The Necklace

Today I bring you a comic what was jumped out of my head in just 2 minutes. I didn’t want to put so much meaning into it, it was a quick rush what is thank to the beautiful Blake Lively. I just saw a picture of her and the look of her inspiried me to create a picture about her. Of course because there wasn’t too many options to create a Blake Lively look like model in DAZ, I tried to put her inspirational hint into this short comic. The dress and the look on the girls face reminds me her, but it can be just only me! 🙂

Anyway I’m presenting to you “The Necklace” !

To give you a little update about the things going now:

  • So far I’ve got 12 people who offered to my announcemt for the Writing position! Thank you everyone! The role is still open and thanks to the many canditate it can surly happen I will make an inner circle for those people who show their skills to me! The “test comics” were sent out so I’m waiting for the answers!
  • Two/Three Premium comic is on the way, one Bimbo comic what is mostly like a “Collection of my Bimbo works” and two AR/AP comic. One is about a college guy who wish to have a “day off in the school studies” and the other is a little it different! We can see how a guys life is changed completly while we watching how his memories are rewritten… In hi MIND!
  • Also new Patreon comics are going out very soon so if you wish to see some new stuff check out my PATREON Page!
  • New comics coming to AgeArts this week and the following! Stay Tuned!


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