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The Swapper – lostandwhatever

A quick little mixed-TF story, originally published on my Patreon.


Mad scientists have labs. They need someplace to do their mad science experiments, after all. Some labs are hidden in secluded mansions. Others are down in ordinary suburban basements.


The lab Andy found was the one his dad had constructed in their basement. Andy and his siblings were forbidden from going down there. Most days, Andy would listen to his dad, but today he was grounded and bored and everyone else was having fun except for him. He felt like exploring, so he left his bedroom and went down into his father’s lab, past vials and oscilloscopes and dials and switches and blinking lights on fantastic machines. There he found his father’s new invention sitting on a table surrounded by fine tools.


It looked like a thick smartphone case. In fact, there was a smart phone already encased in it. Andy touched the screen, and it turned on. (To think how much damage might have been avoided if his father had only added some basic security protections on his invention…)


There was a simple UI with the words “The Swapper” in bold letters. Under the words were colored square buttons labeled “age,” “size,” “gender,” “species,” and “misc attribute.” Under all the buttons was a larger rectangular button that simply read “swap.” He lifted up the device and realized that its camera was on. Wherever it pointed, the screen showed an analysis of what was pictured on the screen, an outline with a short text description next to it. Some buttons would light up as well, showing that they could be activated.


Andy was 8 years old, but he had a gift for technology and a dangerous amount of curiosity. He decided The Swapper needed testing. He would conduct some experiments. Certainly, this would be fun, or at the very least, it would not be boring.


He left the basement and stepped out into the backyard. It was a sunny day and most of his family was hanging out around the pool in their swimsuits. He was careful to avoid being seen by sneaking over to some bushes, while everyone was distracted.


From the bushes he spotted his eldest sibling, Bethany, lying on her stomach on a flattened lawn chair, wearing only a bikini while sunbathing her back. Next to Bethany was his other older sister, Julie, and one of Julie’s female friends whose name he could not remember. Being only a middle-school girl, Julie idolized her college-aged sister. In fact, Julie was copying Bethany at that very moment, lying on a lawn chair on her stomach, sunbathing. Julie’s friend was sunbathing as well, but she was on her back with her eyes shut.


Andy had found the first subjects for his experiments.


He pointed The Swapper at Julie and saw a variety of attributes light up. He could swap out her age, her size, her gender as well as a variety of other little miscellaneous things, such as the color of her hair or the shape of her nose. Andy thought that Bethany had a huge butt. He selected that and then turned the camera to Julie. Then, he selected the younger girl’s butt as well. The “swap” button lit up. He pressed it.


Bethany’s butt cheeks deflated like a pair of old balloons, while her hips narrowed, losing all their curvyness. Meanwhile, Julie’s butt swelled up into a pair of cantaloupe-sized cheeks that protruded high up on her otherwise girlish body, while her hips spread absurdly wide.


Andy giggled. They looked so silly like that.


He aimed the device at Bethany again and selected her boobs. Then, he targeted Julie’s friend. He swapped their chests. Bethany lay even flatter against the lawn chair. While, the girl tanning on her back had her chest blow up to the point of nearly popping out of her one-piece suit. She looked like a girl who had stuffed a pair of large water balloons down the front of her swimsuit to pretend to be a woman. Her “balloons” were real, though.


None of them noticed the changes. Andy wondered how long it would be until they did.


Rather than wait for that fun, he turned his attention to the pool where his big brother, Tom, and a friend from their football team were in the deep end, tossing around a ball, playing “keep away” with their middle brother, Joey, instead of Andy for once. Andy aimed at Tom, and saw the teen’s muscles were highlighted first. “Perfect,” Andy whispered. He selected the muscles and targeted Joey. Then, he swapped their muscles.


With most of their bodies under the water, it was hard to notice the change, but Andy spotted Joey’s super-muscular arms and chest as he leapt high out of the water once to catch the ball that had flown over his head too many times. He looked like a grade-school bodybuilder now. Meanwhile, their oldest brother seemed so skinny, like his limbs were only skin and bones.


In the midst of the game, they focused on winning more than their own bodies, so none of them took note of how much muscle they had at the moment.


Andy checked Tom’s friend. Blushing, Andy selected the older boy’s pee pee. Then, he swapped it away to Joey. He wondered if Joey would be happy with his new body. It would be funny when Tom and his friend found out where their big-boy parts had gone.


In the shade by the pool, Andy spotted their mother sitting on a chair and his little sister, Ashley, on the grass next to her. Their mother was immensely pregnant again and had fallen asleep in her chair from sheer exhaustion with her huge belly sticking out from between the top and bottom halves of her bathing suit. Ashley was playing with her dolls on the grass, some game with a mama and baby. She was dressed similarly to her mama.


Andy targeted his mother, her belly was the first attribute to show up. He selected it. Then, he targeted little Ashley. He swapped them. Mom’s belly flattened out until it looked normal again as it did before she had gotten pregnant. Ashley blew up like a balloon, her stomach turning into a fleshy basketball and then a beach ball. The pregnant preschooler looked down at the weight attached to her front with a shocked expression on her face. Andy wondered if she knew what was inside of her now. He wondered if she knew about how mommies and babies actually became mommies and babies.


“Mommy!” she said, trying to stand up, but struggling to lift her huge, pregnant body off of the grass. Their mother just kept on sleeping.


Andy turned to his father, who was cleaning up after their dog. He thought it might be funny if his father was a dog instead of Spike. Andy targeted their Labradoodle and selected “species.” Then, he aimed at his father and turned him into a dog. It happened so quickly, that his father barely had time to put out his hands to stop himself from falling. When his hands hit the ground, they were no longer human but dog paws instead.


Andy’s dog dad looked over at where Spike had been and saw a strange naked man crouched on the grass, looking confused. The dog collar on his neck was the only sign that he had been their pet a few seconds ago.


Their father started barking, probably in an attempt to call for help.


Everyone ignored him for a few seconds until Bethany became too annoyed by the sound. She rolled over and sat up, still unaware of her flattened chest and butt. “Would someone shut up that…” she started to say, but she began shrieking when she saw Spike as a naked man. Spike crawled away awkwardly on all fours to escape from the back yard.


Hearing Bethany’s shrieks, everyone looked in her direction. At about that moment, they started to notice something wrong with each other’s bodies. First, Bethany spotted Julie’s enormous butt and her friend’s huge boobs. Moments later, she discovered where those curves had come from. Joey climbed out of the pool, leaving Tom with an amazed expression on his face. He looked more horrified when he tried to do the same, but struggled to lift his newly skinny body out of the water. Their mother cried out in panic when she found her belly had gone flat. She screamed in horror when she discovered where the baby she had been carrying had gone.


As they all started shouting and crying and asking what had happened to them, Andy laughed. First, he tried to chuckle quietly to himself, but then he let loose and started giggling like a madman. Bethany heard him first and found him hiding in the bushes. She dragged him out by the arm and asked him what he was doing.


He tried to run away, but then Julie spotted the device he had in his hand. Their dog dad started barking at the device, and everyone figured out what it was and where it had come from.


They tried to grab it from Andy, but it became a tug of war between people with hands wet from the pool or slippery with suntan lotion. The Swapper was accidentally flung into the air and straight into the water, where it immediately sank to the bottom.


Joey dove in to rescue it as the girls held Andy in place. When the device was set on the concrete, its screen was black—dead, it seemed.


Their mother, being the one with the most normal body took charge and led everyone inside. Joey had to carry Ashley as she could barely crawl. The Swapper was placed in a Tupperware container and buried in uncooked rice. Their father whimpered and paced on the floor next to it. Occasionally, he stopped to put his paws up on the table and look at his damaged invention. He did not appear hopeful of getting it working again.


Andy tried not to smile, but he could not help himself. It was all too funny. Every time he looked at what he had done to them, he wanted to laugh. Eventually, they got sick of his smiles and sent him back to his room to continue being grounded, as he deserved.


Andy went to sleep that night with an empty stomach and a wicked smile on his lips.


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