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The Spider Gwen Team.

All right, people, let’s start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two years, I’ve been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest. I joined a band. Saved my dad. I couldn’t save my best friend, Peter Parker. So now, I save everyone else. And one day, this weird thing happened. And I mean, like, *really* weird.

I was no longer the only Spider-Woman.
So about a month ago, I swung to my house roof, just locked the Shocker back up again. I opened my window and crawled up onto the ceiling, being careful not to make a noise, Mom was downstairs and Dad was a Police Captain, so he wouldn’t be home anytime soon.

I ever so carefully shut my door and hopped down off the ceiling, pulling my mask off, and flipped on the light.
I let out a sigh, it had been a long night.

It was about to get even longer as I turned around and saw my two little brothers, Howard and Simon, sitting on my bed, my laptop between them. Their eyes wide in shock and their mouths hung open. As was mine.

“Wh…what are you two doing in here?!” I whispered nervously.

“Our computer broke…we borrowed yours..” Howard said looking up at me.
“Gwen…you’re the Spider Woman?!” Simon asked.
I spent I don’t even know how long explaining everything to them now that the cat was out of the bag, and I begged them both to not tell Mom or Dad about any of this.

It went smoother than I thought it was going to go. Though they both bombarded me with questions about being a Superhero. Some normal things, some pretty dumb things like, can I turn into a Spider or shoot venom, etc.

Now my little secret was shared between the three of us. It did give me an advantage that I now had two extra alibis for if Mom or Dad or any of my friends asked where I was.

They were pretty cool as far as little brothers went.
Then one of my worst nightmares happened.
Me and my family were all having one of our family day outs at Central Park. When the Green Goblin attacked. There was a Senator at Central Park that day as well who Norman had a personal vendetta against. Pumpkin Bombs went everywhere.

I managed to sneak away and suit up. I chased him down and beat him, but not before paying for it.

I hurried back to my family, where Howard and Simon were being carried away in an Ambulance.
They’d both been caught in a bomb blast. It wasn’t looking good. My mother rode with them the whole time, crying and begging them to stay with her.

I was losing my own mind. When I put on the mask, I swore I’d protect the ones I loved. And now…

Howard and Simon were sent into surgery, The doctors were doing the best they could but we were told they’d need a blood transfusion.

Mom and Dad instantly volunteered but they told us that a direct sibling would most likely be the better option.

But I couldn’t do it…My blood…I didn’t know what it could do to them…It could kill them…or drive them insane…. But after losing Peter…I vowed never to bury another loved one ever again…I had no choice.

They hooked me up and out came my blood and into my brothers. I hoped I was doing the right thing.
The doctors were amazed by how quickly Howard and Simon healed after the transfusion. They slept for a whole day as slowly, their injuries began fading.

It was declared a straight-up miracle. Though I knew better.
I was so happy my brothers were going to live of course, but I worried about what my blood might do to them. And I think they both wondered too.

But a few days passed and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen, their fingers weren’t sticking to anything like mine did when I first got bit.

At last, the Doctors declared both of them fit to go home.

Mom hardly let Howard and Simon out of her sight and clung to them both much to their distaste.

When I got a moment alone with them, I asked how they felt.

“Soooo…How are you guys feeling?” I asked.
“You mean, do we have your powers?” replied Howard.

“Yeah…” I said.
“Nothing yet…I feel weird though.” Simon said.
“Weird how?” I asked.
“Yeah me too…Like not sick…just off…” Howard said.

I thought back to right after the spider bit me, feeling the same thing at first. The boys noticed a worried look on my face.
“Why? Is something wrong?” asked Howard.

I looked back at him. “Oh..nothing, I’m sure you’ll both be fine.”

Boy did I not know how wrong I was.
That night, neither Howard nor Simon slept well, they tossed and turned and their bodies heated up, but they were too weak to do anything. It just as it happened with me, though it took them a little longer.

Then it was all over.

When they both woke up, they knew something wasn’t right.
Simon’s pj’s didn’t fit him that well anymore, they felt tight, had he gotten taller?

He didn’t feel sick, in fact, he felt pretty good despite the night before.

And when Howard sat up in his bed, Simon held back a scream.

“Howard…you’re hair!” he cried.
Howard pulled up his phone and turned the camera on. His brown hair was now blonde, instead of Dad’s brown. Me, Simon, and Mom all had blonde hair.

What’s more, his brown eyes were now blue…like mine. Simon’s eyes had changed as well. Both their hair was also a little longer.

And when Howard tried to put his phone down, it stuck to his fingers, he tried to shake it off but it wouldn’t happen.

Simon’s fingers stuck to his bedsheets.
They both squirmed around until Howard’s fist hit the headboard and put a hole in it. He didn’t even hit it that hard.

Both of them clumsily headed to my room, Dad had already gone to work and mom was out shopping.

They woke me up and my eyes widened at what I saw.
“Gwen…we have a problem.” they both said.
So it was true…my blood gave them my powers. Just what I was afraid of. I taught them how to get things to stop sticking to them, though it took a while, they nearly took a chunk out of my hair by mistake.

I knew Howard couldn’t hide his hair forever, so we made up that he dyed it. Mom and Dad seemed to buy it.
“What? Brown wasn’t good enough for you?” Dad joked.
I was the only one who understood what they were both going through, so I’d have to teach them how to use their powers, train them both. As my sidekicks I guess.

That night, we were all in my room, they were both sitting on my bed with me.
“So…we’re superheros now?” Asked Simon.

“I don’t really think you two have a choice…” I replied. “My friend Peter once told me With great power comes great responsibility.”

“That’s a little cheesy, don’t you think?” laughed Howard.
“Yeah well, It’s helped me, and It’s how I honor him.” I replied.

“But I promise you both It will all be okay! I’ll teach you everything I know, and If you’re anything like me, you’ll be totally awesome at it.” I told them. “And remember, you can’t tell anyone who you really are! It’s to protect those you care about! Got it?”

Both brothers nodded.

“So, does that mean we get cool costumes then?” asked Howard.

“Well, the thing is Peter helped me make mine.” I said. “I sorta know what I’m doing, It’s made out of pretty durable material. But I wonder if maybe Stark could help…He could probably make…”

“Uhhhgg! Oh, I feel sick!” Howard groaned as he hunched over.
“Ow!” Me too!” groaned Simon as he did the same.

“Woah! Wait! What’s wrong?!” I cried reaching out to both of them. I could faintly see their bodies pulsing rapidly under their PJ’s.

“I..uh..”Don’t know!’ Howard groaned as he clutched his stomach and his body began convulsing.
“Gwen!” cried Simon as his Pj’s got tighter.

Howard’s hair began to slowly grow longer and fuller, falling down over his face. His fingernails grew longer and sharper.
Then his Pj’s began ripping as his body started growing. Simon’s followed right after him as he began growing as well.

They grew bigger as their clothes ripped down their backs. Their legs grew longer as their feet grew bigger. Their bottoms ripped down the middle as their legs grew fuller and smoother. Their thighs thickened with a rumbling noise. They kicked them violently as they stretched along.

Howard gripped the sheets and arched his back as his spine cracked into a more female shape.
His hips widened violently with several loud cracks. By now he was as tall as me. I was quickly realizing what was happening to them.

“Oh no!” I thought.

Howard’s hands grew a little as each of his fingers grew slimmer into a more girly shape, his…now her face began to shift and contort, but she fell over on her side so I couldn’t see it. Not that I needed to, I knew exactly who she was turning into.

Simon was on her hands and knees, while she was turned away from me. Her waist sucked inwards as she developed an hourglass shape. Suddenly she had a massive spurt as she suddenly and quickly grew much larger, her clothing shredded off of her.

Her butt grew larger, pushing along into a heart shape. Her chest throbbed rapidly before a pair of breast began to develop. They pushed out what was left of her top, growing out to a pair of large C-cups.

Her face cracked and contorted, elongating into a more feminine oval shape, her cheekbones rose up, her nose shrank and her eyes grew larger, her lips fuller, and her chin cracked becoming more angular.

It was my face.

Lastly, their hair grew once more, nearly exploding out of their heads, becoming much longer and fuller blonde locks.

Then it was all over for both of them. They fell over on their backs, and right before I was to perfect copies of me.

My poor, former brothers, were out of breath, their visible six packs, complements of my spider bite, moved up and down as they heavily breathed.

About a minute passed as they both slowly sat up.

“Wh..what happened…!” cried Howard. Her slender hand moving to her mouth. Hearing my voice coming out of her was taboo for both of us.

“Gwen! Why am I a girl!” Cried Simon, cupping her new breast in fear and confusion.
“Why are we you?!” cried Howard.

“I…I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re going to find out.” I promised.
I got them some of my clothes, then we hurried quickly and quietly out the window, I was strong enough to carry them both and help them swing through the building to building, using some spare web shooters I had.

We made it to the Avengers building, where Bruce Banner A.K.A the Incredible Hulk and Reed Richards A.K.A Mr. Fantastic was waiting for us. I had given them a call and explained what I could.
Dr. Banner and Dr. Richards ran several tests on my new sisters. This was certainly a new one for them.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” commented Banner as Richards examined Simon’s blood through a Petri dish.

Howard and Simon were sitting on an examination table in hospital gowns
“What is it?” I asked.

“Well it appears your brothers’ cells were completely overwritten by yours.” explained Dr. Richards. “Not only did you transfer your powers over to them, but your cells made the necessary corrections to contain those powers.”

“Reed Please!” I pleaded. “They cannot stay like this, my parents will lose their minds! They didn’t ask for this!”

“Well if I’m correct, then your um, brothers, can only use their powers in this form,” Reed replied.

“In this form?” I said.
“Wait, does that mean we can change back?” asked Howard.

“Well we compared your cells to some of mine for when I become…the other guy..and there are various similarities.” replied Dr. Banner. “We both believe that you two have the power to turn this on and off as you wish.”

My sisters looked at each other then back at Bruce.
“How do we do that?” asked Simon.

“Well I do it by calming back down..but you two might have a different trigger.” replied Bruce. “Were you two angry when it happened?”

They shook their heads.
“Perhaps you should try concentrating then.” said Reed. “Concentrate on being yourselves again.”

I walked over to the two of them and took their hands. “Howard, Simon, just relax and focus okay?” I whispered softly.
“Try closing your eyes.”

They both did as I said, their breathing grew slower and softer. After a few moments, nothing seemed to happen, then their breast retracted into them as their bodies started shrinking.
Their hair retracted into them and their features changed as their curves went away. It was working.

Soon, Howard and Simon were back to normal. Though Howard’s hair was still blonde.

I sighed with relief.
They opened their eyes, realized it worked, and hugged each other.

“Good! Good!” said Reed relieved.
“They are defiantly something else,” said Bruce.

“I can’t thank you both enough for this,” I said gratefully.

“Always happy to help Gwen,” Reed replied. “But it’s best that you train them, they’ll need to know how to properly manage this.”
I did as Dr. Richards said. Every day after school, I’d take them to an old abandoned Subway tunnel where I practiced myself.

They both had learned to turn into me at will, and I had a few extra suits for them to put on. With the help of Tony Stark, I was able to make a pair of super elastic suits that would grow and stretch as they would, so they could wear them under their normal clothes.

I had to admit, it was kinda nice to have partners, we would cover different parts of New York City. They were fast learners, sometimes I thought they were better than me, more powerful maybe.

So yeah, I used to be the one and only Spider-Woman, now theirs three of us.

But you know what? We made a pretty Amazing Team!



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