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Touching a Fantasy (Commission) – Ch 2 – by lostandwhatever

Here’s chapter 2 of a new commissioned story for an anonymous fan. There’s more AR in this chapter, but it could become just about anything as it goes on. Thank you again, anonymous, for the commission! (For info on my commissions follow this link.)


Stephen woke up smiling the next day. He had just had the most realistic and wonderful dream he had ever experienced. It was like one of the AR stories he loved had come to life. He had transformed into a 12-year-old boy and had a wild and somewhat stressful day living out his fantasy. Then, before it was all done, he had returned safely back to normal.


He had tried out hypnosis and lucid dreaming before with the hope that he could at least trick his brain into believing one of his fantasies had come true, but he had never managed to get either technique to work. Reality was just too damn persistent for him to ignore.


But, the dream from last night had occurred all by itself and had seemed so real that he could almost believe that it had actually happened.


“If only…” he grumbled, and then he yawned.


He sat up and stood up and felt disappointingly large and heavy, as if his mind had been rudely forced into the body of an elephant. He ran his hand over the rough stubble on his face and picked a body hair off of his T-shirt in disgust. Then, he lumbered along on his heavy feet to the restroom to relieve himself and start his day. He avoided looking in the mirror, realizing that nothing good would come from that.


Downstairs he found his mother starting to make breakfast.


“Hi, honey,” she greeted him. “I’m making bacon and eggs. How does that sound?”


“Sounds great,” he said. “I’m starving.”


She started the bacon frying while he took a seat at the kitchen table and let out another yawn.


“You all right?” she asked him.


“I’m fine. I guess didn’t get much rest. I had a weird dream.”




“No,” he said as the mouthwatering smell of bacon filled room. “Actually it was kind of fun, but also a bit weird and embarrassing.”


“Sounds like a pretty standard dream to me. Weird is to be expected.”


“Yeah. I guess. This one just felt so… real. It was a wild night.”


“Oh, speaking of last night, you didn’t happen to wander down into the basement again last night? Did you?”


“The basement?” he asked, surprised that she was asking about something from his dream. “What do you mean?”


“Well, the charge on the machine was drained a bit this morning. I know it was full when I left it last night.”


Could it be true? he wondered. “No,” he said. “But, let me check downstairs really quickly. I just remembered… I might have dropped something down there.”


“Be quick,” she said. “The bacon is almost done, and don’t touch anything.”


He walked over and opened the basement door as calmly as he could, and then he ran down the steps. “There it is,” he said as he stood at the bottom of the stairs. The machine was there just as he remembered it. “It is real. The wishing machine is real. It wasn’t just a dream.” He smiled and felt the impulse to walk over to the touch pad right then to make a new wish.


“The eggs are done,” his mother called down to him.


His stomach growled, and he decided that altering the fabric of the universe could wait until after breakfast. So instead, he headed back upstairs to enjoy his breakfast and plan his next wish.




Breakfast was good, but Stephen was too distracted to really enjoy it. His mind was still down in the basement, imagining what he would do next with the machine. There were literally endless possibilities, which made picking one even more difficult, and this time he would be able to be specific about what he wanted, instead of just letting the change happen by accident. However, first he would need to figure out the right time to use it.




“Yes?” she replied as she began to clean up the dishes.


“What are you up to today?”


“Well,” she said. “We need to do some weeding, and then someone needs to buy groceries. After that, I’ll probably spend some time in the lab testing the power system for the machine.”


“I see.”


“Would you mind going to the store to buy the groceries?” she asked. “I can give you my list. You do need to get out of the house more.”


“I think I would rather do the weeding while you do the shopping.”


“Okay. Sounds like a plan.”


And so, Stephen put on some work clothes and headed for the backyard with a trowel and a pair of work gloves. Then, he settled down in a flowerbed and started digging.


“I’ll be back in a little while,” his mother called to him from the back door of the house. “Make sure to stay hydrated.”


“I will,” he said.


“Also, put on some sunscreen before you get a sunburn.”


“I will.”


She shut the door, and Stephen kept pulling weeds until he heard the car drive out of the garage. Then, he dropped his trowel and made his way back into the house. He had to hurry. At most, his mother would be out for less than an hour, and he still needed to choose a wish and then carefully use the machine to make it real.


Just when he made it to the basement door and was about to open it, he heard his sister say, “What are you up to?”


He froze and turned to face Niki. She was sitting at the kitchen table in her pajamas, eating a pop tart. He had been so focused on the basement that he had not even noticed she was there.


“I-” he said. “I’m just going to use the bathroom.”


“Looks like you were about to go into the basement,” she said and took a bite of her breakfast pastry.


“No,” he said, silently cursing the fact that she was being a pest, again. “We’re not supposed to go down there.”


“That’s right,” she said with a smile. “So, why were you sneaking down there?”


“I’m not sneaking anywhere.”


“You waited until Mom left before you headed for the basement, so it must be something you don’t want her to know about.” She took another bite.


He sighed. She had caught him. He had to talk his way out of this somehow, but he would need to be quick. He was running out of time. “Fine,” he said. “I wanted to use her computer. I was down there yesterday helping her out after she dropped something on herself. She has a top-of-the-line machine down there, and I thought I might test it out to see if I could use it for something later.”


“You have a nice computer in your room.”


“Mom’s machine is better,” he said. “Much better.”


“Why do you need a good computer? You plan on playing games on it? She would probably notice if you installed something.”


He tried to think of something he could do with a very fast computer. “I thought I could use it to do some 3D image rendering.”


“Porn?” she asked with a wry smile.


He attempted to look embarrassed, but actually he was relieved that she had found something convincingly shameful enough to accuse him of doing in secret. “So what if it is?”


“Then,” she said. “You’ll want me to keep quiet about it, won’t you?”


“Yes,” he said.


She looked satisfied to have some leverage on him again, and he decided to take this hit in order to get her to shut up and leave him alone.


“So,” he said. “What do you want for your silence?”


She crossed her arms and legs and said, “You are going to do all of my chores.”


“For how long?”


“Forever,” she said. “Or, until one of us moves out, which might just take forever for you anyway.”


“That’s a bit much.”


“Fine, then,” she said. “I’ll just tell her that you were sneaking down to use her computer. I’m sure she won’t have a problem with that.”


“Wait,” he said, holding up a hand. “Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll do all of your chores, just so long as you never say anything to her about me doing things in the basement. Okay?”


“Okay,” she said. “We have a deal then. My silence about your sneaking in return for your endless servitude.” She finished her breakfast and then walked up to him. “Make sure you get my laundry done by tonight. I plan on going out later.” She patted him on the shoulder. “Nice doing business with you, brother.” Then, she walked past him and up the stairs, saying, “Have fun down there!”


He grumbled and make a silent vow to get his revenge on her eventually, but for now, he would need to hurry up and use the machine before his mother came back.




He entered the basement and raced down the steps, and then he weaved his way through the maze of equipment, being careful not to trip on anything, until he reached the computer and the touch pad.


Finally, he had made it back to the wishing machine, all he had to do now was make his wish.


“What the hell do I want to wish for?” he asked himself.


He had enjoyed the feeling of being young again, but the hormones of a 12 year old had been a bit too much for him to handle.


“What about 11?” he said. “About the same age but without the hormones.”


It was a tempting idea, but he shook his head. Being 11 would be too similar to being 12, and he found himself craving something new. He could go younger, he decided.


“How young?”


Part of him just wanted to go all the way back to diapers, but he was scared of going that far. His eyes drifted back to the photos on his mother’s desk. He noticed the family photo that showed him and Niki as 7 year-old-kids with their parents. His father’s cancer had made it a hard year, but maybe he could give it a second try.


“Might be fun. After all, seven is a good midpoint between being in diapers and being in puberty.”


He focused on the image of himself at 7. He had been such a cute little kid. It would be a lot of fun to be that kid again. He smiled. “That’s it,” he said.


He flipped the switch to power up the machine and the room came alive. The charge was reading at 100% again. Everything looked ready. “Let’s do it!” He walked up to the touch pad, made sure his mind was focused on his 7-year-old self, and placed his hand on the touch pad.


The machine revved up painfully loud and, in a flash of light, it blasted him with energy. His body buzzed with the energy, which radiated out of him as he shrank away, like he was a Popsicle melting away in the hot sun. Once more, the tingling sensation had aroused him, but he felt his erection shrink away as it grew harder, while he rapidly fell backwards through puberty. Soon he was back down to 12 again, but instead of slowing down, the shrinking just kept on going. His pants dropped to his ankles and his shirt hung off of him like a dress. Still, he continued shrinking. Despite the pleasure he was feeling, he became increasingly afraid that the shrinking would not stop, that he might shrink away into nothing. Already, he had lost half of his weight and, with every moment, there was less and less of him remaining. He started to panic and desperately called for Niki in a high childish voice. But, just at that moment, the shrinking slowed to a halt. The tingling sensation lingered just long enough to cause his T-shirt to shrink to fit him. Then, the energy dissipated completely, and he felt himself settle into his new little body.


“Wow,” Stephen said and smiled to hear his squeaky voice. “Wow!” he repeated.


He held up his hands to examine them. They were soft and small, unmistakably the hands of a young boy. He pulled up his pants, which had transformed into a pair of shorts, and noticed that his shoes had been replaced by a pair of sandals. He wiggled his tiny toes on his little feet and smiled again to find them so much closer now. He touched his face, feeling the absence of stubble, and ran his fingers over the shrunken contours of his little nose. His tongue probed a small gap in his lower front teeth and traced the shape of an upper tooth that was still in the process of growing in. Then, he chuckled and was delighted to hear the giddy laughter of a young boy escape his lips.


He looked over at the desk and was given a sense of his new size based on how large it seemed to him now. He guessed that he could not be more than four feet tall now. A third of his height had disappeared along with most of his weight, which might have been a reason to worry, but he realized that he did not miss any of his lost size at all. Being small just felt… right. This was how he was supposed to be, he realized. This was the body he was supposed to have.


He started bouncing on his heels and giggled. Then, he lept and punched his fist into the air and let out a triumphant cheer, “Yeah!”


He wanted to run out of the basement and find someway to play with this body right away, but the more mature part of his mind reminded himself to shut down the machine first. He checked the monitor to find only 9% of a charge remained in the capacitors. He tried not to think about his mother’s reaction to that. Instead, he flipped the switch to shut down the machine.


Then, his eyes were drawn to the family photos on the desk, which he scrutinized, wanting to compare his current body to the one in the photo, but he was surprised to find that he was no longer in the family photo next to his then 7-year-old sister. Instead, it showed only Niki and his parents.


“Of course,” he said when he realized his mistake. “In this reality, I was only born 7 years ago. I wouldn’t be in a picture from 11 years ago. I didn’t even exist.”


He looked at the next photo, which showed a 12-year-old Niki holding a baby in her arms. “Is that… me?” he asked and chuckled again. “I was a cute baby.”


The sound of the garage door opening upstairs made him go silent. “She’s home,” he whispered. Quickly, he made his way to the basement stairs and climbed up them as swiftly as he could, but he had to move carefully as the steps seemed much taller to him on his way up than they had seemed on the way down.


He opened the basement door, entered the kitchen, and shut the door behind him just a moment before his mother entered the house carrying her groceries. He let out a sigh of relief as she approached, feeling glad to have gotten away with using the machine again.


“Hey, Squirt,” she said as she strode past him. “Can you help me bring the groceries into the kitchen, please?”


He was momentarily dumbfounded as he looked up at her. From his new perspective, his mother seemed to be over eight feet tall. “Uh,” he said. “Sure.”


He went to the garage and found the trunk of her car open. He tried to grab a plastic bag in each hand, but struggled to lift both of them at the same time. They were just too heavy. He had to use both hands to lift just one of the bags, and even that required some intense effort. Then, carrying it was awkward, since he had to lift it up as he walked to keep it from dragging on the floor. Finally, when he set the bag down in the kitchen, he felt relieved but also a bit concerned at how weak his body had become. Being small was nice, sure, but being weak was not so nice. It added an edge of fear to the experience. Somehow, he had forgotten how threatening the world could feel to a kid. He watched in awe as his mother returned from her car with more bags of groceries and was impressed by how easy it was for her to lift twice the weight he could manage. He wondered how many years it had been since he had become stronger than his mother. Probably since he became a teenager, he decided. Now that he was once more much younger than that, she was definitely the stronger one again.


“Thank you!” she said, when she noticed he had helped. “So, have you finished filling up the pool?”


“Uh,” he said. “Maybe?” He had no idea what she was talking about. There was no pool in their backyard, or at least, there had been none before he altered reality.


“Don’t tell me you left the water running in it.”


“Let me check,” he said and went out the back door of the house. Sure enough, there was filled kiddie pool out in the yard with a garden hose floating in the middle of it. He turned off the tap to the garden hose and pulled it out of the pool. The water was cool to the touch, but it was refreshing in the growing heat of a summer morning.


“Did you flood the yard?” his mother asked him from the back door.


“No, it’s all good,” he said and smiled as he anticipated a fun day of playing in the water.


“Good,” she said. “Go put on your swim trunks. I’ll grab the pool toys.”


“All right!” he said and ran into the house.


Feeling more confident now, he bounded up the stairs and only stumbled once. Then, he headed for his bedroom, slowing down for a moment as he passed Niki’s room to wonder what his sister was doing behind her closed door.


He opened his bedroom door and was delighted to find that the room had been replaced by the colorful toy-filled room of a young boy. He had to step over toy trucks and around plastic dinosaurs to reach his dresser, which was covered with action figures and transforming robots. He dug through his drawers, past his tight undies and socks, past his colorful shirts and pajamas, until he retrieved a bright green and blue pair of swim trunks.


He stripped off his clothes and stood there naked for a minute taking some time to look at his young body. Naturally, there was no body hair to be found anywhere. As it had been when he was 12, his body seemed simultaneously bony and pudgy with not much muscle to be found anywhere. Probably, what stood out most to him, though, was just how close every part of him was. His feet seemed only as far away as his knees had been before, and his hands would not even reach as far as his wrists had been. He felt stubby, like a midget.


Meanwhile everything around him seemed slightly too large. He picked up a baseball from his dresser and felt how heavy it was in his hand, his little fingers struggling to grip it. He tossed it in the air, and had to catch it with both hands to avoid dropping it.


Feeling satisfied with his self-examination, he returned the ball to the dresser and pulled up his swim trunks. After putting his sandals back on, he left his room. This time, on the way down the tall stairs, he was careful to hold onto the handrail. Then, at last, he stepped out into the backyard.


His mother had laid out his toys next to the pool. As he went to examine them, he noticed that she was kneeling next to her flower garden, wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat, and he saw that she had set up her tools to start weeding. He felt momentarily guilty for going to play while she was starting to work, but he decided that they would both enjoy what they were doing, so it was nothing to worry about.


He picked up a yellow inflatable innertube raft and began blowing air into its valve, which took a lot longer than he expected due to the small air capacity of his lungs. At about the point that he was feeling dizzy and out of breath, the back door of the house opened and Niki stepped out into the sunlight. Stephen stopped blowing to stare at her.


His sister wore only a red bikini covered it white polka-dots and a pair of sky blue flip-flops. Her blonde hair was done up in a messy bun, and she had on a pair of dark sunglasses. Under her arm, she carried a towel and a folding chair. Although Stephen had seen her naked only yesterday, she seemed somehow even more appealing with her private parts hidden behind polka-dot fabric. Maybe it was because she was standing boldly out in the sunlight for everyone to see her.


“Oh,” their mother said, snapping him out of his trance. “Nice of you to join us, Niki. How do you feel about helping with the weeding? I have extra tools.”


Niki looked at her and said, “I don’t think so. I’d rather work on my tan.”


“Suit yourself,” their mother said. “I’ll be here if you change your mind.”


Stephen watched, transfixed as Niki found a sunny spot on the patio not far from him and laid out her folding chair completely flat. She unrolled her towel on the chair, took out a bottle of suntan lotion from within it, and squeezed some out onto her hand. As Niki began to rub it onto her skin, their mother said, “Oh, thank you for reminding me. Could you put some lotion on your brother, please? I don’t want him getting sunburned.”


“But,” she said. “This is my lotion. I paid for it myself.”


“I’ll reimburse you,” their mother said. “Please, help me out with Stephen. Okay?”


She sighed. “Okay,” she groaned.


“Come here, Squirt,” she said beckoning him to her.


He dropped the half-inflated innertube and approached her slowly. As he drew closer and closer, she seemed increasingly larger and larger. He realized that it might be her relative size that was making her more appealing to him. Everything attractive about her was bigger: her face, her breasts, her butt… There was literally more of her to love. Additionally, at his new height, he found that he was eye-level with her chest. He squinted his eyes shut from looking up at the sunlight above her and imagined running his little hands all over her bare skin, cupping her breasts and feeling the weight of them spilling out past his fingertips.


He jumped slightly when he felt something cool on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and watched as she crouched down and rubbed her lotion onto him. He could hardly believe what was happening as her long slippery fingers ran over his shoulders and arms, gently kneading the lotion into his flesh. It was almost like a massage. Although he knew it was not meant to be sensual, he could not help but get hard from the body contact of her hands on him. He imagined that she was feeling up his body, and it took all of his self-restraint to keep from reaching out to return the favor, especially since her breasts were only inches away from him. Nevertheless, he managed to stand still and enjoy the rest of the experience. Only shutting his eyes again when she lotioned up his face.


“There,” she said as she stood up straight again. “Done.”


“Uh,” he said, wondering if she could see the small lump in the crotch of his swim trunks from his erection. “T-Thank you.”


“No problem,” she said. “But, you do owe me a favor now.”


“A favor?” he said. Why was everything always a transaction with her? he wondered.


“I need you to do my back for me.”


“Uh,” he said. “Sure.”


After handing the lotion to Stephen, she lay down face first onto her folding chair. “Well,” she said. “Get to work.”


“S-Sure,” he said, hardly believing that this was happening. He filled his palm with lotion and hesitated a moment before touching her.


Then, just before he made contact with her skin, she said, “Hold on a moment. Let me help you out.” Stephen watched in stunned silence and she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top, leaving her whole back bare. If only she would roll over… “I’m waiting,” she said.


“Right,” he said and began dutifully applying the lotion, trying his hardest to keep from revealing how much he was enjoying rubbing his hands over her skin. Part of him wanted this moment to stretch on forever, to have her body naked before him at all times and to run his little fingers over every inch of her again and again.


“I think that should do it,” she said after his hands had lingered on her back a little too long. “I can do the rest. Thank you.”


“Sure,” he said and set the lotion down next to her. Then, he watched in disappointment as she retied her bikini and got up again to finish applying the lotion to herself.


He stood there a little too long watching her rub lotion onto her skin, and she gave him a look and a knowling little smirk. “You’re growing up fast,” she said. “Feels like just yesterday you were in diapers.”


He backed away, tripped over the inflatable innertube, and stumbled backwards into the pool. Cool water shot up his nose, and he came up sputtering and coughing a moment later to hear her laughing hysterically at him as he stood up in the pool.


“Nice back dive,” she said. “The entry was a bit off from vertical though. I’d give you a three-and-a-half out of ten.” She laughed some more.


Despite feeling a bit embarrassed, he started laughing as well. Hearing the sound of his own childish laughter made him smile and reminded him that he was a really boy. He was a boy playing in a pool! He leapt up into the air, cheered, and fell belly first into the water, causing a great splash. Then, he emerged from the water and started half-crawling half-swimming around the pool.


At that point, he all but forgot about Niki and turned his attention to having fun in the water. He finished inflating the innertube and let it float in the pool. Then, he grabbed the other pool toys, including swim noodles, beach balls, plastic boats, and squirt guns. He tried them all out. He floated and splashed and swam like a fish. Water went up his nose and in his ears and soaked his trunks and flattened his hair to his head. It dripped down his skin when he was out of the water and cooled him in the summer breeze. After a while, he took a few minutes to relax and just float on the innertube in the warm sunlight.


He looked at his mother, who was weeding in the garden. He looked at his sister, who was laying on her stomach. When he noticed that she had her top untied again, a naughty idea came to him. As he filled the squirt gun, he knew that he would never even consider doing this if he were 18, but a 7 year old could get away with some things that an adult could not. Or, at least, he hoped he could. He crept out of the water and stalked his way towards her slowly to avoid drawing her attention. He raised the squirt gun, aimed, hesitated a moment, and then fired at her.


She gasped and recoiled as the cold water hit her and for the briefest of moments she turned to face him with her top off, and he saw her bare breasts in the bright sunlight, looking perky and round. He squirted, and she shrieked and covered herself with her arm and quickly walked to the house with her top clutched in her other hand.


“You little brat!” she yelled at him furiously with her back turned. “I’m going to spank your little butt when I get back.”


The words scared him, but, surprisingly, they also turned him on a bit. That was unexpected. “Huh? I think I might have just learned something about myself.”


“What is going on?” his mother asked.


“I was just playing with my squirt gun,” he explained.


She sighed. “I don’t think Niki wanted to play.”


“Is she really going to spank me?”


She shook her head. “We don’t spank in this household, and besides, getting your sister wet does not call for corporal punishment.”


“Okay,” he said, feeling slightly disappointed.


“I am going to confiscate your weapons, though,” she said, holding out her hand, in which he reluctantly placed the gun.


He looked at his fingers. They were getting very pruney.


“How about a lunch break?” his mother asked.


He nodded and headed for the house, but before he made it to the door, he felt a blast of cold water hit his back. He cringed and turned to see her pointing the gun at him and squirting streams of water his way. He laughed and let her chase him back into the house.




After lunch, Stephen took it easy on the couch, just watching cartoons. His body buzzed with the gentle energy of a day spent in the sun, not feeling quite sunburned but definitely feeling how the sun had soaked into his skin. He had traded his swim trunks for a pair of shorts and a Pokemon T-shirt. He lay there with his legs stretched out straight, enjoying how his feet did not even touch the other armrest of the couch. It felt like he had a bed set up in the living room.


This was one of the best parts of being small, he realized; you got more of everything. A kiddie pool was just a regular pool to him. The furniture was huge to him with seemingly endless amounts of space to spread out on. The food was bigger as well, meaning that a single PB&J sandwich was all it too to fill him up for lunch.


“Hey, Squirt.”


He looked up to see that Niki had just walked into the room, and as with everything else, there was a lot more of her to appreciate. She seemed very tall, even at his current size, so he checked her feet first and saw that she was wearing a white pair of high heeled sandals, which matched her white skinny jeans. Above that, her loose off the shoulder mustard colored crop top blouse left the tanned skin of her belly and shoulders exposed. She wore makeup, but it was subtle enough that most people would miss that she had on any makeup at all. Her blonde hair hung freely down her back.


“Hi,” Stephen said.


“Whatcha doin’?” she asked.


“Just… you know, watchin’ TV.”


“How fun,” she said. “Let me join you.” She walked up to him and turned her back to him. As he wondered what she was doing, she squatted down and sat her sizable butt right on his belly. Stephen groaned under her weight as it pressed him down into the couch, while she got comfortable as if she had not realized she was sitting on top of him. While she was not quite hurting him, it was uncomfortable and slightly painful, and he was struggling to breathe with all of her weight on top of him.


“Niki!” he wheezed. “Get off!”


She ignored him. Instead, she picked up the remote control and changed the channel. Then, she quietly watched the TV.


“P-please,” he said.


“Oh,” she said as if she had just noticed him being crushed beneath her. “Do you not want me sitting on you?”


“No!” he moaned. Though, if he were being completely honest, a part of him was secretly enjoying having her on top of him.


“I didn’t know that. You don’t like this, huh? I suppose, I should have asked first before I messed with your body, right?”




“So, you understand that you should have asked first before squirting me earlier, right?”


“Y-Yes,” he said and groaned. “I understand. I’m sorry.”


She stood up, and he caught his breath again. “Well,” she said, smiling down at him. “I guess kids can learn something over the summer. Make sure you don’t forget it.”


“I won’t,” he said. “Sorry.”


She waved at him and gave a quick, “Bye!” before walking out the front door.


He took a minute or two to stretch and loosen up his back. Then, his mother walked into the hallway. “Did Niki just leave?” she asked.


He grunted. “Yeah,” he said as he settled back down on the couch. “She was all dressed up.”


“Shoot,” she said and looked out the window on the door to check if Niki was still there. “Looks like she’s gone.”


Stephen noticed that his mother was wearing a respectable looking green dress and high heels. Even her hair looked like it had seen a comb. “What’s up?” he asked, wondering if it was possible that she had a date.


“I just checked my calendar,” she explained. “It totally slipped my mind, but I’m scheduled to give a talk at the university tonight. I should be able to improvise something when I get there, but I need someone to watch you while I’m out. Niki would have been my first choice but…”


“You need a babysitter?”


“Yes,” she said. “Someone who is free right now, too. I’ll have to make some phone calls.”


Stephen had an idea. “What about the girl next door?”




“You know,” he said. “Melissa.”

“Oh! The little one with dark hair?” she said. “Is she old enough?”


“She’s Niki’s age,” he said and added, “I think,” when he realized that he could not be sure how old she was in this new reality.


“Okay,” his mother said. “I’ll check with her mother.” She pulled out her phone, made a call, and had a quick polite conversation that ended with. “She’s free? Excellent! Tell her to come over as soon as she can. I’ll pay her well. Don’t worry. Thank you. Bye!”


Stephen smiled. “So, she’s coming over?”


“Yes. Thankfully, she’s free tonight.”


He quietly cheered. He would get to spend the night with Melissa, one of his childhood friends, although now she would be his babysitter. He wondered what that would feel like. Would it be as fun as before they had outgrown their friendship, or would it be as awkward as after they had outgrown it? It was hard to say, but whatever it would be, he knew that it would be interesting.




It was only about 10 minutes later when the doorbell rang. Stephen eagerly answered the front door by himself.


“Hi!” he said.


“Hi,” Melissa said.


It was strange for Stephen to look up at her. Besides that brief time when puberty had given her a height advantage, he had always been taller than her. Though, he was amused to note that he was actually closer to her height at 7 years old than he had been at 18 years old.


She looked great. Thanks to the late babysitting offer, it appeared that she had not dressed for watching a kid but rather to stay cool on a hot day. She wore a pair of short jean shorts and a gray short sleeve crop top. Nothing too provocative, but she was showing off a bit more skin than an average babysitter would. Plus, her chest filled out the crop top nicely.


“Can I come in?” she asked, breaking him out of his trance.


“Oh!” he said, stepping back with a sheepish smile. “Of course. Come in.”


She stepped into the house, and Stephen shut the door. He noticed that she was wearing a pair of yellow Crocs. He had always thought they were ugly shoes, but somehow they suited her. They did give him a good look at her ankles, which were strangely fascinating to him at that moment.


As they waited for his mother, she looked around the front hallway and said, “Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve been in here. Probably not since you were a baby.”


“That was a long time ago.”


“You were such a cute baby,” she said, and gazed off into the distance as she remembered. “I even helped Niki change your diaper once. It was my first time, and, wow, I almost threw up.”


“Uh…” He wondered how he should respond to that.


His mother hurried into the hall and said, “I found my earrings. Oh, hello, Melissa.”


“Hello,” she replied.


“Thank you again for coming on such short notice.”


“It’s no problem,” Melissa said. “I’m always happy to help out with Stephen. He’s a sweetheart.”


Stephen felt himself blushing at Melissa’s compliment. He barely noticed as his mother gave Melissa a note with some instructions. Instead, his heart raced as he looked up at Melissa adoringly. He realized that, in only a few minutes, he developed a crush on her.


His mother ruffled his hair and said, “Have a good night, Squirt, and be good for the babysitter.”

“Uh,” he said. “Sure.”


“He’s in good hands,” Melissa said, gentling placing her hand on his shoulder. “Have a good night.”


“Give me a call if anything comes up,” his mother said.


Everyone said their goodbyes and his mother left. Then, it was just him and Melissa. Alone. Together.


“Well,” she said, taking her hand off of his shoulder. He found himself wishing she had left it there. “How about we watch some TV?” she asked him.


“Yeah,” he said, feeling butterflies in his stomach. She entered the living room, and he followed her to the couch, feeling nervously drawn to be near her.




They sat on opposite ends of the couch as they watched the movie. It was some cartoon that he had never actually watched before, but his mother had told Melissa it was his favorite. Apparently, in this reality he had watched it every day. He tried to pay attention to it, but his eyes kept being drawn back to Melissa.


Stephen had always wondered what a date with her would have been like, but now he had a vague sense that something like that was actually happening. Being babysat by a girl, he realized, is the childhood version of a date for boys. You are alone with her, spending time together, having fun together, eating together, getting to know each other. The only things missing are making out and having sex. Now, here he was with Melissa, on a sort-of date together. Physically, they were a young boy and his grown up babysitter. Mentally, he and she were the same age, and that line between being babysat and being on a date felt very thin to him.


He had the impulse to make a move on her, but he was well aware that he had no “moves” when it came to being with girls, being wholly inexperienced with dating. Plus, there was the little inconvenience that he appeared to be just old enough for grade school. He doubted that his looks would help him in attracting her.


Still, he wanted to get closer to her. Sliding next to her on the couch would be a bit too bold, he decided. Instead, he turned to the side and put his feet up on the couch, bridging some of the gap between them with his bent legs. She did not react, so he took it a step further and straightened his legs until his toes were almost touching her jean shorts. Again, he checked for a reaction from her. Nothing. He let his toes gently rest upon her shorts, feeling the thickness of her body through only a layer of denim.


She turned to look at him, and he immediately drew his feet away and turned his attention back to the movie, pretending that the moment of physical contact had been simply an accident. She said nothing and turned her attention back to the movie as well. In his mind, Stephen was giddy with excitement. He had touched her! Sure, it had been a secret little “accident” of a touch, but that brief contact between them had been thrilling. He could feel his young heart beating and his young dick getting hard.


The couch cushions moved, and he noticed her standing up. “I’m hot,” she said. “Are you hot?”


He nodded.


“I’m going to get a cold snack. Do you want anything?”


His mouth felt dry, but he managed to say, “Ice cream bar.”


She nodded and headed for the kitchen. He watched her leave, his eyes focused on the shape of her ass.


She returned a short while later with an unwrapped ice cream bar in one hand and a red Popsicle in the other. She handed the stick for his ice cream bar to him, and their fingers touched for a moment as he took hold of his dessert. Then, she sat back down on the other end of the couch.


He started to eat his ice cream bar, but stopped when he saw her stick the end of her Popsicle in her mouth. She slid it in and out, making it wet and with her saliva, her glossy red lips wrapped around that icy red cylinder. Just the sight of what she was doing, or what his imagination made her appear to be doing, made his already stiff little member go rock hard. Oh, he thought, to be that Popsicle right now…


He was so focused on her that he dropped his ice cream bar onto his lap. “Shit,” he said as cream got on his shorts.


“Oh my,” she said as he picked up his dessert and they both saw the mess on his shorts. She left the room and returned with a damp paper towel a moment later and proceded to reach for his crotch to clean his shorts.


“Wait!” he said, holding her hand off, not wanting her to accidentally feel his erection. “I’ll take care of it.”


She handed him the towel, and he started to wipe off the mess.


“You might just want to change your shorts,” she suggested.


“Right,” he said, feeling relieved to have a retreat from her for a moment. He got up and went to the kitchen to throw away the paper towel and the melting ice cream bar. Then, he headed upstairs to get changed.




A short while later, Stephen was naked in the bathroom. With the door shut behind him he had removed his shorts to replace them, but then he had just kept stripping. Now, he was standing on a stool and staring at himself in the mirror, admiring his boyish face. It never got old, being back in this young body. As soft and small as he felt, he absolutely adored being a boy. He could stare at his own sweet little face for hours.


He looked down at his hairless crotch and was impressed by how aroused he was even minutes after walking away from Melissa. He was still thinking of her. It was hard not to. And, it seemed he was getting turned on by the whole situation, being a boy, being babysat, being near her. He was living his fantasy, and there was only one way he would normally end this type of fantasy.


“I wonder,” he said, examining his crotch. “Could I… Would it even work?” He figured, if he could get off, at least it would get rid of that embarrassing lump in his shorts.


He tried a simple dry jerk. It was stimulating, but in a dull way, as if he were trying to touch something through oven mitts. The sensitivity was much weaker than it had been when he was older. He tried jerking more vigorously, but that only started to chaffe.


He switched to lotion and squeezed out way too much at first, causing such a slippery mess that became difficult to keep hold of himself. He felt clumsy as his hand kept slipping off. To be fair, though, there was not much to hold on to. Still, he was determined. The pressure was growing. He had to relieve it. He needed a climax.


He got the rhythm down, and it felt better but only slightly. He was making progress, but it was achingly slow. In his mind, in his adult mind, he was just about as aroused as he had ever been, but his young body seemed to be struggling to match it. It felt like a race, and his body was trailing far behind his mind.


“Come on,” he moaned.


His pleasure had reached a plateau. It felt good, but only just so much. If he had been older, this would have been the moment that he would would have come. But, it was not happening. He even doubted that it could happen. It was just not physically possible at this age.


He kept pumping. Nothing. He was getting nowhere. He was only making himself sore.


Still, his mind was racing. Images of Melissa, in various positions, in various states of undress, doing various lewd things to his young body, kept racing through his mind. It was all so intensely erotic that it bordered on painful. It had become more than he could take. He had to finish, if only to put an end to the feelings inside of him, but his body was lacking the ability to finish!


He stood there squirming, feeling like an overcharged battery. The sexual energy in him was large enough for an adult, but his young body felt too small to contain the energy and it was incapable of releasing it. He felt trapped, claustrophobic in his own skin. There was no getting away from the terrible pleasure. No release. His fantasies had become inescapable torture.


“I need help,” he said.


There was a knock at the bathroom door, that caused him to yelp.


“Are you alright in there?” Melissa asked from the hallway.


“Y-yeah,” he said, moving away from the door. “I just… needed to use the toilet.”


“Okay,” she said. “When you’re done, come to the kitchen. Dinner’s here.”


“Right,” he said and stood there waiting as he listened to her walk down the stairs. He kept waiting silently, trying to will away his arousal, trying to think of anything but sex, but it would not go away. “Shit,” he muttered. He was out of time. He had to go downstairs. She was waiting for him and getting concerned. He cleaned up and splashed some cold water in his face. It helped a little, but not much. If it had been his body that was aroused, it would have helped more, but it was his mind that was stuck feeling turned on. He wished there was some way to turn it off.


He got dressed, left the bathroom, and headed down to dinner, still rock hard beneath his shorts.




He ate his pizza without really tasting it. The erotic pleasure building up in his mind was crowding out all other sensations so much that he barely noticed when Melissa spoke to him.


“Wh-What?” he said, in response.


“I said, ‘Are you okay?’”


He looked at her, and his eyes were drawn straight to her boobs like magnets. He closed his eyes. “I’m fine.”


“Are you sure?”


What could he tell her? That she was making him so horny that he could barely think straight? That the need to jerk off was so intense that he wanted to knock himself unconscious to escape the feeling?


“Yeah,” he said. “I’m fine. I’m just… tired. I must have been out in the sun too long today.”


“Would you like to have a bath?”


“What?” he said, outraged. “What!” Was she intentionally trying to torture him?


“Your mother said I could give you a bath if you were comfortable with me doing it. I mean, we don’t have to.”


Now he had that image in his mind on top of all the other ones. He saw her soaping him up. Rubbing her hands over his skin. Touching every inch of his wet body.


He squirmed and felt a bit dizzy. Quietly, he begged for some kind of release.


But, instead of a release, he heard the front door open, and his worst nightmare entered the house. “Hello?” Niki said.


“Hello,” Melissa replied.


Stephen focused on his plate. He doubted he could handle seeing both women together at that moment.


“So,” Niki said. “Babysitting?”


“Yeah,” Melissa said. “Socializing?”


“Yeah,” Niki said. “Bit of a date. Not a good one.”


There was a moment of silence, as the terse conversation ran out of steam.


“Well,” Niki said. “I suppose I’m going to get cleaned up. You two have fun.”


“Okay,” Melissa said. “Later, then.”


Stephen heard Niki walk away, and he breathed a sigh of relief at having avoided adding an image of her to his overactive erotic mind. Then, he heard Melissa get up from her seat and quietly hoped she was leaving the room so he might have a chance to calm down.


“Let me get that for you,” she said as she took his plate. He was startled and looked at her reflexively. She was leaning forward towards him, sticking her cleavage right in his face. He practically fell off his chair trying to retreat from her. “Whoa! Are you alright?”


“I’m f-fine,” he lied, backing out of the room. “I’m just going to… you know, head up to bed,” he said.


“It’s not even 7 p.m.”


“I’m worn out. So… good night.” He ran down the hallway away from her and only slowed down on the stairs to avoid tripping. He was relieved when he made it upstairs, feeling glad to be free from Melissa at last.


That relief ended when he turned to face Niki’s room and witnessed his sister removing her top, revealing her bra. She turned to face him. She was so large, so sexy, and so very nearly naked. It was tame compared to seeing her topless earlier, but at that moment, it was enough. His mind tipped over the edge. He felt lightheaded. Then, the world rotated sideways, the floor racing up to bump against his head. To his relief, he finally lost consciousness.


When he was next aware of the world, it was dark. He was lying on a bed, which he assumed was his own.


“What do we do?” Melissa asked from somewhere nearby. She sounded worried.


“Just let him rest,” Niki said. “I think he’s just tired.”




“You said yourself that he thought he was out in the sun too long.”


“Yeah, but…”


“Don’t worry,” Niki said. “I’ll keep an eye on him. I won’t say anything about this to my mom either. You’ll get paid. No problem.”


“Well,” Melissa said reluctantly, “I suppose that’s fine. You are his sister.”


Stephen closed his eyes as they spoke. He wanted to sleep, but he was still fantasizing uncontrollably. He pictured the two of them. In his mind, their clothes had gone missing. They joined him in bed. They did highly inappropriate things to him. They wanted him to come. He would not come. Could not. They kept trying. He begged them to leave him alone to let him sleep. He felt himself drifting between fantasy and dream, too exhausted to stay awake but too energized to sleep. He felt feverish. At one point, he thought he heard his mother’s voice, but he might have just been imagining it. She joined them in the fantasy, a third woman trying to make him a man and failing but never quitting. He felt like crying. He felt like screaming. Then, he felt consciousness slip away again.




He woke up in the morning sunlight, feeling groggy and confused. It took him almost a minute to figure out that, despite all the toys and cartoon imagery, he was in his own room. With all the jumbled fantasies of the previous night, he had lost track of his new age, thinking that his transformation had been just another unlikely fantasy.


He stretched his arms and legs and immediately noticed his morning wood. He was reminded of erectile dysfunction medication ads with warnings about erections lasting over four hours. He wondered if his body was broken somehow due to the influence of his perverted mind. Immediately, he was filled with a desire to get out of this body.


Being a boy was a dream come true, but it was a limited experience. Lacking the ability to find satisfaction meant that his new body was woefully inadequate to support his mature mind for very long. As fun as his vacation in childhood had been, it had proven to be unsustainable. He needed to go home to his real body.


He left his bed and took a moment to admire his childhood bedroom. He loved it and everything it represented to him, but he knew he needed to give it up. He walked out of his room, down the hallway, and then down the stairs. It seemed that he was up before his mother and sister, so he made his way straight to the basement door, pausing just a moment to appreciate the relative height of the doorknob. Then, he went into the basement, slowly, quietly, checking if his mother was already down there working. The room appeared to be empty.


He approached the wishing machine, feeling both appreciative and a bit resentful of it. It had given him everything he had wished for but had left him unsatisfied, nonetheless. He considered all that the machine had done to him and realized that what upset him most was that it had shown him how unfeasible his fantasies had been all along. There was no good way simply to return to childhood with the mind of an adult, not without extremely awkward consequences. He had to face reality. He had to let go of trying to make the fantasy real.


He flipped on the machine and checked the power level: 100%. It was ready. He was ready too, ready to go back to his normal life for good. His eyes lingered over the photographs on the desk one last time. In particular, he admired the image of himself as a baby in his young sister’s arms. If he had any regrets about giving up on using the machine, it was that he had never gotten to experience life in diapers again. He sighed. “Ah well,” he said, enjoying his young voice one last time. “That’s just not going to happen. Time to go back to reality.”


He positioned himself in front of the touchpad, focused his mind on returning to adulthood, and reached out his hand. For the briefest of moments, just before his skin made contact with the pad, his eyes glanced back at the image of his baby self. Then, his hand rested on the pad, and the machine revved to life again.


Something felt different right away. The room seemed to buzz strangely, as if it were rattling every joint of every shelf and every floorboard of the house above him. His bones seemed to vibrate as well, filling his ears with the sound of his skull reverberating like a dull bell. The energy grew and grew and then erupted from the machine like a bomb. Blasting him off his feet. He felt his body bathed in pure light, and for a moment he could have sworn that his skin was glowing. It tingled and grew warm as if he were full of sunlight. He got to his feet unsteadily and sensed himself starting to change. For a moment, he thought he had begun to fall over again, but then he realized that the falling sensation was caused by his perspective getting lower and lower. He was not growing up. He was shrinking!


“No!” he cried. He reached for the pad and placed his stubby fingers on it and cried, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” with an increasingly squeakier voice. The shrinking did not stop. He watched in horror as the pad seemed to grow taller than him. His tiny hand slipped off of it when it had grown out of his reach. Then, he felt his body grow softer, pudgier, rounder. The sharp edges of maturity melted away, leaving him with the rubbery weakness of approaching infancy. His leg muscles lost the strength to keep him standing, and he dropped in a heap of baby fat to the floor.


The changes slowed to a halt. Then, his clothes reformed into a tiny T-shirt and a diaper. Finally, he settled onto his back and gazed up at the ceiling above him.


He could not believe what had just happened, what he had just done to himself. He looked over at the touch pad. It seemed impossibly high to him now, like it was designed to be used by giants. There was no way he could reach it. He doubted if he could even stand anymore with how feeble his baby body felt.


He needed help. He screamed and tried to shout words, but no words came. His mouth felt wrong, like a shirt he had put on inside out and backwards. None of the muscles did what he wanted them to do. It was clumsy and useless for forming words.


Desperately, he tried calling for help again, but all he managed to do was moan and drool on himself. He was overcome with terror. He began to cry, and then he started to wail. The cries grew louder and more powerful, gaining momentum until his little body seemed to be simply a crying machine, with no other purpose than to produce tears and deafening wails.


“Stephen?” a voice called to him. He looked for the speaker, but his eyes were drowned in tears. “Stephen!”


Giant hands grasped him gently and lifted him into the air. He wanted to see who was holding him, but he could not stop crying. His wailing had become a train of emotion with no brakes.


“It’s okay,” the woman said and rocked him gently in her warm embrace. His body began to calm down, his tears softening to moans and sniffles. He felt safe in these enormous arms. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.”


As the tears dripped away, he saw her face at last. It was Niki, and she was a giantess of a woman. “I’ve got you,” she said, smiling. “My sweet little boy. Mommy has you now. Don’t you worry. Don’t you worry at all. Mommy’s here now.”


As protected as he felt in her arms, he had to disobey her.


He was worried.

Continued in chapter 3.



  1. good story, I like the twist at the end

    • I wanna know when something new is coming out from the site and from Patreon… It’s more than one month there’s no updates!

      • lostandwhatever

        I am working on a few things right now, and I should have something up by the end of the week. Bela will have something new on the Patreon in the next week or so, I think. Unfortunately, a lot of long projects just lined up in a bad way to causer a big gap. We are still here, though. Just be patient a little longer.

  2. Wow, I wonder what will happen next. Will the mother understand her baby somehow used the machine, and test him for intelligence? Will he be able to go back to the machine in the body of a crawling baby? How will be cope with his mature thoughts now that he can’t even expect to have privacy? What others changes may happen? I can’t wait to read more! 😀

  3. lostandwhatever

    Thanks for enjoying the story. There will be more but not very soon. I do think the wait will be worth it.

  4. Very neat that the reality changed to fit his new age by having him the son of his sister, by the way. Family reshuffle and AR make for very neat situations. 😛

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