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Transference – Chapter 3 – The Mess – by lostandwhatever

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Mark left the room, and Julie cried for a while longer. In time, she had calmed down enough to notice she was alone and wonder what had happened to Mark. Then, she stopped crying altogether and satisfied herself with feeling generally depressed about everything. Life had taken a cruel turn for her; that was for sure. Here she was, trapped as a baby, and now Mark had seemingly abandoned her. She began to feel sorry for herself. What a poor, pathetic thing she had become. How unjust fate had been to her. It did not take long for her to get tired of self pity, though. She had always prided herself on her ability to fight through any problem. So, she was a baby. So what? She would get through this. If anything, this situation was proof of her own incredible talent. She had managed to create a machine that could transfer human consciousness from one body to another. What an achievement! They could fix it, too. They will fix it.

Then, she realized that she understood the machine again. In fact, she understood most adult things again. Time for some testing, she decided. She tried to speak but only managed to babble a few words. So, her ability to speak was still gone. She sat up, but found her motor control to be a bit too wobbly for standing at the moment. She took stock of her situation. Her mind seemed to be back to normal except for her ability to speak and her ability to move. Good news, mostly. At least, she could help figure out what to do next, even if she would have a hard time communicating her thoughts to Mark.

And, where was he?

Was he working on the machine again? He could have brought her along. He had better not forget about her. They were partners… in more ways than one. He really should be including her more now regardless of what she looked like at the moment.

Julie thought about Katie, run off somewhere in Julie’s adult body. Mark had been very quick to include the girl in their plans. That was worrying. What might the girl do when it came time to swap minds back? What might she figure out about their situation before then?

They would have to be quick. That’s all there was to it. The longer this situation continued, the more danger there was that it would all fall apart.

Julie sighed, but what could she do now? She couldn’t walk. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t even get off this damn changing table. She felt trapped, disabled even, in this pudgy, feeble little body. She held up her baby hands and considered that they were not really her hands. Not the ones she knew, at least. She controlled them, but they belonged to the girl that had taken her body away like a rental car, leaving her in this wreck. It was a disturbing realization that her body was no longer her own.

To emphasize that point, her new body decided to surprise her. She felt a warmth in her diaper between her baby thighs. She groaned as she smelled what the warm, soft, squishy feeling near her ass was. She was sitting in her own fresh shit.

No, it was worse than that. She was sitting in Katie’s shit. She had never even eaten the food that had ended up as waste in her diaper. That was Katie’s meal that was sticking to her skin. She had some other baby’s shit on her. The girl had enjoyed her meal, took Julie’s body, and left Julie to deal with this stinking mess. She felt disgusted in every way possible.

But, the worst part of it all was that there was nothing she could do about any of it. Julie was trapped in this body. She had no way to change her own diaper or even take it off and clean herself. In fact, she had not even realized she was shitting. This body had done it all by itself without giving her any notice. And, even if she had known it was about to happen, there would have been little chance she could have stopped it. She had no control over her bowels or anything else. Every second that went by with her sitting in baby shit was a further reminder of just how powerless she had become.

The only thing she could do was cry, and so she did.


A short while later, Mark came to change Julie’s diaper. He set to work mechanically, dispassionately removing the old diaper and cleaning her. And, as he worked, Julie calmed down and stopped crying. She realized he must have done this countless times before, but it was a new experience for her. She had obviously worn a diaper before. Naturally, she had no memory of the experience now. Yet, here she was, having her relatively giant boyfriend cleaning shit off of her bare crotch with an icy baby wipe. She struggled to decide if she felt more embarrassed or frightened by the whole experience.

“Can you understand me?” Mark asked.

Julie nodded up at him as he finished wiping her clean.

“I’m worried about Katie,” Mark said as he threw out the mess Julie had made.

Julie nodded again.

“Yeah, I thought you’d feel that way, too. Well, I think I might have a plan.”

Julie listened quietly. It was all she could do, but she was curious about what he had to say.

He pulled out a new diaper and positioned it under her. “I might need to… incapacitate her at some point,” he said with a trace of sadness in his clinical voice. He finished fastening on her diaper. “You see,” he said. “I thought about how the overload from the machine had knocked you both unconscious. I was doing some experimenting downstairs, and I think I can replicate the effect with a, sort of, portable emitter… an unconsciousness beam.”

Julie wanted to say, “stun gun,” but all she managed to do was babble, “Ah bwah.”

“I should have it ready by tomorrow,” he said. “I’ll keep it near the door downstairs. You know the box where I like to hide things.”

Julie had no idea why he was telling her this. There was no way she could reach the box on the bookshelf, let alone even hold a stun gun in her hands. She decided he was just thinking out loud.

He rested his large hand on her head in what he intended to be a comforting gesture, but he only managed to disturb her with the feeling of a relative giant palming her small head.

“I will get you back to normal,” he assured her. “I’ll fix all of this. I will,” he added, assuring himself. “If Katie refuses to cooperate, then I can knock her unconscious and put her in the machine myself. I’d hate to do that to my own daughter, but I’ll do what I have to, if she gives me no choice.”

He looked scared, then, and Julie worried that he was going to fuck this up somehow. If only she could speak…

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Everything will be fine.”

She wished she believed him.

To be continued in Chapter 4 – The Wait




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