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The TG Clinic

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_custom_box bg_color=”#ffffff” drop_shadow=”true” bg_stretch=”true”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1562144526737{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Tommy’s alarm clock rang and he quickly shut it off. Today was the day.

The Eighteen year old got up out of bed. Grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to get ready. As he got dressed he looked at himself in the mirror. He had blue eyes, long raven hair that was shaggy and went to his middle neck. And a generally skinny, clean shaven body. His body was pretty much hairless.

For a boy his age, he was good looking, and he hated it. For he wished to be a girl. A wish that would come true today.

He put his clothes on after a shower and headed downstairs where his parents and little sister were waiting.

“Hey honey! Today’s the big day!” His mom Patty said.
“You should eat something before you go!” his dad Andy said.
“No, the pamphlet told me not to several hours before.” explained Tommy.

“Are you nervous?” his little sister Liberty Belle asked.
“Maybe a little, but mostly excited.” replied Tommy.

“Would you like one of us to drive you over to the Clinic.” offered Andy.
Tommy shook his head. “I got it, I want some time with my thoughts heading over there.”

He hugged both parents and little sister good bye. They wished him good luck as he got into his car and drove off to the Clinic.
He got to the Gray building, parked his car and went inside. Taking a deep breath before going inside.

The waiting room wasn’t too full, a few guys and girls of different ages, who were here for the same reason he was.

He went up to the Reception counter where a cute blonde receptionist girl was waiting.
“Hi!” she said sweetly. “How can I help you?”
“I had an appointment scheduled. Tom Watson.” Tommy replied.
The receptionist typed on her computer, looking for Tommy’s name.

“Yes, here you are! Alright, we’ll just have you sign a few things and answer a few questions and then we’ll be ready to go.” she said with a smile, handing Tommy a clipboard.

He sat down and checked off all that applied to him, then handed it back to the woman. “Okay, I’ll have this sent back and we’ll call you in when ready.” she said handing it back to a nurse.

Tommy just sat in the chair in the waiting room. Every now and then a man or woman could come out the other door. Tommy knew they used to be the opposite gender. They almost always had smiles on their faces. Soon that would be Tommy as well.

The nurse would come into the room and call another person in, then another. Then after about 20 minutes of waiting.

“Tommy.” said the nurse as she came through the door. Tommy took another deep breathe and stood up and followed her into the hallway.

He walked next to her.
“You nervous?” she asked.
“Excited.” replied Tommy.
“That’s good!” The nurse replied. “I think you’ll do just fine.”

She led him to a larger room, at the end of it, were several girls from 18 to around 30. They were all different ages, sizes and skin tones.
They were all lined up along the wall.

“Ladies, this is Tommy, Tommy, Ladies.” The nurse introduced them.
“Take you time and choose who you want.”

Tommy eyed each of the girls, He knew their proportions would matter to what he ended up looking like. It was a tough choice, but then he saw a cute blonde girl who looked like she was in her early 20’s.

Tommy walked over to her.
“Hi!” the girl said sweetly.  “I’m Jill.”
“Hi.” Tommy said back. “I uh…I think I want you.” he said.Jill smiled and took his hand. “Great! Come on, I’ll show you the way.” She pulled him away as the other girls got ready for the next client.Jill led him down a hallway with several doors down it, until she came to one on their right. “This is us!” she said opening the door. She went inside as Tommy followed her closing the door behind them.

The room was small. A long black couch and a full body mirror and that was it.”Okay, go ahead and remove you’re clothes.” She instructed as she undid her ponytail and shook her hair.
“So how long have you thought about this?” Jill asked as she pulled her skirt down.Tommy removed his shoes and then socks, then began undoing his pants.
“I’ve uh…wanted this since I was little.” replied Tommy as he took his shirt off.

“Well it must of been awful having to wait till 18 huh?” said Jill as she took her shirt off. She had no bra or underwear on so her breast bounced freely as she removed it.

Tommy got excited seeing her naked.
“Y-yeah, it was…” he replied. He reached down and removed his underwear.
Jill walked over to Tommy and touched his cheek.
“Well, you won’t have to wait anymore.” she promised.

She leaned forward and kissed Tommy on the the lips, tongue and all.
She looked down at his throbbing member.

“Oooh, You’re doing pretty good down there, you sure you wanna get rid of it?” Jill asked.
“With all my heart!” replied Tommy, still red from the kiss.

Jill smiled and took his hands, guiding him to the couch. Tommy sat down as Jill straddled him.
“Just sit back and relax, I’ll take care of everything.” she assured as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Jill kissed him again as her pussy rubbed against Tommy. She gently lowered herself onto him. He soon filled her up and she leaned back and let out a soft moan.

“Ya like that?” she asked.
“Oh yes!” Tommy replied as she fully lowered herself onto him.

Jill began riding Tommy, slowly at first but then she started to pick up the pace. Tommy’s head rested on her shoulder as he held her tight, he began to buck his own hips to keep up with Jill.

Jill cupped her right breast. “Go on and get a taste, let’s make sure you get all you need.” she instructed.

Tommy wrapped his lips around her nipple and began to suck. He was surprised to find it tasted sweet and it warmed his insides.

Eventually Tommy grew more confident, he laid Jill on the couch and began to take control of their sex. “OOOH! Someones getting bold! Good! This will be the only time you can.” Jill said in grunts.

Not long after that though, Tommy felt it, and so did Jill. She wrapped her legs around him.
“You can cum in me! It’s fine.” she assured.
Tommy agreed as he thrusted faster. Groaning as he shot deep inside of Jill, she moaned following with her own orgasm.

The deed was done.

Tommy laid their out of breathe as he slowly got off of Jill. She slowly sat up and began getting dressed.

“Hoo…Not bad for you’re first time!” said Jill as she put her shirt back on.
“Who says that was my first time?” asked Tommy who was laying on the couch. His insides felt like they were throbbing.

Jill just chuckled. “Well, I’ll leave you to it then. It was great talking with you Tommy!” Jill said as she opened the door.
“Only the talking?” Tommy asked.
She gave him a wink, then left.

Not more than a minute after Jill left, did an intense tingling go through Tommy’s body.

He couldn’t believe it, this was finally happening!

He looked down and watched as his penis sucked up inside of him. He felt a stirring in his abdomen as his reproductive organs began to rearrange inside of him.

His whole body began shaking as he shrank in size. He lost about an inch of height, becoming about the same size as Jill.

“Aaahh!” she grunted as her whole body started throbbing, she became skinnier, losing some muscle mass.
Her shoulders scrunched inwards as her collar bone popped out loudly. His face became slimmer as well

“Ahhoohh!” she groaned as her back popped and snapped as she arched her back while it took a more womanly curve.

Tommy fell to her knees as she hunched over. Her whole spine pushed outwards down her back as it took on a more female shape.

Her hands shrank and cracked as her fingers grew slimmer, her feet followed as they shrank several sizes.

Her thighs pumped as they thickened. Her butt made a stretching noise as it began to swell, Jill had a pretty decent sized ass, and it seemed she was getting that as well as a full heartshape developed.

Her hips snapped as they widened as her waist began to curve inwards, she developed a great hourglass shape.

She arched her back as her nipples doubled in size as her chest began to rapidly throb.
“Ahh Yes!” she softly moaned as her breast began to grow. She put her hands to them, feeling them fill his palms up as they grew.

“This is toooo goood!” Tommy moaned a they grew. They expanded into Medium C-cups.

Her already long hair grew just a little more as her face finished changing.

Tommy, Now Andrea, collapsed onto the ground, her transformation over.

As she came to, Andrea started to laugh as tears of joy poured down her face. She was a woman, an actual woman.

Steadily standing up, she made her way over to the full body mirror, so happy with what she saw.
She was beautiful, a sexy body, a lovely face, full luscious hair.”Oh my God!” she said as her hands go to her mouth, her voice was angelic. Everything had gone to plan. The procedure was a success.Andrea got dressed in some clothes her mother gave her and left out the way she came.
“My my! You turned out beautiful!” Said the nurse at the reception desk.
“Thanks!” giggled Andrea who was still very giddy.

She signed herself out and headed home.
Naturally, her family was happy with the pretty girl they say come into their house. Belle was glad to have a big sister and Patty and Andy were just glad the change went smoothly with no problems.

Andrea couldn’t wait for all the wonderful things being a woman would bring her. If not for that Clinic, she’d be looking at drugs and painful surgeries.

Instead she got her dream in a rather fun and joyful way. To be honest, she hoped she would see Jill again some time.



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