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The Release of “Reality Glasses”! It’s in the SHOP!

Helllooo my friends!

Bela here, and I have some news for you! First with the good one: Reality Glasses is now up in the store! Our newest Premium Comic is finally out, sorry it took so long but I wanted to make sure all the visuals are okay! I really hope you guys gonna like it, it took me months to finally reach this stage. There might be some misspell or other errors since I’m the only one who can revise the final product. But as always I’m happy for the feedback and I’ll correct any mistakes instantly if you find any! Feel free to drop me an email as always.

So what’s it about? Here’s a quick summary:

Vanessa is a genius 13 years old, while Jacob is a 20 something shy, and simple guy who just try to get by without hurting anyone. But Vanessa’s new invention is gonna change the duo’s life. For good? For bad?
Let’s just say, sometimes you have to take off your glasses and see how things look without it. Though, might still need years to understand everything.

As for the bad news:

Some of you might have already noticed and I already posted a quick message on our Discord channel about it, Patreon reached out and used the big thicc BAN hammer on me. It’s not that surprising, since as an 18+ content creator I always had to stay low and stay under the radar. I couldn’t share many of my works there because of the admins. Fun fact, on the same day I was informed about my suspension Patreon brought in another rule to hold back adult creators.
Well, I started to email them, but so far no one responded. It’s not surprising they don’t really care about us, no matter how many of us – adult creators – was there at the beginning. It’s a little more hurting for me personally that I just started to post some tasty new stuff there to bring back the page to it’s “glory”. I had many people that I need to do this, you guys, and your unstopped support get me where I am now today. And I would like to honor this help and support.

So I already moved to the rival SubsriceStar and made a page there. I already posted the latest content there from the past month to start. I’m still new to its form and I can see the possibilities in it just have to learn more about it, and of course, wait for them to confirm my page. Hope it helps soon. So please, if you still consider me worthy of your support, join my SubscirbeStar page, and let’s build up again the community there! You can join here, or click the picture!

So what’s next? We won’t stop, the new page is up hopefully will be on the go soon and I won’t stop making new stuff! Short comics are coming on the new page as ex-Patreon stuff, while the next big one, “Joel’s Dream” is coming as well! Keep it up and thanks for the support! πŸ™‚



  1. Bigmc89

    One question: are the premium comics included in the SubscribeStar account?

    • bela04

      Good question! Before my Patreon was shut down I had a debate with one of the supporters there about this. I posted a few pictures there from the comics claiming that it is coming this month. Originally it was planned to be released on Patreon as a short comic but in the outcome, I think you can all see why it was released as a premium tale.
      It took me a lot of time to make it so I had to change my mind. It’s not firstly because of the money but the value of a product.

      The amount of time I give to these arts has to pay off in a way. And a lot has changed since 2013 when I started. Nowadays when everyone puts their stuff behind paywalls, the opposite side, the pirate site grows as well reacting to the tendency. Considering how people worked on Patreon I had to make a decision.
      So releasing Premium tales on SubscribeStar? All I can say is maybe… It will depend on how things work out there. I’m not saying never but I have to see how people gonna react, how the community grows there. Releasing half part there might be a great solution but that’s just an idea! πŸ™‚

      Let’s get back to this question after some time when we spent some time on SubscribeStar. At the moment I still had to wait for the activation of the site.

  2. Monns

    Good art as always but storywise a bit pale. But it was more than worth it! πŸ™‚

    • bela04

      Yepp, still need to find out some great twists for future ideas, not that the genre holds too many possibilities but still! πŸ™‚ I try to bring a little bit more with the art each time.

    • bela04

      Most people prefer this way and this is also the easiest! Would you prefer some other payment method as well?

      • uranose11

        In the past i bought other comics directly with a credit card without any problems, with paypal you cant even add card without waiting 2 o 3 works days to use it.

        • uranose11

          I mean, i want to buy your comic but with paypal being the only option is kinda difficult. And in the check out it says “Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.” and there is no option to pay only with the credit card.

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