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The Satellite – Part 1 By Curious4ever

Robert Baxter, a twenty-five year old father of a four year old girl is sitting on the sofa in his living room watching the news on his large screen television. Currently there is an image of a rocket on a launching pad that is almost ready to take off.

VOICEOVER ON TV: All the eyes of the world are focused on their television sets and portable devices as they watch in anticipation the momentous event that is about to begin. A satellite is about to be shot into space and once it reaches the proper orbit it will begin to transmit a signal back to Earth that will eventually eliminate all known diseases and physical impairments.

The scene on the television changes to an angry mob protesting outside the launch facility.

VOICEOVER ON TV: The launch will continue despite the protests of a few fanatics who claim that the rays could prove harmful rather than beneficial. Dr. Joseph Avery, the inventor of this medical marvel is in the studio to speak to us about his invention.

The scene on the television changes again and it now shows a newscaster in his early fifties and an old baldheaded man in a white lab coat.

CHARLES DAWSON: Good evening. I’m Charles Dawson and it is my pleasure to be speaking to a man whose name is known by almost every person on the planet. Dr. Avery, what do you have to say to all the people who fear the effects that your invention will have on the world?

DR. JOSEPH AVERY: Well Charles, the first thing that I would tell them is that there’s nothing to be afraid of. I have done numerous tests in my laboratory and it has performed perfectly. There is only a miniscule portion of the population who may experience slight side effects.

CHARLES DAWSON: And what would those side effects be, Doctor?

DR. JOSEPH AVERY: Nothing worth mentioning. I assure you that any side effects will be so small that they will go unnoticed by the rest of the population.

CHARLES DAWSON: But what about the claims that your invention is based upon alien technology that was discovered in a damaged spacecraft?

DR. JOSEPH AVERY: That is true, but as I said, the benefits far outweigh any possible side effects. The satellite will circle the Earth several times a day and as it does so it will transmit a series of particles that will affect every man, woman and child. As it continues to coat the planet the effects will become stronger and people will begin to experience the benefits of my device. By tomorrow morning some of your viewers may start to feel the effects.

CHARLES DAWSON: There are a few radicals who claim that this is actually a reality warping machine.

DR. JOSEPH AVERY: Because alien technology is involved we can’t predict to a full certainty everything that may occur. We feel that our modifications to the device have eliminated any dangerous scenarios.

Robert turns down the sound on the television as his daughter Hayley enters the room. She is dressed in pretty pink pajamas and is holding a stuffed animal.

HAYLEY: Can I watch some cartoons Daddy?

ROBERT: No Hayley, it is way past your bedtime. It’s been a long day and you need your sleep. Tomorrow is your first day at your new daycare and you’re going to make lots of new friends.

HAYLEY: Am I ever gonna see Mommy again?

ROBERT: No, Angel, I told you before that Mommy was in a very serious accident and now it’s just going to be the two of us.

As he goes to turn off the television the picture is showing the satellite being launched and heading up into space.

ROBERT: Now let’s get you tucked into bed.

A short time later they are in Hayley’s room. It is filled with colorful posters on the wall and a large dollhouse near a pink toy chest. Robert is tucking his daughter in her bed and lying by her side is her plush doll. He kisses her on the forehead.

ROBERT: Goodnight Angel. Daddy will take you to daycare in the morning.

He turns out the light and a small nightlight dimly glows next to her bed. He goes down the hall and enters his bedroom. The room has a large king size bed and several pieces of oak furniture. He gets undressed and changes into a pair of pajama bottoms. Getting into bed he begins to read. A few minutes later he falls asleep and the book drops onto his chest.

High above in the stratosphere the satellite reaches its target and begins its mission. Tiny particles start to shoot down towards the Earth’s surface.

(The following scene is seen from the eyes of Robert)

The next morning Robert wakes up and when he opens his eyes he sees the book still lying on top of the covers. He reaches over and picks it up, but instead of a large novel it is a colorful children’s picture book. He sits up in bed and that’s when he notices that his king sized bed is now a small child’s bed in the shape of a racecar. Looking around he sees that his large oak dresser and cabinet are gone and now in their place are smaller pieces of children’s furniture.

As he continues to look around in disbelief a woman in her mid-twenties enters the room. She is dressed in a very tight and sexy business suit. She smiles at him.

HAYLEY: Well how did Mommy’s little one sleep last night?

ROBERT: Mommy? But this isn’t… What’s going on?

She reaches down and picks up Robert and gives him a hug.

HAYLEY: Did Mommy’s little boy have a bad dream? You’re probably just feeling a little afraid about your new daycare. Don’t worry about it. You will make lots of little friends.

She places Robert on the floor. When he turns around he sees his reflection in the mirror on his closet door. In the mirror is a little boy no more than four years old that is wearing footed pajama with little cartoon characters on it. Raising his hand he sees the little boy in the mirror doing the same thing.

ROBERT: (Astonished) I’m a little boy.

(Point of view is no longer from Robert’s perspective)

HAYLEY: Of course you are, you’re mommy’s little boy.

ROBERT: Is that you Hayley? You’re so big.

HAYLEY: Now Bobby, I know that you miss your father very much but that gives you no right to call mommy by her first name.

ROBERT: Mommy? I don’t understand. What’s going on?

HAYLEY: You’re getting dressed, that’s what’s going on. Now we need to hurry or you will be late for daycare and mommy won’t get to work on time.

She starts to undress Robert who puts up a struggle at first but she is much bigger and stronger than he is and a minute later his pajamas are off and he is standing there wearing a pair of little boy briefs. She looks at them and shakes her head.

HAYLEY: Looks like someone had a little accident during the night. I guess mommy will have to dress you in your pull up diapers just in case you have another accident at daycare.

ROBERT: I don’t wanna wear no diaper! I’m a big boy!

HAYLEY: Big boys do not wet themselves. Now don’t argue with mommy or you will get a spanking. You don’t want that do you?


She takes off his briefs and he stands there naked with his hands over his crotch.

HAYLEY: There’s no need to cover your wee-wee. Mommy has seen you naked many, many times.

She steps over to his dresser and shakes her head as she pulls open a drawer.

HAYLEY: Hmmm, looks like you are out of the pull up diapers. Seems like Mommy will have to hit the store after work and pick you up some more. In the meantime I will have to put you into a regular diaper instead. You’ve been having too many accidents lately.

ROBERT: Don’t wanna wear no diaper! I’m a big boy! A big boy!

She picks him up and places him on the bed.

HAYLEY: Don’t give me any trouble or I will send you to daycare wearing just a diaper. Would you like that?

ROBERT: (terrified) No. Please not that.

HAYLEY: Then be a good little boy and lie down so Mommy can put you into your diaper.

He lies back on the bed and she comes over with a diaper which she places on him. When she is done he does not look very happy.

HAYLEY: Now what outfit is Mommy’s little angel going to wear today?

ROBERT: Wanna be dressed like a big boy!

HAYLEY: Let’s see what Mommy can find.

She reaches into his bureau and pulls out a short sleeve shirt with a cartoon character on it and a pair of overalls. She picks him up from the bed and places him back on the floor and then proceeds to dress him. When she is done he turns him around and is facing the mirror again.

HAYLEY: See how pretty mommy’s little angel is? Now it’s time to take you to daycare. Mommy has packed you a snack so you won’t be hungry.

ROBERT: (staring at his reflection in shock) I’m so little.

She picks him up and carries him to the front room. The television set is on and a newscaster in her early fifties wearing a conservative pants suit is reporting the news.

CHARLENE DAWSON: Good evening. I’m Charlene Dawson and once again it is my pleasure to have with me the inventor of the satellite, Dr. Josephine Avery. Now Doctor, the satellite has just completed its first orbit around the planet and reports on its effects are minimal.

The camera switches over to an older woman with grey hair in a white lab coat.

DR. JOSEPHINE AVERY: Thank you Charlene. I just want to assure everyone that the satellite has only just begun its mission and it is still too early for any noticeable health benefits. As far as side effects to the satellite’s rays I can say with complete certainty that nothing out of the ordinary has been reported. Everything is the same as before and so there is nothing for anyone to be worried about.

Hayley turns off the television.

HAYLEY: Well that’s some good news. Maybe the next time it passes by it will cure you of having too many accidents. Then you won’t need to wear a diaper again.

Robert has a puzzled look on his face as he points to the television.

ROBERT: But both of them was mens before not ladies. They look different.

HAYLEY: Since when do you pay attention to anything on the television that’s not a cartoon? And besides, I remember them speaking about the satellite before it was launched and they were both women, not men.

ROBERT: The satellite! They said that there might be some side effects to it. That’s what has happen to you and me. It changed you into a grownup and me into a little boy.

HAYLEY: (laughs) You have such an active imagination. It must be from watching so many of your cartoon shows. Well we have to get you to daycare. Be a good boy and Mommy will have a special treat for you tonight.

ROBERT: Is it cookies?

HAYLEY: You’ll see.

Grabbing a briefcase and a small lunch box with her free hand she heads out the door.

A minute later she is buckling him up in a car seat in the back of the car. He is struggling and trying to stop her.

ROBERT: Don’t wanna sit in a car seat! Wanna sit up front like a big boy!

HAYLEY: You have a long time to go before you are a big boy. Now sit still or mommy won’t take you to your swimming lesson after daycare.

ROBERT: But I know how to swim.

HAYLEY: (laughs) The closest that you’ve ever come to swimming is when you are splashing around in the bathtub.

After securing him in his seat she gets behind the driver’s wheel and drives away.

She drives a few miles and stops the car in front of a small building with the name ‘Little Sprouts Daycare’ above the front door. The fenced in yard is filled with many outside activities for small children. She takes Robert out of his car seat and carries him and his lunch box to the front door.

ROBERT: Look Mommy, they gots a slide and swings.

HAYLEY: Yes dear I know.

She rings the bell and a handsome 19 year old boy with brunette hair answers the door. On his shirt is the name badge ‘Tommy’. Hayley places Robert on the ground.

HAYLEY: I’m dropping off my son Bobby. He’s been having a lot of ‘accidents’ lately and so I’ve put him into a diaper for the day. I’ll be back after three to pick him up.

Tommy takes Robert by the hand and leads him into a room where there are a half dozen 3 and 4 year old girls at play. Supervising the toddlers are four teenage boys.

TOMMY: I’m going to put your lunchbox away while you go find someone to play with.

ROBERT: But it’s all little girls. I don’t want to play with girls. Girls are yucky.

TOMMY: Those are the breaks kid.

Tommy walks away while Robert is confused by his surroundings.

ROBERT: I’m not supposed to be here. I should be at work. But where do I work? I can’t remember.

He goes over to the door but he is too short and his hands are too little for him to open it. A little girl with red hair comes over and holds up a doll.

KATIE: I’m Katie, do you want to play?

ROBERT: That’s a doll. I’m a boy. I don’t play with dolls.

Katie walks away and as she does the daycare is hit with a stream of particles from the satellite as it passes by overhead. The little girls in the room have a rapid growth and age spurt as the teenage boys quickly change into little boys. Robert’s mouth pops open in astonishment as he is the only one in the room that notices this transformation.

A now nineteen year old Katie walks back to him holding an action figure.

KATIE: I’ve brought you an action figure to play with. It’s almost time for juice drinks and then it will be nap time.

ROBERT: But… but… you was just a little girl.

KATIE: I’m sorry but we don’t have any little girls here today. It’s all just little boys.

The other teenage girls in the room start to pass out juice boxes to the toddlers. Robert takes his and walks over to the corner and sits. In-between sips he begins to talk to himself.

ROBERT: Somethin’ funny is goin’ on. Why am I the only one that sees what is happenin’? I gots to remember that I am suppose to be a grownup.

He finishes the juice box and holds up the empty box.

ROBERT: That was good. I want another. More juice please!

A very attractive 19 year old girl with brunette hair comes over. On the shirt above her voluptuous chest is a name badge with the word ‘Samantha’ written on it.

SAMANTHA: You can have another juice box later. Right now it is time to join the others and take a nap.

She takes him by the hand but he shakes his head and refuses to get up.

ROBERT: No! Don’t wanna take a nap! Wanna ‘nother juice!

SAMANTHA: Naptime first, then juice.

ROBERT: No! You can’t make me take a nap!

SAMANTHA: We’ll see about that!

She picks him up and when she holds him she frowns.

SAMANTHA: Feels like you are going to need a change before taking a nap.

She carries him over to a changing station where Katie is just finishing changing a three year old boy.

KATIE: Another one with an accident?

SAMANTHA: Yeah, you know how little boys are. And this one is a bit of a troublemaker.

KATIE: I understand. You want him to get the special treatment.

Katie places the other boy on the floor as Robert is put on the changing table. She takes off his clothes and when she removes his diaper she frowns.

KATIE: Smells like you did more than just go pee-pee. This looks like you’ve come down with a bad case of diarrhea. I’m going to need a wipe and some baby powder to clean up this mess.

Treating him more like an infant than a four year old she cleans him up and puts a fresh diaper on him. When she is done she places him back down on the floor.

KATIE: Your clothes are too messy so you will just have to walk around in a diaper until your mother comes to pick you up.

ROBERT: (sobbing) But I don’t wanna wear a diaper! I’m a big boy. I mean I’m a grownup.

KATIE: Grownups do not poop their pants like you just did! Now stop acting like a baby or I will start treating you like one!

ROBERT: (crying) You’re mean!

He runs away and finally stops in an area of the room where the other children are sleeping on mats on the floor. He finds an empty one and lies down.

ROBERT: (sobbing) I’m not takin’ a nap! Not takin’ a nap. Not… takin’ a…

His eyes begin to close and a few seconds later he is asleep and sucking his thumb.

Sometime later he wakes up and when he does he sees his mother standing over him.

HAYLEY: How is mommy’s little angel?

Robert points to Katie.

ROBERT: She was means to me and she wouldn’t give me any clothes to wear. She said I had to wear a diaper and nothin’ else.

HAYLEY: That’s what happens when you have an accident.

ROBERT: I didn’t want to do it. It just happened.

HAYLEY: (smiling) That’s why it is called an accident dear. Now let’s go. Mommy has to take you to your surprise.

ROBERT: Can’t I get dressed?

HAYLEY: No, Mommy didn’t bring you a fresh set of clothes. You will be fine in your diaper.

She picks him up and he starts to have a tantrum.

ROBERT: No! No! Don’t wanna! I’m a big boy! I’m a growed up boy!

She puts him on the floor and spanks his behind a few times.

HAYLEY: Now are you going to behave and listen to Mommy?

ROBERT: Yes mommy.

They head out the door and a short time later they are at a large indoor pool. His mother is now wearing a very revealing swimsuit while he has on a tiny speedo style swimsuit. They are standing alongside the pool and several feet away are five fathers and their young daughters. An 18 year old boy in a red swimsuit walks out of an office. He has a whistle hanging from a chain around his neck. He walks over to the parents and their young children.

STEPHEN: Hello and welcome to the Tiny Tots swimming program. Today we are going to teach your little ones how to swim. I’m Stephen and I will be overseeing today’s activities.

At that moment the room is struck by a burst of particles as the satellite makes another pass overhead. Robert stares in disbelief as the swim instructor swiftly changes into a pretty teenage girl. A few second after that all of the fathers begin to shrink and get younger as their daughters begin to grow older. In no time at all the fathers are all little boys wearing tiny swimsuits while their daughters are now full grown women.

STEPHANIE: As I was saying ladies, in a few moments you will be placing your sons into the water and we will begin their lessons.

Robert taps his mother on the arm.

ROBERT: I wanna go home Mommy.

HAYLEY: What’s wrong honey? Are you afraid of the water?

ROBERT: No. Somethin’ funny just happen.

HAYLEY: Like what?

ROBERT: All of those little boys was daddies and all of the little girls is now mommies.

HAYLEY: That’s right Bobby. All mommies were little girls once and all little boys become daddies.

ROBERT: No Mommy. It just happen now, and it happen before at daycares.

HAYLEY: No dear, those things take a long time to happen. Nothing has changed. Those are the same little boys that you saw when we first got here.

ROBERT: But they was daddies! They was! Why don’t you believes me? You gots to believes me!

HAYLEY: Bobby you are making a scene. Now why don’t you be a good little boy and go into the water with all the other boys. Once you learn how to swim you will love it. Look at how much fun the other little boys are having with their mommies.

He looks over at the rest of the group and sees that they are already in the water and having lots of fun as they learn how to swim. He grabs her hand and tries to pull her away from the pool.

ROBERT: No! No! Wanna go! Wanna go now!

At that moment the instructor comes over to them.

STEPHANIE: Is something the matter?

HAYLEY: My son is just a little nervous about going in the water.

SAMANTHA: Sometimes the most direct approach is the best way of handling these things.

The instructor picks up Robert and before he realizes what is happening she throws him into the pool. He plunges into the water and he is splashing about wildly until he finally begins to dog paddle.

ROBERT: (gleefully) Look at me mommy! I’m swimmin’!

He swims to the steps at the edge of the pool and climbs out.

ROBERT: Did you see me mommy? I was swimmin’.

She kisses him on the forehead.

HAYLEY: Yes dear, mommy saw you.

A short time later they are in the car heading home. Robert is still in his swimsuit as he sits in his car seat. He is busy playing with an action figure as his mother turns on the radio.

VOICEOVER ON RADIO: Further reports are coming into the station about the benefits that people are starting to experience from the satellite. Blind people are beginning to see for the first time in their life and cancer victims are either in remission or clear of the cancerous cells altogether.

HAYLEY: Seems like the satellite is doing a lot of good.

ROBERT: But it’s doin’ other things too Mommy. It’s changin’ people.

HAYLEY: That’s what it’s supposed to do dear. You heard the lady on the radio say that blind people can now see. That’s a very good change.

ROBERT: Yeah but it also changed you and me, and lots of other peoples.

HAYLEY: I think you’ve had a very busy day and that you should go to bed as soon as we get home.

ROBERT: Don’t wanna go to bed. Wanna stop the satellite from changin’ things.

HAYLEY: (laughs) I think the only change you need to worry about is changing into a fresh diaper before mommy puts you to bed.

A short time later they are back home and in Robert’s bedroom. He is standing near his bed wearing just a diaper. His mother is next to a small bookcase.

HAYLEY: Now what story do you want mommy to read you tonight?

ROBERT: Don’t wanna story. Wanna wear my pajamas.

HAYLEY: You don’t have any clean ones. You will be fine sleeping in your diaper.

She picks him up and places him in bed. After kissing him goodnight she turns out the light and begins to leave.

ROBERT: Please don’t close the door mommy.

HAYLEY: Okay, I will leave it a little open for you. Goodnight my darling.

She leaves the door slightly ajar as she leaves the room. A few minutes later Robert gets out of bed and heads to the door. He slowly opens it and looks into the hallway. Seeing it empty he cautiously makes his way down the hall until he is in the kitchen.

ROBERT: I gots to find someone and tells them about the satellite and what it’s doin’. Mommy won’t listen to me. She treats me likes a little boy.

He tries to open the back door but the handle is too high for him to reach. Seeing the doggie door in the lower half of the door he drops to his hands and knees and crawls through the tiny door. It is dark outside and the only light is coming from the full moon overhead.

ROBERT: (nervous) Gee it’s really dark out here. I hope there are no monsters around. But I gots to tell someone what I know.

A short distance away he sees a tricycle (or maybe a small pedal car that he can fit into). He quickly gets onto it and begins to pedal away. He is pedaling down the sidewalk and he looks confused.

ROBERT: Everything looks so different. It all looks so big and scary.

He keeps pedaling and soon he comes across a police car that is parked at the end of the street. The two policemen are standing outside of their vehicle taking a short break.

ROBERT: There are two policemens. They can helps me.

He keeps pedaling and finally stops just a few feet away from the officers.

ROBERT: E’scuse me. I gots to talk to you about somethin’ importants.

The two officers look down at the youngster and smile.

OFFICER # 1: Looks like someone is outside past his bedtime.

OFFICER # 2: Seems to be a bit of an epidemic tonight.

OFFICER # 1: What’s your name son?

ROBERT: Bobby.

OFFICER # 2: And do you know where you live Bobby?

ROBERT: Uh huh, I live in my house with my mommy.

OFFICER # 1: And where would that be Bobby?

Robert starts to point in one direction and then changes his mind and begins to point in a different direction. Then he looks around totally confused.

ROBERT: I don’t remember. I’m losted.

He begins to cry as his fears begin to work their way to the surface. One of the officers takes off his hat and places it on Robert’s head. This calms him down and he stops crying.

OFFICER # 2: Now Bobby, we are going to take you for a little ride in our car. And when we arrive at the station we will try to locate your mommy for you.

ROBERT: Okay. And there was somethin’ else I was gonna talk to you about but I can’t remember what it was.

OFFICER # 1: That’s all right. If you remember you can tell us at that time.

One of the officers places Robert’s tricycle / pedal car in the trunk while the other one opens the back door to the cruiser. Sitting on the back seat are two twelve year old girls.

OFFICER # 2: Okay Bobby, you can get in back with the other two lost kids. I can’t understand where all these lost children are coming from.

OFFICER # 1: It’s all bad parenting. That’s what I say.

A short time later they arrive at the police station. Robert is standing outside of the police car as the two policemen escort the two young girls out of the car and up the steps. As the four of them get halfway up the stairs they are struck by the rays of the satellite as it passes overhead. Robert stares in amazement as the two policemen begin to shrink and get younger until they are barely eight years of age. Their uniforms also start to transform and when they are done they are both wearing a pair of cartoon character pajamas.

The two young girls also begin to transform. They start to age and grow as their clothing changes from girl clothes to police uniforms. In less than a minute there are now two police woman on the steps along with two mystified eight year old boys.

POLICE WOMAN # 1: Okay boys, time to get you all inside.

POLICE WOMAN # 2: Oops, we almost forgot about our youngest passenger.

She heads back down the steps and takes Robert by the hand.

POLICE WOMAN # 2: Time for you to get inside so we can locate your mother.

ROBERT: But you was just a little girl. And those two boys was policemens.

POLICE WOMAN # 2: (Laughs) Kid, you got one wild imagination.

The inside of the police station is filled with a multitude of children ranging from the age of four to twelve. Most of them are dressed in pajamas and appear to be a bit confused. Just a short time ago they were adults and after being affected by the satellite’s rays they have now been reverted back into children. Since most of them were transformed into children on their way home from work or shopping none of them are accompanied by an adult.

Robert has fallen asleep on the lap of a policewoman as two more ‘lost’ children in pajamas are brought into the station.

POLICE WOMAN # 3: Here are two more that were found wandering the streets. I can’t understand the sudden outbreak of lost children. It seems like everywhere we drive we run into several more of them.

POLICE WOMAN # 1: It’s bad parenting. I’ve been saying it all along.

She turns to the police woman that is holding the sleeping Robert.

POLICE WOMAN # 1: He seems to be quite comfortable.

POLICE WOMAN # 2: It took almost an hour to get him to calm down and fall asleep. He kept going on about something important that he had to tell me but he couldn’t remember what it was.

POLICE WOMAN # 1: At that age everything is important to them.

At that moment a very noticeably worried Hayley storms into the police station.

HAYLEY: Where is he? I was told that my son was here.

Robert wakes up when he hears his mother’s voice. He opens his eyes and he smiles.

ROBERT: Mommy!

The policewoman holding Robert stands up.

POLICE WOMAN # 2: I believe I have him over here.

HAYLEY: Bobby! I’ve been so worried about you. When I went to check on you I saw that you weren’t in your bed.

She takes him into her arms and hugs him.

ROBERT: I’m sorry mommy.

HAYLEY: It’s all right dear, as long as you are safe. Let’s get you home and back to bed.

The television is on when they enter the house and they are reporting the latest news about the satellite. On the screen are two individuals, both of them beautiful women in their mid to late twenties. The first is a female newscaster wearing a low cut blouse and the other is an attractive brunette wearing a white lab coat. Hayley walks to the large sofa in front of the television and sits down. Robert sits down beside her.

ROBERT: I’m sorry that I runs away like that Mommy.

HAYLEY: I’m just glad that you are safe. Don’t ever do anything like that again. Being all alone by yourself outside, who knows what horrible thing might have happened to you.

ROBERT: But I had to tell someone about the satellite Mommy.

HAYLEY: What about it dear?

At that moment they are struck by the rays of the satellite as it passes overhead. Robert goes from being a four year old down to a three year old.

ROBERT: Mommy, I feels funny.

The rays continue to have an effect on Robert and he keeps growing smaller and a moment later he goes from the age of three to two.

ROBERT: Momma.

He continues to get smaller and younger and Hayley picks him up and cradles him in her arms as he finally stops de-aging. Now he is barely a year old and hardly able to talk.

ROBERT: Mmm… ma… ma… ma.

Hayley pulls down her blouse and exposes one of her breasts.

HAYLEY: Yes my little angel, Mommy knows what you want.

She pulls him closer to her chest and he quickly begins to suck on her breast. As she continues to breast feed him she turns her attention to the newscaster that is on the television.

CHARLENE DAWSON: Once again this is Charlene Dawson and with me in the studio is the celebrated Dr. Josephine Avery, creator of the miraculous satellite that has almost wiped out all disease and disabilities from the planet.

DR. JOSEPHINE AVERY: Thank you Charlene. At this point I am pleased to announce that Project Eradicate is a 100% success. With literally no reported side effects the satellite continues to bathe the planet with its beneficial rays.

Hayley picks up the remote control and turns off the television. Robert is now done with his meal and he has fallen asleep in her arms. She gets up from the sofa and walks into a nursery. She places him in his crib and kisses him on the forehead.

HAYLEY: Goodnight mommy’s little angel. I am so happy to hear that there were no side effects to the satellite. But if there had been you can rest assure that mommy would have been the first person to notice them.

As she leaves the room she turns off the light and the last thing we see is the image of Robert as he sleeps by the glow of the night light above his crib.

The End




  1. TGTrinity

    Wow, absolutely nothing sinister going on in this story… Great work on this, and I really liked how you presented the story almost as a staged play. Looking forward to the future releases.

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes, nothing sinister yet happening, just some fun transformations. I presented it in this format because I thought it would make it easier for someone (hint hint) to illustrate it. Currently there are two more short stories in this series and hopefully the next one will be posted soon.

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