And, there were few things in the world she hated more than feeling powerless and out of control.


The only thing keeping her from totally losing her mind was the thought that it would all be over soon. She just had to hold out for a little while longer.


Julie heard footsteps on the stairs and saw her true body walking down the steps holding a box, the last of the parts to fix the machine, her salvation.


“That should be everything,” Katie said in Julie’s voice, the voice Julie had been missing for days now. She loved her own voice. She hardly even cared that someone else was using it, so long as she could hear it again. She heard it say, “I think it’s time for us to get this machine working again. Don’t you?”


Julie burbled and coed with her useless baby mouth. She really missed her voice.


“All right,” Katie said. “To start with, let’s take a look at Dad’s notes for us.” She picked up the notepad sitting next to the computer, glanced at it, and said, “He wrote us a letter.” She started reading it out loud:


“Hello girls,


“I trust you will be able to repair the machine on your own. The parts you ordered should be all you need. Although if you run into trouble, send me a text right away. And, if you find that you need more time, then text me, and I will try to delay my wife from coming home for as long as I can.


“I have gone ahead and created a new automatic transference program for you two to use. Of course, I would prefer to be there myself to oversee the transference, but I need to make sure my wife is away while you use the machine. All you need to do is run the program called “Reversal Transference.” Then, you will have a 3-minute delay to get into the chambers before the transference begins. It will then return you two to your own bodies


“Once the transference is done, both of you can go back to your old roles. I’ll come home with my wife, and we will act as if nothing happened until we can make plans for what to do next.


“I trust you can do this.


“With love,




Katie set down the notepad. “An automatic transference program?” she said. “I did not expect that. I thought we’d do the actual swap on another day or something. At least, I expected him to be here for it.” She frowned and tapped the notepad with a fingernail for a few seconds. Finally, she said, “Well, I trust him. I trust this will work. I suppose, we should get started repairing things now.”


Katie pulled out a tool box and started opening panels on the machine. Then, she began removing damaged components one by one. It was a slow, laborious process. Meanwhile, Julie was aware that, as much as Katie was using the words “us” and “we,” Julie really had nothing to do with repairing the machine. Like most other situations now, all she could do was sit and watch.


As Katie worked she started talking, “I imagine you’re feeling a bit anxious about getting back in your own body.”


Julie could not reply, but she did appreciate someone talking to her like an adult.


“I can understand why,” Katie said. “Being an adult is amazing. There’s so much to do. I mean, I probably did more in one day as an adult than I had done in my whole life up until we swapped.” She removed another damaged part.


Julie did not like this line of thinking and felt a growing sense of dread as Katie talked.


“I’m really going to miss it when we swap back,” Katie said. “Still, things won’t be the same for me. I’ll still be able to talk and think like an adult. I’ll get to grow up while knowing what to expect when I get older. That should be really exciting.”


She picked up one of the replacement parts and started installing it in the machine. “I like your life,” she said. “I almost don’t want to give it up.”


Julie squirmed on the chair. Now, she wished that Katie would stop talking.


“Just eating food, real adult food, is incredible,” Katie said. “Sure, breast milk has its charms, but it’s nothing compared to bacon… or chocolate. It’s hard to believe that most people don’t weigh hundreds of pounds. If I could, I would eat something new every day, every meal even.”


There was a moment of silence as both of them imagined the food they loved, which was interrupted by the sound of Julie’s phone receiving a text message.


Katie took out the phone and said, “It’s from Dad… Mark.” She read the message quietly. “He wants to know how it’s going. I’ll let him know I’m almost done with the repairs.” She thumbed out a message and set the phone down next to her. There was another message, which Katie checked and said, “He’s happy to hear it’s going well. They’re going to the movie theater soon.” She typed out a final “OK.”


“I love this thing,” Katie said, looking at the phone in her hand. “I’ve only been able to use one for a few days, but it’s like I have magic in my hands. I suppose you’re missing this as well.” Her face lit up with a smile. “Hey, I have an idea.” She stood up and carried the phone over to Julie. “I wonder if you could type out a message on here. You might not be able to talk, but you could type something. Wanna try?” Katie set the phone down tantalizingly between Julie’s legs.


Julie carefully hovered a thick finger over the screen of the phone. She aimed for a letter and missed. She tried again and managed to hit the right letter this time, but the next letter was another miss. She felt herself growing increasingly frustrated. There was a means of communication literally in her grasp, but her stupid baby fingers were too damn clumsy to use it properly. She tried again and missed again. Then, she groaned and pushed the phone away from her. Katie caught it before it hit the floor.


“Easy,” Katie said. “Don’t break it.”


Julie turned her head away in a huff. She hated everything right, then.


“I’m sorry that was too hard for you to do,” Katie said. “I suppose I shouldn’t have done that. You’re a bit too young to be typing.” She looked at the phone carefully. “It’s strange. I would have thought you’d be getting a lot of texts, but only a few came through.” She flicked through a list of messages. “You’re friends invited you out to dinner last night. Don’t worry. I declined. I didn’t think I could keep up the illusion of being you for a whole meal.” She flicked again. “I’m surprised there were no texts from a boyfriend… or a girlfriend. By the way, do you think it feels a bit strange that people limit themselves to only one gender when it comes to relationships? Seems a bit silly to cut yourself off from dating half of the population. Maybe I’m bi. Maybe you were, too. Or, maybe I was a lesbian baby and you were a hetero adult. And, now, with our thoughts combined, I’ve become a bi adult.” She chuckled and flicked through the messages again. Then, her face looked concerned. “Why aren’t you dating someone?”


Julie whimpered. She wanted to find a way to escape the room, or at least the chair.


“You seem to be texting Dad… Mark… pretty often… very often, actually.”


Julie began to babble frantically.


Katie ignored Julie as she opened Julie’s old texts. “What were you two texting about all the time?” Katie said and then quietly read the old texts.


Julie sat and watched it happen. She was helpless to do anything else. She realized that there was no way to stop it now, so she started to cry. Then, even through her tears, Julie saw the moment that Katie realized who Julie had been dating.


Katie said, “Oh.”


Julie said nothing. She could only cry.


To be continued in Chapter 7 – The Confrontation



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