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The Serum

Today I brought to you an oldie one from my “Old” folder. It was the last one I made with my original computer back in Hungary before I left to the UK in Aug 2015. Tought months followed this last piece of creation because the next time when I had the chance to create something new was in early December! That was the time when I put my hands on my little lovely ASUS G751 and the love still stands…

So I thought it would be a little bit actual to upload it here, one because it was a little special one and wasn’t reupload anywhere since my DA ban, second it was inspired from another Dreamtales  comic: The Yard Work! I just really love Yuan’s work with Dreamtales, all the tales and the changes are very similiar to my work. I love how the siblings fight and dicover new things every time in the new episodes!


You could see that I tried to make the characters something similiar like Luke and Amy in the original one, and I made a little reference about myself! So please welcome “The Serum”  😉

I still can’t believe it was more than a year ago now! Wow…

Other things, I’m gonna announce the winners of the September Contest tomorrow night and with that, I bring you a new short comic as well! So be sure to check back when you have the time!



  1. Did you not realise that the serum was up on ararchive?

    • bela04

      I’m not managing the ARArchive’s gallery there, so I didn’t.

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