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Things going on…

Hello, September, hello Autumn, hello Folks!

Yes, it’s been a few days when last time I wrote you some updates here but as you can see in the title, work is going on really hard. The last few days was mostly for my Patreon Page , I was doing some updates and reorganized it a little bit to serve more ppl need. Now, there are more opportunity for those who would like to support my work, or looking for some exclusive deals for commisions. If you are interested in it but you are not part of the supporters, you can visit my Patreon site here !

Other news is that I’m making some website updates nowdays but most visible is the new page called: “Commissions” I don’t think it needs too much explanation, so if you are looking for some personal comic with my style just check out the Commission page and send me a mail! 😉

“So what about the comics??! Where are they?!! We want more!!!”


And you guys are absolutely right. I want you to know that now there is around 10 short/long comics what are waiting to publish! Yeah I was in the spirit in the last few days! So they will come for today, there are two pices, one is another short part for “The Bet ” and a new TG Comic called “Care More 

Also for this month, we will give you the new September Contest, a new series what I promised you before, and probably a new Premium Series aaaand if everything is okay, another new standalone Premium Comic, plus our Summer Contest’s winner’s comic request: lost whatever.  So a lot’s of thing is going in the background even if you can’t see too much post around here! This week I will give you as much as possible.

One more thing… As AgeArts is growing, probably there will be a domain change because can’t handle all the thing here. As you can see the site can be really slow sometimes and it drives me crazy! So I’m planning to move it to another host but I will give out the word before I do it so all of you can aware of the situation.


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