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Three Little Wishes 2 – by lostandwhatever

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Read the original “Three Little Wishes” here. This chapter was originally published on my Patreon last month.


The coin was underneath a stack of forgotten homework assignments at the bottom of Nathan’s locker. He nearly missed it as he was emptying his stuff into a nearby trash can. It was the last day of school, so he was in a bit of a hurry to get out of the building. Still, the coin caught his eye, even though its tarnished metal blended in with the dirty bottom of his locker. He had never seen it before, and he wondered if someone had slipped it into the locker through one of the vent slots.


He picked it up and turned it over in his fingers. One side had a strange geometric image on it. The other side he read aloud, “Good for three wishes.”


He nervously looked around himself, worried that someone had just heard what he had said. Luckily, the hallway had mostly emptied out. At 13, he knew he would get made fun of for even mentioning something like wishes in front of the other guys. Those kinds of fantasies were for little kids, not him. He was a teenager on his way to 8th grade, much too old for believing in magic.




“I wish…”


“Hey, dude,” called one of his friends. “You coming?”


Nathan hid the coin in his pocket and said, “Yeah, hold on.” Then, he grabbed his bag and skateboard and ran off to join his friends on the way out of school.




Nathan’s phone rang at the skate park shortly after he and his friends had arrived.


After seeing that it was Zoey calling, he almost refused to answer. His sister was going to be babysitting him and his little brother Daniel tonight, and that was already going to be more than enough interaction with her for one day. Still, he wanted to find out why she was calling.


He answered and said, “What’s up?”


“Where are you?” she inquired.


“I’m skating. I’ll be home before dark.”


“Come home now,” she said. “I need to go. You can babysit Daniel.”


“No way,” he said. “The pig is your problem.”


“I’ll pay you.”


“You don’t have enough money. I gotta go.”


He was about to hang up when she said, “What if I gave you some beer?”




“I’ve got a couple of bottles left over from the party I went to last weekend. You want ‘em?”


“I guess,” he said, curious at what it might feel like to be drunk.


“Good,” she said. “Come home and watch Daniel while I’m out, and you can have them both. Mom will be out on her date until much later. You just need to keep Daniel alive and keep the house from burning down. Can you handle that?”


“Sure,” he said. “Where are you going to be instead of babysitting?”


“I’ve got a date tonight too.”


“I’m supposed to keep quiet about that as well, right?”


“Yes,” she said. “We have a deal?”


“Fine,” he said. “Where’s the beer?”


“In the back of the fridge, behind the leftover spaghetti. I’m going now. Don’t leave Daniel alone for too long. Okay?”


“Okay,” he said and Zoey hung up.


Nathan slipped his phone back into his pocket and heard it clink against something metal. He pulled out the old coin and looked at it again curiously. Then, he put it back in his pocket and tried to put it out of his mind. Still, as he rode home on his skateboard, he started brainstorming ideas for wishes, all the while, telling himself how silly and childish he was being.




“Nathan!” cried little Daniel as he raced up to meet his big brother at the front door.


“Hey, kid,” Nathan said. Then, he closed and locked the door behind himself. “You okay?”


“Yeah,” Daniel said. “I was watching a movie.” Then, he added in a conspiratorial whisper, “There were boobies in it.”


Nathan smirked, thinking how his six-year-old brother was going to be getting away with murder tonight. “Sounds fun. Has Zoey left already?”


“Yeah. Why’d she go? I thought she was our babysitter.”


“I’m the babysitter now.”


“But, aren’t you too young?”


“I’m older than you,” he said. “That’s good enough.”


“But, Mom said-”


“Mom won’t care so long as we’re both okay when she gets home. Besides, you get to watch any movie you want while I’m babysitting. Sound good?”


“Okay,” he said, but he still seemed a bit uncertain.


“Just… go back to your boob movie.”


“Okay,” the kid said. “Hey, Nathan?”




“I’m getting hungry.”


“I’ll heat up some spaghetti in a little while.”


“Yay!” Daniel cheered and ran off back to the TV. “Spaghetti night!”


Nathan went upstairs to put his bag and skateboard in his bedroom and then went back downstairs to the kitchen to check in the fridge. When he moved the Tupperware with the spaghetti sauce inside of it, he saw two brown bottles lying sideways behind it.


“Nice,” he said. “Thank you, Zoey.”


As Nathan reheated the spaghetti, he tried to focus more on the beers in the fridge and less on the coin in his pocket. After all, the beers were real, while the coin was just some cheap joke. It had to be. He wanted to drink the beers now, but he had a problem, which took the form of a little ginger boy.


Daniel was frequently a problem. To be fair, it was rarely Daniel’s fault that he became a problem. Still, he made life difficult for other people regardless of why. For one thing, Daniel was Nathan and Zoey’s half-brother, born shortly before the end of their mother’s second marriage. He may have even been the reason the marriage ended.


Although Nathan had been a bit young to understand what the word “heredity” meant at the time, Zoey had explained that it was because of Daniel’s red hair and freckles. Everyone in Daniel’s father’s family had dark hair. Their mother was a blonde, and no one in her family had red hair. Nathan’s hair was blond, and Zoey’s was black. Besides Daniel, there were no redheads at all in their family. In fact, there was no one else they even knew with red hair.


With one exception.


Back before Daniel was born, their mother had been paying a high school boy from down the street to do yard work while Daniel’s father was away on business trips. It so happens that the high school boy had red hair and freckles and a big upturned nose. That boy from down the street had graduated high school and moved away years ago, but Nathan sometimes wondered if he knew that Daniel might be his son.


Since then, Daniel had been a bit of an embarrassment to the family. Rumors went around the neighborhood about the ginger boy that had broken up a marriage. Their mother took the whole situation in stride, but Nathan imagined that she was ashamed of Daniel. Nathan and Zoey were just happy that Daniel was only their half-brother. That seemed to distance them from some of the shame.


Still, both of them felt an impulse to stand apart from their family. Zoey was out and about with her “socializing,” finding popularity with the good looks she had inherited from her mother. Meanwhile, Nathan had found an identity as a skateboarder, somewhat self-consciously growing out his blond hair and wearing baggy clothes to fit the stereotypical skater look.


Poor neglected Daniel seemed unaware of how much they all quietly disliked him. Still, he was not too much of a brat, even though he could be a bit annoying at times with how excited and nosy he could get, always looking for a little attention and not getting enough.


“Is it ready?” Daniel yelled, causing Nathan to jump.


“You scared the shit out of me,” Nathan said as he regained his composure.


“Sorry,” Daniel said. “But, is it spaghetti time?”


Nathan checked the sauce. “Yeah, go take a seat. I’ll fill up a plate for you.”


“Will you cut up the noodles?”


Nathan sighed. “Yes, I’ll cut them up.”


“Thanks!” the boy said and ran over to the table to wait to be fed.


Nathan just reminded himself about the beers. After dinner, Daniel would be busy doing his own thing. Then, Nathan would have a chance to try getting drunk.




After they were done eating, Nathan wiped some splattered spaghetti sauce off of his brother’s face. It was a difficult job as the sauce was easily camouflaged by the freckles that were all over the kid’s skin. The nickname Nathan had given Daniel was “pig” not only because of the boy’s piggy nose, but also because of his tendency to create a mess wherever he went. At least now, he figured that Daniel should be self sufficient for the rest of the night, leaving Nathan with some time alone with the beers.


“Okay,” Nathan said. “You go back to your movies. Just remember don’t agree to pay for anything. Okay?”


“Okay,” Daniel said. “You don’t want to play with me? Zoey would play board games sometimes.”


“I’m not Zoey,” Nathan said. “You just put on the TV.”


“Okay,” Daniel said and left the kitchen.


Once Nathan could hear the TV on in the living room, he retrieved the beers from the fridge and snuck away to the back room of the house. After turning on the TV in there, he twisted off the cap from one of the bottles and sniffed it. He thought that there was a bit of a skunky odor to it, which made him hesitate. Then, he took a sip.


He nearly spit it out immediately. It was disgustingly bitter! He thought that maybe Zoey had tricked him by giving him expired beers, but when he checked the date on the bottle, he found it was supposed to be fresh still. “Gross,” he said, as he realized that this was what so many adults enjoyed drinking. He took another sip. It was not much better tasting than the first, but now he was prepared for the bitter taste. He noticed a bit of a warm sensation from it, despite how cold it was, which reminded him of sipping church wine at communion. That was the alcohol, he realized. “Well,” he said. “I suppose it will be good enough to get me drunk.”


He put on a movie, something with a lot of action and fantastic visuals. Then, he lay down on the couch to watch it as he kept sipping at his first beer, trying to ignore the taste as he felt the alcohol starting to go to his head. It was very relaxing. He started to feel a bit dizzy and spaced out. He kept drinking, and the feeling grew stronger.


As he sat there watching his fantastic movie, his mind drifted back to the fantastic coin in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at it again. “Three wishes,” he said. “What should I wish for?”


He had gotten so tipsy that he did not notice Daniel in the room until the kid asked, “What’re you drinking?”


Nathan was so surprised that he spilled a little of the beer on his chest. “Damn it,” he said. “What do you want?”


“Is that a beer?” Daniel asked.


“No,” Nathan said, but he felt too tipsy to think of a good excuse. “It’s just a… ginger ale.”


“It smells like beer.”


“How would you know what beer smells like?”


“My friend Bobby had a pool party, and I went to it, and the grown ups were drinking beer there.”


“It’s not beer,” Nathan said, trying to keep the bottle out of sight.


“You’re too young for beer,” Daniel stated.


“It’s not beer.”


Daniel thought about the situation for a moment and declared, “I’m telling mom.”


Nathan sat up. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he said. “Hold on a moment.”


“I don’t feel right about you watching me and drinking beer.”


“Hold on,” Nathan said, trying to think of something he could do to stop the pig from tattling on him and ruining his night. Then, he remembered the coin in his hand. “How about I give you a wishing coin?” he said and held out the old coin to his little brother. “See. It’s a real magic coin.”


Daniel looked at the coin with amazement in his wide eyes. “Wow,” he said. “That’s real magic?”


“Yeah,” Nathan lied. “It’s real.”


“Where’d you get it?”


“That’s a secret,” Nathan said, trying to sound mysterious. “But, I’ll give it to you if you keep quiet about the beer. How does that sound?”


“Really,” Daniel said.


“Uh huh,” Nathan replied and held out the coin to Daniel. “Do we have a deal?”


Daniel hesitated a moment and then grabbed the coin from Nathan’s fingers. “Yeah,” he said.


“Good,” Nathan said as he relaxed back down on the couch.


Daniel closed his eyes and said, “I wish…”


“Whoa!” Nathan said, sitting up again. “What are you doing?”


Daniel opened his eyes and said, “I’m making my first wish.”


“Right now?” Nathan said. “You’re going to rush into it without thinking about it first? That’s pretty dangerous.”


“Oh,” Daniel said. “I see.”


“You’ve got to think about a wish for a while, first, before you go making one. That way, you’ll get exactly what you want.”


“Right. Right. That’s smart. Okay,” Daniel said. “I’m going to go think about what I should wish for.”


“Good,” Nathan said, feeling relieved that he had kept up the illusion that the coin was actually magic. “You go think about it. Maybe wait a few days before using the coin.”


“Okay,” Daniel said. “Thank you!” Then, he ran out of the room.


Nathan was relieved to be alone again with his beer. He felt proud of himself for so skillfully deceiving his younger brother. He had even managed it while feeling tipsy. He took another big sip from his beer. It still tasted bad, but he was hating it less and less. Tonight, he decided, was going to be a good night after all.




Daniel turned the magic coin over and over in his little fingers. Every flip brought a new idea for a wish: money, toys, super powers, invisibility, growing giant, shirking tiny… It was too much for him. His mind was racing to the point that it was almost painful. He could do anything, which made it even harder to pick a single thing. He put the coin down on the coffee table.


“I’ll wait,” he said, taking his brother’s advice. “I’ll wait until I really need a wish.”


He lay back down on the couch and tried to focus on the TV again. However, he could not go more than a minute without looking at the coin. He wanted to wait, but it was clear to him that he would make a wish tonight. How could he sleep knowing that he had a magic coin just waiting to be used?


He picked up the coin again and held it clutched in his balled fist, feeling its roundness against his skin as the cold metal warmed up from his body heat.


“I wish…” he said, but no ideas came to him then. He sighed.


He watched the TV, but really he was only staring at the screen, not paying attention to anything that was happening. He zoned out. For how long, he could not say, but it seemed like only a moment later when his brother was standing in the room calling his name.


“What?” Daniel said.


Nathan said, “I told you it’s time to go to bed.”




“Yes,” Nathan said and took another sip from his beer bottle. “It’s past your bedtime. Go to bed.” He swayed a little as he waited for Daniel to move.


Daniel opened his fist and looked at the coin again. He still wanted to make a wish before he went to sleep. Besides, it was too early for sleep, and Nathan had not played with him at all. Suddenly, he felt angry. After suffering years of feeling neglected and ignored, he had finally had enough of it.


“No,” Daniel said, surprising himself with his own defiance. “I want to stay up. I want us to play together.”


“What?” Nathan said, momentarily regaining focus from his drunken stupor.


“I said, ‘No.’ I’m not going to bed.”


“You don’t get to choose. I’m babysitting, and I say you need to go to bed. Now, go.” He waved the bottle towards the stairs.


“No,” Daniel said, gripping the coin in his fist again. For once, he was being disobedient, and he was starting to like it. “Why do you get to order me around? You’re just a kid too.”


“Well, I’m older than you, so I get to order you around. That’s how it works.”


Daniel groaned. “Yeah, well…. I wish I was someone who could order you around.”


He gasped when he realized what he had said. For a moment, he wondered if it had worked. Then, he felt his body begin to tingle as it started growing, removing any doubt about the power of the coin.


He felt his legs stretch out from him, sliding his feet down the couch. His body became thicker, heavier, while his clothes increasingly constricted against him. Although, when they felt like they would tear apart, they began to grow as well. Daniel could feel himself getting older, his muscles getting stronger, his body feeling more powerful.


But, there was something else strange happening as well. He felt his hair growing longer as he felt his pee pee shrank smaller. When his body had become too long for the couch, he had to bend his knees. Meanwhile, he felt a swelling on his chest. Two mounds of fat were gradually inflating under his shirt. “Boobies,” he whispered.


At that point, his body stopped growing taller and started getting thicker instead. His ass and hips spread out wider. His chest ballooned out larger and larger. Although he would not have been able to say why, he could feel himself getting older still. There was a general sense of time accumulating on his skin as it went from soft to tough. Then, he felt the changes slow to a halt, and his body settled into its new shape.


Neither of them said a thing. They were both too stunned by what had happened to speak at all.


“Wow,” Daniel said, hearing a mature and definitely female voice come from his own mouth, as he gazed down at the mounds under his shirt made by his own enormous breasts. “I’m a woman.”


“What the hell?” Nathan said. “You… you turned into Mom!”


“What?” Daniel said. “I’m Mom?” His voice did sound similar to hers now. He needed to see his body, so he decided to examine himself in a mirror. He sat up on the couch, feeling the new weight on his body reorient itself as gravity pulled on the heavy parts. He stood up and wobbled a bit, feeling momentarily dizzy by his new height. He was even taller than Nathan, who backed away from him fearfully when Daniel walked towards him.


The full-body mirror that hung on the wall near the door reflected back the image of their mother. She was wearing an adult-sized copy of Daniel’s T-shirt and shorts. Daniel waved at the mirror, and the reflection of their mother waved back. He smiled. Mom smiled back. He turned sideways to check out the roundness of his butt and the size of his breasts. It was an amazing body. Maybe a little too heavy, but still very feminine and curvy. He cupped his breasts and felt their weight in his hands.


“Stop that!” Nathan said, causing Daniel to jump. He had gotten so lost in playing with his mom’s body that he had nearly forgotten his brother was still there. Daniel looked at his brother who looked back up at him while failing to hide the mixture of fear and disgust on his face.


“Why should I stop?” Daniel replied, confidently. He no longer felt intimidated by a 13-year-old boy. In fact, he found it a little funny to think of a kid trying to order around his own mother. “It’s my body. I can do what I want with it.”


“Listen to me!” Nathan said as Daniel turned his attention back to exploring his mother’s body. “We’ve got to turn you back to normal, now. Where is the coin?”


Daniel stopped and checked his pockets. “I don’t know,” he said. “I guess I dropped it?”


Nathan groaned and set his beer down on the floor. Then, he began searching on the floor next to the couch. Not finding the coin there, he began pulling cushions off the couch and tossing them on the floor. He even got out his phone and turned on its flashlight to examine the base of the couch.


Daniel was amused to see Nathan looking so desperate, but he was also a bit annoyed. “Hey,” Daniel said. “It’s my coin now. You don’t get to use it unless I say you can.”


“Who cares who it belongs to?” Nathan said as he kept searching.


“But… you traded it with me, so I would keep quiet about your beer.”


“I didn’t know it could actually grant wishes.”


“But… you said it could. You lied to me?”


Nathan sighed. “So what if I did? You were annoying me like you always do. Then, you had to act like a little tattle tale. So, I made up a story just to keep you distracted.”


“You think I’m annoying?” he said, feeling like he might start crying.


“You just have to be a problem for everyone all the time. Like, I can’t even have a drink without you turning yourself into a woman.”


Daniel took a step forward and felt something cool on the carpet. Lifting up his mom’s big foot, he found the coin on the ground. He picked it up while Nathan kept searching around the couch. “You know,” Daniel said. “I just wanted you to like me, to play with me. The other kids don’t want to play with me much. They call me names. It’s not fair.”


“Well,” Nathan said. “Sorry that your life sucks. That isn’t my problem, though.”


“Maybe you would care if you knew what it felt like.”


Nathan looked back at Daniel and said, “What are you talking about?” Then, he noticed the coin in Daniel’s hand. “Wait!”


“I wish you were me,” Daniel said.


“No!” Nathan cried and lunged for the coin in Daniel’s hand, but Daniel pulled his hand away and lifted it high into the air, holding the coin out of Nathan’s reach. “Give it back!” Nathan demanded and was shocked to hear his voice sounding higher than normal. He stood still and felt his body continue to move, sinking downwards slowly as his height melted away. He looked down at himself as his clothes grew baggier for a moment. Then, they started shrinking right along with the rest of him. He noticed the hair framing his face grew shorter and more orange. “No!’ he said, hearing his voice sounding even more childish. “Make it stop! Anything but this!” He looked back up at Daniel and was terrified to see how big his “mom” appeared to be compared to him now. Then, the shrinking stopped.


Nathan saw something orange in the mirror from the corner of his eye. When he turned to look into the mirror, he saw Daniel’s 6-year-old freckled face looking back at him. He approached the mirror slowly as the reflection of his red-headed, pig-nosed brother walked towards him, wearing a kid-sized version of his skater clothes. It was a good imitation of Nathan’s style. All that was missing was the long blond hair. The boy looked as horrified as Nathan felt. “Oh god,” he said in Daniel’s voice as the boy in the reflection mouthed the same words, seemingly mocking him. “I really turned into the pig.”


“I’m not a pig!” Daniel said, and Nathan cringed away from the woman standing near him.


“S-sorry,” Nathan said, feeling too terrified to even speak clearly. “I-I… We need to… uh…”


“How does it feel?” Daniel asked.




“How does it feel to be Daniel?”


“I’m… scared,” Nathan admitted. “I need help. Wait!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He would call for help. He pressed his thumb to the touch pad, but the phone did not unlock. “No,” he said, realizing the problem. He no longer had his old fingerprints. He was stuck with Daniel’s useless thumbs. He tried to remember the password that he rarely used, but before he could, Daniel snatched the phone out of his little fingers. “Hey!” he cried.


“You’re too young for a phone now,” Daniel said and slipped the phone into his own pocket.


“Give it back!” Nathan demanded, as he reached for Daniel’s pocket, but his brother easily pushed him away with his adult strength.


“No!” Daniel said. “You’re not getting it back.”


Nathan could only groan in impotent frustration, as he gave up trying to struggle against Daniel.


“You’ve been a bad boy,” Daniel said, trying to take on his mother’s most scolding tone of voice. “I should give you a spanking for drinking that beer earlier.”


Nathan cringed. “You…” he said. “You wouldn’t. No.”


“I would,” Daniel said with a smirk. “But, I don’t want to be mean. I think I’ll just give you a time out. You can stay in the body of your little brother until you learn your lesson. How about that?”


“T-thanks?” Nathan said, not really knowing how to respond.


“Now,” Daniel said, glancing at the clock. “It’s after your bedtime. Go to your room, Daniel.”


Nathan was confused about what room he was meant to go to. Did Daniel want him in his room, or did he want him in Nathan’s room? Nathan was seriously regretting all the beer he drank. Now that the adrenaline following the transformation was wearing off, he was feeling even woozier than before. It seemed that the alcohol in his system had not shrunk with the rest of him, leaving him a drunk 6-year-old boy.


“Well?” Daniel said, enjoying his new authority. “Get going!”


Nathan stumbled to the stairs and crawled up them on all fours just to escape the terror of his little brother in his mother’s body.


“And, brush your teeth!” Daniel cried.


Nathan ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind himself. He started pacing around the room chanting “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God…” He stopped after a little while after getting annoyed by hearing his brother’s voice.


He flipped on the lights, and his eyes were drawn to the toothbrushes. He thought about the order his brother had given him. There were three of them. One was his sister’s. One was his. One was his brother’s. In his drunken stupor, he started to wonder if he actually should brush his teeth. But, which brush should he use, if he did? If he used his own brush, his usual one, then he would be putting his brush into his brother’s mouth, his current mouth. If he used his brother’s brush, then it would be going in the right mouth, but that would mean that he was admitting that he was his brother right now.


There was a stool in the bathroom that his brother would use to reach the sink. Nathan moved it to the sink and stood on it to look at himself in the mirror. Some part of him wanted to see his new face again, as if it would be easier to confront this new reality if he could look it in the eyes. However, the eyes that looked back at him from the ginger boy’s face were a pale blue, much different from his usual brown. It bothered him to think that his eyes were not his own, that nothing about him was his own anymore. He felt like a stranger trespassing in his own body.


“Fuck!” he said with his brother’s voice. It was cute to hear his little brother swear. “Motherfucker cocksucker!” Very cute. He hated it. He did not want to sound cute.


A wave of dizziness hit him. He leaned forward and braced himself with his hands against the edge of the sink. It seemed that the alcohol was really going to his young head. He started to feel ill.


For a moment, he wondered what it would feel like to throw up as a different person. Then, he knew.


His stomach emptied and filled the sink with a mixture of beer and bile and spaghetti.


It felt terrible coming out, but it felt good when it was gone. He moaned and spit and turned on the water to clean out the mess. As the puke slowly rinsed away, he wondered about it. That had been the food he had eaten and the beer he had drunk, but the saliva dripping from his lips was from this body, his brother’s body. That was his brother’s saliva in his mouth. The thought grossed him out enough that he heaved up a little more bile into the sink.


When his stomach had settled again and he had gotten some water in his mouth to rinse it out, he felt a bit better. He tried to wash off his face in order to clean up what was left. It took a minute for him to realize that he was attempting to wipe off the freckles along with the puke. Unfortunately, that was something that would not wipe away.


He shut off the sink and told himself, “Just don’t think about it. Try to figure out what to do next instead.”


He nodded and was careful not to look into the mirror again as he towelled off his face  and got down from the stool.


Then, as if his new body hated the idea of being ignored, he felt his bladder getting full. He had to pee. As much as he wanted to avoid dealing with what was in his pants now, he could not risk peeing in them. That would mean he would have to replace his pants, which would mean he would have to go into his brother’s room and put on his brother’s clothes. Just the thought of doing that made him shiver with disgust.


He opened up the seemingly much larger toilet bowl lid and unzipped his pants. After a moment’s hesitation, he lowered his underwear and averted his eyes. He crossed his arms for further protection from peeking at what was happening below and let it all happen hands free. He could not help but peek for a moment, just to check that the stream was hitting the right spot. It was then that he noticed the freckles on his hairless arms. He had no doubt that he was just as hairless and maybe even as freckled down below as well. Again, that intense feeling of being in the wrong body hit him. He tried not to think about whose pee it was that was going into the toilet or where it was coming from. He tried not to think about the future he might face in this body. He could only avoid dealing with certain things for so long. Eventually, he would have to pick a toothbrush to put this mouth to clean its baby teeth. He would have to clean this freckled skin all over, even down there. He would have to wipe this freckled butt after it did a freckled poop.


Then, he thought about all the things he had lost. Puberty had just begun, and he had only just discovered how fun it could be in some ways. That was over and would be over for years to come. High school had felt so close, and now it was nearly a decade away from him again. He thought about suffering through grade school once more. He thought about being trapped as the red headed kid he had always despised for years and years to come.


He stopped peeing. He pulled up his underwear and shorts and tried not to think of the dampness against his skin. Neither the dampness or the skin belonged to him. Nothing belonged to him anymore except his mind, and even that felt small and helpless trapped in his brother’s body.


He started to hyperventilate. A momentary panic attack rushed over him as he began to feel claustrophobic, as if this boy body was squeezing the life out of him. He wanted to claw his skin off to get out of it. He wanted to escape from Daniel, but there was no way out. He was encased inside of Daniel down to the bone, trapped in the prison of his flesh.


He slumped to the floor and pulled his knees up to his chest. Then, he started rocking back and forth, chanting, “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening…”




Downstairs, Daniel had his shirt off and was playing with his mother’s breasts. They felt good, better than he thought they would feel. He felt their weight in his hands. He squeezed them until they hurt. They were so soft, and the nipples were almost too sensitive.


He remembered seeing a baby breastfeeding once. He wondered if he had breastfed from these nipples when he was a baby. He lifted up one breast to his face and wrapped his mother’s lips around his mother’s nipple. No milk came out, and his neck started to get sore after a little while.


He lay back down on the couch, leaving his shirt off and letting his mommy breasts spread out flat against his chest. He started to wonder what other stuff he could do with his mother’s body. He supposed that he could go somewhere and pretend to be her. But, where would he go? He was scared to leave the house alone, even if he did look like an adult. Ultimately, he decided to just watch some more TV with an occasional bit of boob play.




After the panic had abated, Nathan just stared off into the distance, not thinking, not feeling, just zoning out, mentally escaping the world for a while. Then, gradually, he regained his composure. He began to realize that things were not as hopeless as they seemed. The coin was still downstairs with Daniel. If he could just get it from Daniel… It would be hard to do. There was no way that he could take it from Daniel by force. Daniel was a grown woman now, and he was only a little boy. Still, if he was sneaky enough… It was risky, but he was done with just sitting around freaking out. He refused to just give up and accept this situation. He had to do something. He would have to sneak down there and take the coin somehow.


He stood up and felt immediately depressed by how much less “up” he had now. He shook off the negativity and focused his attention on his mission. He had to get the coin, no matter what. He shut off the lights and opened the bathroom door slowly, quietly. Then, he proceeded to sneak downstairs.


When he reached the first floor, he silently snuck a peek into the living room and looked away quickly in disgust. Daniel, in the body of their mother, was laying on the couch topless, watching TV. Nathan took a deep breath and headed towards the living room, trying to keep from looking at his mother’s breasts. Thankfully, Daniel was laying at an angle that put Nathan behind his head, which meant Nathan was able sneak up to the couch unnoticed.


Peeking over the armrest behind Daniel’s head, Nathan saw his brother holding his phone and trying to unlock it. His brother was having no luck, though, so he put the phone down on the coffee table. Then, Daniel took the wishing coin out of his pocket and started to turn the coin over and over in his womanly fingers.


Nathan waited, hoping that Daniel would put the coin down again or drop it, maybe. Daniel only closed his fist around the coin and sat watching the TV in silence. Then, Nathan looked at his phone on the coffee table. It was just sitting there, unnoticed. Realizing that the coin was out of his reach for now, Nathan decided that his best option was to call for help. If he could get his sister or his mother to come home, then they might be able to talk some sense into Daniel. All he would need was his phone.


Nathan crept around the side of the couch closer to the coffee table and carefully reached for the phone. Daniel shifted on the couch, and Nathan withdrew his hand and prepared to run away. However, after a moment of silence, Nathan realized that Daniel had not seen him, after all. He reached for his phone again, grabbed it and silently lifted it from the table and pulled it back to his hiding spot. He tiptoed away into the kitchen and tried to open the phone again.


Of course, using the thumb print with Daniel’s thumbs was useless, but Nathan did manage to remember his password after a minute. Then, he started to make a phone call but stopped immediately. He could not risk Daniel hearing him talk in the kitchen. Instead, he typed out a quick text message to his sister, deciding that he might be able to get Zoey’s help with this mess and sort everything out before their mother came home. That way, he might avoid getting into any trouble at all.


At first, he started to type out a message explaining everything that had happened, but he erased that after realizing that she would not believe a magic coin had transformed her brothers. Instead, he simply typed, “zoey, come home now! big problem with daniel.”


Her text reply buzzed in seconds later, “what? what’s wrong?”


“i need you here,” he typed and tried to think of a believable story. “you see…” he started to explain.


But, before he could type anything else, he heard his mother’s voice say, “What are you doing in here?”


He turned around to see a fully clothed Daniel standing behind him, looking particularly unhappy.


“W-wait!” Nathan said. “I can explain. I…”


Daniel snatched the phone out of Nathan’s hands. “I told you you were too young for this. I told you to go to bed.”


“S-sorry,” Nathan stammered and looked at Daniel’s other fist to see if his brother was holding the magic coin.


Daniel grunted. “I should just turn you into something that can’t use a phone, like a dog or a cat. I always wanted a pet.”


“No!” Nathan cried. “Please don’t. Please!”


“I bet you would make a pretty cute frog.”


“Daniel. I’m begging you. Don’t do that. I’ll do anything you want. I swear. Just don’t turn me into an animal.”


Daniel looked down at Nathan, fantasizing about potential pets for a moment. Then, he sighed and said, “Fine. You can stay human, but you don’t get to say another word all night. You understand.”


“Y-” Nathan started to reply, but then he nodded instead.


“Not a single word out of you unless I say you can speak. If I hear one word, then you’ll be walking on all fours from now on.”


Nathan nodded again.


“Good,” Daniel said. “Now, stay in the living room with me if you won’t go to sleep.” He gestured towards the hallway and Nathan walked that way out of the kitchen with Daniel following him into the living room.


Nathan felt like crying, but he maintained his composure, knowing that he had managed to send at least one text to Zoey. He just hoped she would be home soon, and that she would be able to deal with Daniel when she got here.




Sitting in the passenger seat of her date’s car, Zoey put her phone back in her hand bag and groaned in frustration.


“What’s the matter?” her date asked as he rested his arm across her shoulders.


“Take me home,” she said, shrugging off his arm.


“What?” he said. “But I thought we were going to-”


“Not tonight,” she said. “Just take me home.”


“Why? What happened?”


“It’s my stupid brothers,” she said. “I left the older one in charge while I was away. It looks like something happened. He’s not replying anymore. Something’s wrong.”


“Oh,” he said, sounding disappointed. “Well, maybe you could just call your mom. Let her deal with it.”


“No!” she said, shocked at his stupidity. “She’ll ground me until I graduate if she found out I left them home alone. I can’t let her know about this.”


Now, it was his turn to groan in frustration. “Well, maybe you could… we could just… you know… really quick?”


She sighed again. “Just drive,” she said.


He sighed and started his car.


As Zoey rode home with her date, she found herself feeling alternately worried and angry. She was worried that something bad had happened to her brothers, primarily because it would mean that she was about to be in big trouble with their mother. Then, she was angry that she was cutting her date short. She really liked this guy. He was hot and had an awesome car. Already, she had decided that he would be the one. Despite her reputation, she had never gone all the way with any guy. At last, she felt ready to give up her virginity, but now that would have to wait, which left her angry at her stupid brothers for ruining her plans.


“This had better be important,” she muttered to herself.




When Zoey opened the front door of her home, she was surprised to find a woman who she thought was her mother laying on the sofa, wearing a casual T-shirt and shorts. The woman sat up suddenly, looking worried, and said, “You’re home.”


Zoey shut the door behind herself and said, “Listen, Mom, I can explain.”


“Mom?” Daniel said, sounding confused. “Oh, yeah!” He looked down at himself. “I’m Mom.”


Zoey thought her “mom” was acting a bit strange. “What’s up with you?” she said. “Are you drunk?”


Daniel did his best impression of their mother’s most stern tone of voice. “I am the one asking questions now, young lady. Where have you been?”


Zoey sighed, realizing that there was no point hiding what she had done. She walked into the living room and noticed a boy who she thought was Daniel, sitting on a chair, looking at her nervously.


“Well?” the actual Daniel prompted her. “Explain.”


“I went out with some friends. I left Nathan in charge to watch Daniel. He’s already old enough to be home alone. I thought he could handle it. I’m sorry.”


“What about the beer?” Daniel asked, crossing his arms.


“What beer?” Zoey replied, pretending that she knew nothing about it.


“The beer Nathan was drinking.”


“I don’t know anything about any beer. Ask Nathan about it if he was drinking it. Though, I don’t think you should believe a word he says. I bet he’d say anything to keep out of trouble.”


The boy across the room grunted and gave her a resentful look.


“Where is Nathan now, anyway?”


“He’s around,” Daniel said and gave Nathan a threatening look. The boy kept quiet.


“What’s up with Daniel?” Zoey asked, gesturing towards Nathan.


“He’s been naughty,” Daniel said. “He’s not allowed to talk.”


Zoey looked impressed. “Wow, you managed to keep him quiet. That’s something.”


“What do you mean?” Daniel said.


“I mean,” she said. “The kid never shuts up. He’s always butting in and bothering Nathan and me. And… well, I don’t want to say any more with him sitting there.”


“Say it,” Daniel said, looking sad. “He should know what you really think about him.”


Zoey sighed, “He’s a little pest, honestly. Like, I don’t hate him or anything, but I’m sick of having to deal with him. Everyone knows Daniel broke up your last marriage, and it’s just embarrassing to have him around.” She looked at Nathan who was shaking his head worriedly as if to warn her to stop. “Sorry, kid. It’s not your fault, but that’s how it is.” Zoey looked back at the woman sitting on the sofa and saw her wiping away a single tear.


“I see,” Daniel said. “Well, I’m sorry about that, but you could’ve been a little nicer to him.”


“Whatever,” Zoey said. “I’m in trouble now, right? What’s the punishment going to be?”


Nathan stood up and started to walk towards them. He stopped when Daniel lifted his fist and gave Nathan another threatening look. The boy stood there silently, unable to do anything but watch it all happen.


“You left Daniel in danger,” Daniel said. “And, you were mean to him. I think you deserve to know what it feels like to be him.”


“What do you mean?” she asked.


“I wish you were Daniel.”


“No!” Nathan cried, but he was too late.


Zoey felt herself slipping downwards as if she were falling. She looked at her feet and realized that she was still standing upright. Somehow, though, her feet seemed to be getting closer to her. Her clothes felt loose for a moment, then they contracted to fit her shrinking body. “What’s happening?” she cried and heard her voice crack up an octave.


She dropped down backwards through a growth spurt and felt her curvy body become flatter all over. Her butt, her breasts, and her hips all shrank away, leaving her with the slim figure of a young girl. At the same time, she felt something growing in her crotch. Her genitals turned inside out. Then, the changes stopped, and she stood there, looking around a seemingly much larger room, feeling confused and horrified by what had just happened to her.


She touched her flat chest and felt no sign of her breasts, although she could tell the bra was still there beneath her shirt, clinging uselessly to her like a little girl’s swimsuit top. She put a hand on her crotch and gasped at what she felt. She pulled her hand away as if it had just touched something burning hot. “Ew!” she said. “I’ve got a… It’s a…”


“A dick?” Daniel asked her.


“What did you do to me?” she squealed at him furiously.


Daniel pointed to the mirror near the door and said, “See for yourself.”


She ran over to it and shrieked when she saw her reflection. A young kid was looking back at her. The kid still wore the same top and skirt that she had put on for her date, only the clothes were shrunk down to kid size. The kid was even wearing a little pair of high heels. She still had her makeup on, but the kid in the mirror looked a bit silly with dark lipstick and eyeshadow. “I’m a kid!” she said, and then she noticed the short red hair and the hint of freckles beneath her foundation. “No! Oh no! I’m Daniel!” She covered her cheeks with her little hands, trying to hide the truth from her eyes, but she could not hide the hair.


“Actually, I’m Daniel,” said the woman who looked like their mother. “And, the other Daniel over there is actually Nathan.”


“What?” Zoey said looking over at the identical boy that was approaching her. He did appear to be wearing the kind of skater clothes that Nathan liked. “Nathan?”


“It’s me,” he admitted and then blurted out, “I found this coin. I didn’t think it was real. I gave it to Daniel when he was going to tattle on me. I’m sorry. I messed up big time.”


“What?” Zoey said. “What coin? What are you talking about?”


“This coin,” Daniel said, opening his hand and showing them the tarnished magic coin.


Before anyone could stop him, Nathan snatched the coin out of Daniel’s hand and said, “I wish we were all back to normal!”


They all froze and waited a moment to see if something would happen to them. Nothing did.


Daniel checked the coin in his hand and gasped when he read what was inscribed on it now.


“What is it?” Zoey said. A stunned Nathan simply handed the coin to her, and she read the words out loud, “‘All wishes granted’ … What?”


“He used the last wish,” Nathan said, sounding ready to cry. “We’re stuck like this.”


Zoey shook her head in disbelief. “No,” she said. “This is impossible. I’m dreaming. This can’t be real.” She looked back at the mirror and saw Daniel’s body staring back at her, wearing her clothes and her makeup, looking like a mockery of the teen she had been. She thought about her date, about losing her virginity. She realized that she no longer even had the right body parts to do that with him now. “Oh my God!”


“It’s okay,” Daniel said, trying to cheer them up. “You get to grow up again. You can get A’s in all of your classes.”


Zoey and Nathan looked at each other with horror in their eyes as they both realized they were about to be stuck in kindergarten again. They would have to go through grade school all over again.


In a sudden fury, Zoey shoved Nathan, and he fell onto his butt. “Why’d you do that?” Nathan asked.


“This is all your fault!” she screamed at him. “You gave a 6 year old a wishing coin. What kind of idiot are you?”


Nathan stood up and shoved her back, causing her to stumble back against the mirror behind her. “You were supposed to be babysitting us! None of this would’ve happened if you were doing your job. Stupid!”


She grunted at him and grabbed him by the hair, screaming “Idiot!” at him. He grabbed her hair right back, screaming “Stupid!” back at her. They started grappling with each other. However, neither of them was able to do much damage to the other one. Being identical now meant that they were evenly matched in every way.


“Guys,” Daniel said. “Cut it out. It’s not that bad.”


The two of them ignored him and dragged each other down onto the floor. They kept on fighting, rolling around at Daniel’s feet.


It was at that moment that the front door opened, and their actual mother stepped into the house. “I’m home,” she said before she saw her children. Then, she stood there in utter confusion watching what seemed to be two Daniel’s wrestling on the floor beneath an exact doppelganger of herself.


Her doppelganger gave her a nervous wave and said, “Hi, Mom. Uh… How was your night?”


Their mother fainted, and, really, who could blame her?



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