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Therapist Revised

Today, I brought you a very interesting comic. This was made waaay back in the early of this year but I’ve waited long time to relase it… why? Well it was something I started to make just for fun when I’ve started to get interested in the bimbo stories and comics. This was part of that era but never really thought about what kind of story should I put together for this story… It was in the ‘back yard’ for some time than, ARWander started to think about an idea for it.

It was a great but still strange idea for me. The problem was that it was more than a story than a comic. I thought it would stand better than a story alone but than again, when I’ve red it I see that maybe it would stand, but it has nothing what I would call AR/AP or a Bimbo story… After some adjustments Wander gave born to a shorter version of the story what you can see now. It is still more text heavy but I think the idea now came through so it is ready to be shared. I wouldn’t call this our best work but this can happen when you create something without any goal! 😉

I still think it is an iteresting one so give it a shot and tell me your opinons!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, this weeks other update, click here to read the “Family Tradition” comic! 🙂


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