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The Rise Of a New Queen

Lucian was an orphan wandering the streets of Eastern Verdermont. Being only five years old left him as weak even among the other homeless kids in the district and what little coin he could salvage was quickly beaten out of him by the older kids as soon as he found it. Nearly every night, he would look up to the sky wherever he chose to stay the night and wish he could have some type of confidence. Some type of power! Something to get him through this little nightmare of a kingdom that he had no choice but to call home. But that was all he could do. Wish…

However, Lucian’s luck actually managed to flip one day while being chased by the “Eastern Verdermont Rats”, a violent gang of teenagers that constantly used him for target practice. They chased him all throughout the village and, eventually, through the entire woods outside of it. Considering the boy had also never been outside his village before in his life, he was rightfully scared beyond the limit of rational thoughts. Still, with the gang as ruthless as ever, he was forced to traverse the entire unknown area all in one day. Eventually, the Rats did get tired of messing with some stupid kid and headed back towards their home turf, leaving poor Lucian all by himself in the unfamiliar woods. He was just lucky enough to find what looked like an abandoned temple to serve his means of a shelter, at least for the night.

The temple looked rather uninteresting both inside and out with only a few rooms separated by mostly undecorated holes in the walls. There were a few mysterious rune symbols everywhere and some pillars holding the whole thing together, but other than that, Lucian couldn’t find anything remarkable to really explore before getting some well deserved rest. So, he immediately passed out just outside the entrance.

Unbeknownst to the young boy, the temple he found was a sacred one, one belonging to the lost race of the amazons. Through years of exile and inability to reproduce due to all being genetically female, they all but died off long ago. However, the temple’s magic, the very source of the race’s birth so long ago, still lived on in the temple from which they were created from lesser creatures, giving aid to any of those in need and deserving of it. For the first time in hundreds of years, the spirits of the temple found someone that fit both of those qualifications. Now, it could help both this little child and the reformation of the most beautiful race to have ever graced the earth.


That night, Lucian had a strange dream. One could interpret it as a nightmare, but that was the only kind of dream the boy was familiar with. In it, he was being chased by a pack of rodents through a grand forest. It didn’t take effort to understand what this symbolized, but it didn’t matter either way; the fear was the same as when he was chased by humans. The pack eventually cornered him at a strange set of pillars set up right in the center of the forest. The rodents screamed for what felt like hours, not even allowing the mercy of an easy death. As the young child curled up into a small ball of little protection, he heard a voice.

“Fear not,” a seemingly ethereal voice called out in a sweet melody of femininity. “Instead, use your power to become stronger.”

Even in his dream, Lucian questioned the wisdom of these words. How could he become stronger than hundreds of rodents at once?

“Rodents are below you and powerless.” said the voice in calm nature

The voice was right there. Still, rodents were stronger than any five year old, no matter how strong.

“True” said the voice

Lucian wanted to shout out “Duh!” to the strange voice, but knew better than to do so around a bunch of hungry rodents.

“They’re not hungry, only mean. Mean because they are stronger.” said the voice

Wait, but didn’t the voice just say that the rodents weren’t stronger?

“Exactly. Are you mean? Are you strong? Are you powerful?” said the voice

No, he wasn’t any of those things.

“Well, do you want to be?” asked the voice

He didn’t want to be mean, but he definitely wanted to be big and powerful. He wanted to be able to fight the rodents because they were mean. They were evil, in fact. They had no good qualities in his eyes; they just saw Lucian as food. All they did was hurt others and cause pain. All they did was devour. They would kill a puppy for the satisfaction of a small yelp. The thought actually made Lucian wonder how a rodent sounds when they are killed.

“Perhaps you’d like to find out? asked the voice invitingly

‘Not like I have much else to do.’

“Then will you allow us to help you then?” said the voice as multiple other voices said the same thing just like echos

“Go ahead,” Lucian said at loud. The rodents took this as a cue to attack and started to pounce. However, the young boy did not flinch as both him and his attackers got enveloped in a strange beam emanating from the strange pillars. The rodents seemed to be locked in time, Lucian was able to witness all of the wonderful changes that occurred to him.

The first thing that the young boy noticed was that he wasn’t so little anymore. His body had grown by more than a couple years. His usual height of 3’8’’ had to be about 5’11’’ by now, with the rest of his body growing to match it. He would almost look like an adult man if it wasn’t for the fact that no body hair grew on him. His muscles began to grow but they weren’t rough and tough like a man’s, they looked rather smooth and elegant, but still much stronger than most men and statuesque in a way.

Any pudge that was left in his stomach was pushed in and became a pack of defined pecs which, although less chiseled than most strong men would have, was more than enough to break a small blade or a large fist upon impact. However, the pudge did not simply disappear; it was actually accumulating in different areas where it would be more useful. Even though Lucian was usually a starving boy and his stomach barely had enough fat to protect his bones, the contents still proved useful in giving him generous waist and curves. Actually, generous was an understatement considering how much they got filled out.

Even if this was all a dream, the orphan could still feel a rush of euphoria as the changes moved to his chest. Where was once nothing but skin and bones was now an almost divinely large pair of cantaloupe sized breasts. He felt like there were a thousand tiny bugs on it as it re-molded into an almost impossibly symmetrical face with sharp cheekbones and voluptuous lips. Even though Lucian didn’t quite feel it happening, he could feel long hair brushing against his bare back.

By now his mind had begun to develop with age and Lucian knew that he was becoming a woman. And even though he hadn’t been old enough to understand or appreciate them seconds ago, he knew he was becoming a rather well-built woman. He also knew that there was only one thing that a woman has that he didn’t have yet. So, he was prepared when he felt his legs go empty.

Lucian’s old and ripped clothes began to move around…her new body as it began to form a more appropriate clothing for her new body but due to the lack of cloth, she only got a cloth wrap around her chest, an underwear and wraps around her feet to protect them from blisters and sharp objects on the ground. Though, the new woman still didn’t understand why her skin became tan gold like color or why her eyes became a bright honey, but that didn’t matter so much to her. All that mattered to her now was when the light would end and the rodents would attack.

“Well, you’re certainly big and strong now, aren’t you?” the voice from before joked.

“I suppose,” Lucian laughed out loud in her sultry new voice while looking down at her new body.

“Oh, somebody’s finally got some confidence! Guess all it took was a little push.”

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘little’ push.” She cupped her newly formed breasts. “Kinda a big one.”

“Well, the amazons are also known for their unearthly attractiveness among their toughness too”

“I’m sorry, but did you say amazons?”

“Yes, for you are now the last of our kind. Perhaps I’ll relay our entire history later, but first, I believe you have a pest problem.”

“Oh, right.” Lucian glanced at the herds of rodents suspended in time “Now that I’m an adult, I can understand what these rodents really represent. So trust me when I say I will be glad to do this”

“Suit yourself.”

“By the way, before I start slaughtering these guys, you wouldn’t happen to have a name, would you?”

“Feel free to call me Peria. You sure you don’t want some proper clothes or armor first?”

“Nah, this is just a dream. I feel more than content with what I have on right now, I want to feel the thrill of pain in this body”

“Man, you’ve really grown up,” Peria giggled. “Okay, unfreezing in 3, 2, 1.”

The rodents unfroze and continued pouncing towards Lucian. As the rodents approached, Lucian picked up piece of stone from the ground and ran towards the rats with pure euphoria and adrenaline filling her body

Lucian woke up late that morning. Throughout the rest of the night, Peria told her about the essential history of the amazons and her new role. Apparently, she would now find people willing and able to gain power like her to the temple to help rebuild her race. It wasn’t some type of assimilation plot, just helping those in serious need of power and willing to help repopulate. The new woman willingly complied knowing how great her change had been. Even if it did all occur while she was asleep, she would never forget the wonderful experience of growing stronger in both body and mind.

Lucian walked over to one of the holes in the hall and recited the ancient incantation that Peria told her. The hole immediately shifted into a portal into a room bearing a magic pedestal. Within this pedestal was a large sword. She then proceeded to lift the sword out with little effort. Even while it glowed in her hands, her grip on the hilt didn’t waver. Apparently, this was a sword belonging to the new leader of her race.

A blue glowing orb then appeared from the edge of the sword. “Well, you sure didn’t waste any time,” the orb joked in a familiar voice.

“Not like I have much else to do,” Lucian smiled back. “How about we go make some Rats cry for mercy?”

“I hope you’re not talking the animals.”

“Of course not,” the amazon smirked.

“Well, if you go out like that, they’d probably die of blood loss before you even touch them.”

“Heh, good point. You wouldn’t happen to have some spare armor and weapons around, would you, Peria?”

“Just go into the third hall to the right. There’s plenty of royal garbs there. While we’re talking, we might as well come up with a queen-like name than ‘Lucian’.”


A few minutes later, the newly crowned Queen Luci left her temple with her loyal sword, Peria, in search of a good fight. Her golden armor shimmered in the sunlight as a white cape flew with the wind behind her, her armor provided full top to bottom protection, however it also showed off her glorious curves and muscles. She hoped that she would come across the Eastern Verdermont Rats soon. She needed to demonstrate the power of the amazons in the most extravagant way possible. Her choice of clothing would make her show of power all the more memorable.



  1. PhoeniXoX

    I did not think it would be posted this quickly, thx to whoever read and approved it to be published

  2. BLZBub

    A good story for the relaunch of the site. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you, just as I am looking forward to doing more stories.

  3. bela04

    Keep them coming guys! I’ll post your submitted stories regularly! 🙂

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