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The Witch’s Power

Bailey, Shelby, and Zanna, Three little innocent Elementary School girls.

Bailey with Bright red hair and freckles, her hair kept up in pigtails.

Shelby, blonde, always had a plastic headband on. And dark-rimmed glasses.

Zanna, a black girl with poofy dark hair.
No one would suspect that they were in fact, Witches.

Well…witches in training that is. They did not have their full powers yet, which had to be earned from their Coven.

The Coven in which Bailey’s mother was the leader. She’d always pushed her daughter to harden than other Young Withes. Because she wanted her to be the best of them.

“You’ll be the best of us one day Bailey! You and you’re friends.” Assured Alara to her daughter.
“I have foreseen it in a vision.”

Bailey wondered what that all meant for her. But she promised to make her mother proud. And her father, if he could see her right now.
Ben was a shy boy and didn’t have many friends. That was until he befriended the girls. Bailey, Zanna, and Shelby took a quick liking to Ben.

He was a nice boy, that didn’t go much for other boys at school.

One day while he was sitting alone at lunch, the three girls sat with him. Asking if he wanted company. He nodded and they all talked with him.

Since then they’d hang out often. Becoming quick friends. Something Ben had never had much luck with.

Ben lived with his stepsister and stepmother. Both were very horrid women. They abused Ben on a daily basis. Making him clean, cook, do every possible chore, he was a slave to them. They would beat him to, on many occasions.  Ben would run away but he had nowhere else to go..

Maybe with one of the girls. But they’d never told him where they live. They simply said that they cant.

Ben longed for a life away from all of this, but he didn’t know what to do.
Bailey, Shelby, and Zanna were doing their homework, both human homework, and magic homework. Practicing spells, doing division and fractions, making things levitate with what little magic they currently had.

“Hey guys, I’ve been thinking…” Bailey said.
“About what?” asked Zanna.

“I want to tell Ben about us. I want to tell him we’re witches,” said Bailey.
Zanna and Shelby looked at each other.
“Um, what? Bay! We can’t!” Shelby replied. “It’s against our rules!”

“You mom would kill you, and us if she ever found out!” Zanna added.

“I know it’s just…He’s our friend and I think he should know. Plus I hate lying and I know you two do as well.” Bailey added.

Shelby thought about it. “Friends don’t lie! That’s what we all agreed on when we were little.”

“We’re still little.” remarked Zanna.

Eventually, Shelby and Zanna gave up and agreed.
The girls made their way to Ben’s house. They went up to the front door. Zanna got ready to knock on the door when they heard screaming inside the house.

“What’s that?” asked Shelby.
“Let’s take a look,” Bailey said.

They all held hands and Bailey put her hand to the door. This gave them the power to see and listen through walls.

Inside, they could see a faint image of Ben on the floor crawling away. Next to him was a broken lamp.

“That was a present you little shit!” Screamed Pamela, Ben’s stepmother.
“I..I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” cried Ben, he had bruising on his face.

“GOD you’re such a pussy!” said Nastya, his stepsister. She was standing next to her mother egging her on.

“Come on! Get up!” yelled Pamela. She grabbed Ben by the shirt and lifted him up, only to slap him once more.

“You’ll be a good boy and remember to tell everyone you fell down the stairs.” Nastoya said.

Before either of them could do anything else, the front door broke open. Bailey ,Zanna , and Shelby came rushing in.

“That’s enough!” yelled Bailey.

“What?! When the hell did you little brats do to our door?!” cried Nastoya. “Get the hell out!”

“No! We won’t let you hurt our friend!” screamed Zanna.

This caused Pamela to laugh. “You won’t what…why don’t you three girls just go home. Ben here only fell that’s all.” she said trying to sound innocent.

“That’s a lie!” said Shelby.

“Awww look Benny, you little girlfriends are here to rescue you!” Nastoya said in a baby voice.

“What are you three going to do? Cute us to death?”

The two women laughed. And before they could do anything else….

Bailey, Zanna and Shelby all held their hands up at Pamela and Nastoya. They suddenly stopped laughing.

“Oh? Wha…I feel really weird.” said Pamela.
“Yeah…I don’t um…ahhh!” Nastoya groaned.

The three girls eyes glowed as mist emerged from their hands and shot at the two wicked women.

Ben just backed up against the couch and watched. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Soon both his step mom and sister were covered in mist, then moments later, screaming could be heard. Along with the sound of cracking bones and some kind of stretching noise.

“We won’t let you hurt anyone ever again!” yelled Bailey.

About a minute later and the mist cleared. The little witches put their hands down.

Standing where Pamela and Nastoya once were, were two old and ugly hags. They both had hunchbacks and were fat, their faces hideous, they looked like they could be 100 years old.

They looked at each other and screamed in terror. Ben’s eyes were just open wide. Yet deep down, he was glad this happened to them.

The two hags ran out of their own house as Shelby put the door up right with her magic.

Zanna went over to Ben and helped him up onto the couch. “Are you okay Ben?” she asked.

“Y…yeah…I’ve gotten worse..” he said, still a bit in shock.

“Don’t worry Ben, we’re not going to hurt you.” Bailey said as she reached out and touched Ben’s face, she rubbed his bruises as they vanished. She gave him an assuring smile.

“How did you three do that?” asked Ben.

“Why isn’t it obvious?” asked Shelby. “We’re witches!”

“Well witches in training that is.” Bailey said.
“And we’re sorry for not telling you, we wanted to it’s just…”

Suddenly a golden mist formed in the air above them. It quickly formed into a face, the face of Bailey’s mother, Alara.

Oh no, had she come to punish her for revealing herself to a normal human? Bailey thought in fear.

“My Young Witches, you have all just passed you’re test!” Alara said.

The girls and Ben’s eyes widened.
“R..really?” Bailey said.

“By saving this boy, you used you’re powers for selflessness, you risked breaking one of our most sacred rules, but out of the goodness of you’re hearts. Don’t worry we’ll take care of the hags from here.

I couldn’t be more proud of you three!” She said looking at her daughter.

Just then, three orbs formed out of nowhere.

“You have earned you’re full powers! Claim them and become full Witches.”

Alara faded away as the three girls walked over to the orbs. The reached out and touched them, the orbs then shot into their bodies, all three of them stumbled back as their bodies glowed and then it faded.

“Oh! I fell so good!” cried Zanna.
“Hheheh! It tickles!” giggled Shelby.

They could all feel themselves filling up with power, it felt good, and it was overwhelming.

Bailey felt the power spreading through her body, she couldn’t believe it was happening! She was becoming a full Witch.

Suddenly her whole body twitched, and she felt a tingling in her hands and arms.

“Aahh!” she grunted as she held her hands up to her face. They began shaking rapidly as her arms began growing longer and her hands clenched into a fist as they continued shaking bigger, all around her, her body was growing. She was getting taller.

Her hands suddenly opened up and one by one, her fingers grew longer and slimmer, her nails grew longer and red polish formed on them.

She then looked down at her much taller body, her skirt had changed into shorts, her legs grew longer as they pulsed, becoming fuller as her thighs thickened. Her feet grew larger as a pair of converse formed onto them.

Bailey’s back arched as she felt her butt growing, she put her hands there and felt it expand into a heart shape.

Her waist curved into an hourglass shape while her hips widened. A blue tank top had formed onto her body as she felt a tingling in her chest.

Her hands hovered over it as her nipples pushed out. Bailey moaned as her breast began to grow, and grow, more and more cleavage began showing as her boobs grew to a pretty good size.

She let out a soft laugh as they grew and filled out her hands.

Her pigtails began straining as her red hair grew longer and longer before they burst apart as her hair flowed down her back.

Her face had changed when she first grew. Her eyes were bigger as her brows were thin, her nose had shrunk and her lips were now fuller, her chin had a cute angle to it. She now had the face of a young woman.

Bailey looked down at her new body in awe.

As she did, Zanna looked up at her friend in amazement. She had turned out nice.

All of a sudden Zanna’s legs began shaking violently. She looked down at them in amazement as very fast and sudden, her legs and feet suddenly grew longer and womanly. They emerged out of her skirt.

Then she felt pressure in the rest of her body as she hunched over as her power built up.

In the span of two seconds:
Zanna shot upwards taller, her arms spread to the sides as her fingers grew longer, her thighs thickened under her dress that was quickly forming onto her body.

Her hips jerked violently first to the right, then to the left. Her butt jerked outwards as it rapidly ballooned into a full and thick heart shape.

Her waist curved into a very curvy hourglass shape as the pressure in her chest built up.

“Woahh!” she screamed, her voice changing during that cry, as her back arched and her breast popped out of her chest at a rapid rate, they pushed the dress out as they swelled like balloons. They jiggled rapidly as they became quite big.

At the same time, her hair exploded out of her head, becoming fluffier and frizzier. Just the way she liked it.

Her transformation, in reality, lasted only 2 seconds.

She leaned forward again, revealing her changed face, her features were gorgeous and womanly, gone were her childish features.

Zanna was now a full Witch.

Shelby was hunched over as the power overwhelmed her. She was shaking, with her eyes shut tight as she gritted her teeth. It was too much.

Her arms were wrapped around her torso as she suddenly began shooting upwards with a stretching noise. Her clothing shredded off of her as her glasses flew off her face, no longer needed.

She grew taller and taller until she caught up with her friends, though her body remained skinny for the moment. As she did so, her face elongated and began contorting and changing. Her hair also grew longer, blonde locks going down to her upper back.

“UUUHHHH!AAAAAHHH!” She moaned as she arched her back, her whole body began pulsing rapidly as she began to thicken out and develop.

Her legs pumped as they became fuller as her thighs filled out quite a bit. Her but pushed out with a stretching noise as her while spine cracked and her hips widened.

Her waist hesitated for a moment before it curved inwards.
The best feeling was yet to come.

Two buds had developed on her chest during her initial growth. The left bud began jiggling as it pushed out a little, then it grew a size fuller with a *pop* the right bud did the same thing. *pop*

*pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* Until two large breast hung on her breast.
“AAAAH!” she softly moaned as they finished up.

By now her face had finished changing into that of a young woman’s. Shelby let out a soft laugh as the changes came to an end.

A rather skimpy outfit formed on her during the transformation.

Then it was all over. Ben looked up at the three now Woman Witches. Still shocked at what he had just witnessed.

“Oh! Oh my!” Zanna said in a new sultry voice. She turned herself around to examine her more powerful body.

Shelby snapped her finger as a huge flame emerged from it, she snapped her finger on her other hand and Ice came out of it.

“Oh! This is too good!” Shelby said with a moan. “Yes!”

“Easy you two! Don’t strain yourselves!’ Bailey said.

But even she couldn’t help herself. She transformed into a Wolf right in front of them.

“OOOOH! Pretty good Bay!” Shelby said clapping.

“Yeah but watch this!” Zanna said as she creating a clone of herself, then another, then 20.

“What do you think of this?!” They all said at the same time.

They were all so excited on getting their full powers they nearly forgot about Ben, who just sat their in amazement.

“Oh um sorry Ben! I hope this isn’t too much for you.” Bailey said as she switched back to a human.

“Yeah didn’t mean to freak you out!” Zanna and her clones said at the same time before she dismissed them.

“We’re just a little excited is all.” Shelby said.

“What..what just happened to you three? Why are you women now?” asked Ben.

“Well Ben, that’s because we received our full powers.” Bailey explained. And our tiny bodies weren’t strong enough to contain it. So our power made some adjustments.”

“It’s custom for all Witches and Wizards in training, once you get you’re full powers, you are transformed into an adult.” Zanna explained.

“Now we go around the world, using our powers for good! To protect the planet.” Shelby said with a finger pointing up.

“Going around the world…so you guys are leaving?” Ben asked.

The three girls frowned as they looked at each other. Poor Ben would be left with nothing. Bailey guided Zanna and Shelby into the other room to talk in private.

Ben just sat there. Wondering what they were talking about.

A few minutes later they all came back into the room.

“Ben…do you want to come with us?” Bailey asked.

“What?…Really?!” Ben asked getting excited.

“More so…do you want to become like us?” Zanna asked.
“Like you?” Ben asked.
“As in, having powers and becoming apart of our team?” Shelby added.

“Seriously?! You mean I’d become…?”

“People might come looking for you, now that you’re without proper guardians.” Bailey added.

She put a hand on Ben’s shoulder. “We want you to come with us…and become a Witch. We care about you and want you to be with us.” Bailey added.

Ben thought about it. He would have amazing powers and he would get to be with the only people that have ever cared about him.

“Okay..I’ll do it!” Ben said.

Shelby grinned and jumped up and down. “Oh Yay!” she exclaimed as she ran over to hug Ben tightly.
“…mphf..Shelby…please!” Ben said as he pressed against her.

“Whoop! Sorry!” She said backing away.

“Alright then! Um..Just stand their and hold still.” Bailey said. “You ready?”

Ben nodded.

“Alright,” Bailey said.
She walked over to Ben, bent down, and kissed him on the lips. When she pulled away, Ben was bright red.

Before he could react, Zanna did the same thing, followed by Shelby who skipped over and kissed him, “MWWWWAAH!” she made as she backed away.

“Well here goes nothing,” Bailey said.

Suddenly Ben felt a tingling throughout his body.

It grew intense and moved down to his feet. He looked down at watched as they shook violently, before suddenly growing in size. A pair of long black boots formed on them afterward.

The tingling moved upwards as his legs began to shake, he suddenly shot upwards, becoming taller, as his legs began to grow fuller and smooth, soon he was at Zanna’s height. As her thighs grew thicker, He felt a tugging sensation in his groin. He blushed as he knew what was happening.

He nearly forgot…he was becoming a girl. A woman.

She grunted as her butt grew larger, pushing outwards into a heartshape as a pair of panties formed onto her along with a pair of Jeans. Her hips tingled as the left hip widened followed by the right one. Now the bottom half of her was a grown woman’s.

Her whole torso tingled next as it grew longer causing her spine to snap and elongate as well, her whole back arched into a more womanly curve.

Her waist caved inwards, becoming an hourglass shape, a bit of muscle developing onto her abs.
Her arms grew longer and her hands became bigger as each finger became longer and slimmer, her nails grew longer and red nail polish appeared on them.

Ben blushed as she felt a intense tingling in his chest, she looked down as her chest began pulsing, her nipples genitally pushed out. Her two buds began jiggling rapidly when suddenly, *POP!* *POP!* two large and healthy D-Cup breast popped onto her chest, they dropped and jiggled as their growing came to a stop.

A bra and black shirt formed on her body as her neck grew longer and the tingling made it’s way to her face.

Her boyish round face elongated into an oval shape as her features began to contort, her nose shrank, her lips became fuller, her chin became more angular as her eyes grew bigger and her eyebrows became thinner, the face of a young woman took form.

Her dark hair emerged from its roots and grew longer and longer and thicker, going down her back.

The changes died down. Ben…Bennie, nearly collapsed as a climax washed over her. Bailey rushed over and caught the new Witch in training.

Bennie opened her eyes. She smiled at Bailey.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.
“Great!” Bennie said as she got up.

“Oh wow Ben! You turned out amazingly!” Shelby said jumping up and down while clapping.

“Yes very impressive…well almost!” Zanna said admiring her own body.

“Now you’re not a full Witch yet, you’ll need to go through some training, but at least no one will recognize you now.” Said Bailey.

“Now lets get out of here. You need to start training right away. There’s much evil in this world and we’ve got to be ready for it.” Bailey said as she singled the girls to follow her.

Together the Four Witches headed off. Bailey was quiet proud of herself. She was certain to become a very powerful Witch. With her three best friends by her side.

They would make one strong team.

And her Mother was so proud of her.




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