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The Photo Series Update & Christmas Sale!

Well hello everyone!

First I want to say, I’m much better and I want to thank everybody who send me his or her thoughts and great wishes in the forums/pm or any other form!

Second, we have a small update today! I’m launching a new series what was on the Patreon page before! It is called the “Photo Series”  and it let us see, how a family life – especially between the siblings – can be effected by a strange illness. Or is it a Virus? Who knows, the thing is, that they have to fight it together and this is not easy for none of the siblings. So let’s see how the Pendletons are handleing a “small” AP Virus!

I’m gonna post 2 Pictures from day to day to see how they life changing from year to year! One pic will be in the morning and one will be in the night! (CET)

Also, our Christmas sale starts today, so if you see something you like, maybe it is your time to catch up with it! 😉 Check the Store!

Other things: I know some of you seen the thread called: “Who’s more moral, philosophers or fiction fans?” at the ArArchive forums where one of the legendary AR/AP writer,

Tainted Sins

showed up and shared his current and past situation! I’ve got mail and a forum topic was born here also at AgeArts thanks to lostandwhatever, who drew attention to this topic. You can read it yourself at the link but in short: Tainted Sins who inspired many of us – including me – is in trouble and he could use our help. I would like to say that I know how hard it could be but I’m not gonna lie for the greater good… I don’t. I can just only imagine… After all his broke in his life he still want to fight and live a normal life!
So if you think you can be a little help for a great author and want to support him to start again and see more of his amazing stories, here is your chance. Thank you for listening!


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