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The week had finally come, and Alicia was not happy at all. Her family was moving across the county, and that meant that she would never see her best friend again.


“Alicia! You’re little friend is here, but you’ve got to start packing up your room!” It was her Mother calling from downstairs, and Alicia jumped off her bed at once.


“Okay!” She called down as she tried her best to wipe away her tears. She didn’t want Tony to see that she was crying, as this was probably the last she would ever see of him. Her mother told her that she was only seven and would make new friends soon enough, but she wanted to stay friends with Tony.


“Hey, can I come in?” She turned and saw Tony standing in the doorway, and was surprised to see that it looked like he had been crying as well.


“Of course you can, silly… This is our last chance to see each other.” She wanted to be strong, but the tears began to flow freely.

“Hey, it’s all going to be okay!” Tony said as he ran over and gave her a big hug. He noticed that she was still refusing to pack her room, and that made him glad. She wasn’t giving up on him so easily, but there was still a glimmer of hope that they wouldn’t need to be separated after all. “It’s okay, Alicia… I think I’ve found a way for you to fix all of this.”


“I’ve already tried everything,” she said in between sobs. Many hours over the last month had been spent by Alicia trying to convince her parents why they needed to stay. One day she even tried to tie herself to the large oak tree in the back, but she soon found that her mother’s scissors would cut through her jump rope easily enough.


“You haven’t tried this,” Tony said before pulling a small coin out of his pocket.


“What?” Alicia asked as her tears finally seemed to subside. “What fo r you want me to do with that? My Dad is getting paid a lot of money to move, and I don’t think…”


“It’s not to give your Dad, it’s for you to use.” Alicia still had a confused look on her face, and Tony was worried that she wasn’t going to believe the incredible story he was about to tell   her. “You know my Grandma, right?”


“Sure, she’s really sweet, but I can’t understand her sometimes.”


“Well, that’s because she’s from Romania. She’s getting pretty sick, and that’s why my Mom and Dad moved her here to live with us. And you see, she’s taken a real liking to me. She thinks that because I’m the youngest of six that I don’t get a lot of say in what happens around the house.”


“Well you don’t,” Alicia said with a small smile, “you’re brothers and sisters are the worst.”


“You don’t have to tell me that,” he said as he was happy to see a smile on her face. “Anyway, Grandma always would tell me stories at night before I went to bed, and a lot of them would have to do with witches and spells. She even told me about an old coin that would grant one wish to someone, but it would only work one time.”


“What does this have to do with me moving?” Alicia asked inquisitively.


“Here is the magic coin!” Tony said as he thrust the coin into her hand. “My Grandma gave it to me! She said it will grant me one wish!”


Alicia looked at the tiny coin in her hand, and for some reason she knew that what Tony was saying was true. “B-But, it’s yours!”


“Yes, but I don’t want you to leave! So I want to give it to you!” He was breathing heavy now, as if he knew something truly incredible was about to happen. “Maybe it can help us!”

She held the coin hard in her hand and thought about what she could wish for that would   help them. This was all because of the trust her young heart had developed for Tony, yet the thought of wielding such power scared her. That little dash of fear was quickly being enveloped by a hope that things might actually turn out fo r the two. Deep in her heart she knew what she wanted, and it was the first thing that came to her lips. “I wish we can stay together… I wish you could come with me!”

They stared at each other for a moment, and nothing seemed to happen. “Do you feel any different? Do you think something happened?” Tony asked.


“I don’t feel any different…” She got up from her bed and grabbed Tony by the hand. “Here, let’s go downstairs and see if anything has changed!” She was excited to see if the wish had really changed everything, yet everything downstairs seemed the same.


“Alicia, have you started packing yet?” Her mother asked as she wrapped a large painting in bubble wrap.


“Um… Yeah, Tony is helping me,” she lied, but she didn’t want her mother to get rid of Tony if the wish hadn’t come true. “So… Is there any chance that Tony could move with us?” Tony flashed Alicia a look of shock, but he figured there was no other way to see if the wish had actually worked.

“We’ve talked about this, Alicia… Tony has to stay here with his family…”


Alicia didn’t wait to hear what her mother said after that, and ran back upstairs to her room. She was beginning to cry again, and Tony said nothing as he sat beside her and felt himself beginning to cry as well. “This isn’t fair,” said before the air in the room seemed to heat up. “I

– I feel strange!” It was if she was being pulled in all directions at once, and it was not a very pleasant feeling.


“Are you okay?” Tony asked as cavalierly as a seven year old could. “You don’t look like,” he started to say before he felt his hands beginning to tremble. “My hands are shaking!”

It started with a strange tickle in her stomach, but it quickly spread all over her body. The next thing she noticed was a small tickle on her neck, and she saw that her brown hair was moving past her shoulders.


“Alicia… I don’t feel very good,” Tony said as his eyes seemed to glaze over before snapping back into focus.


“I know, I feel it too,” she replied as her hair continued to grow out. She wanted to say more, to bring attention to what was happening, but her voice was suddenly very scratchy. A few coughs made her feel a little better, but then she noticed that the white leggings that she was wearing seemed to be tearing at the seams. “My clothes are ripping,” she said, only her voice sounded just like her mothers now.


“You sound weird,” Tony said after a few coughs, but his voice was far more different than previously.


“You sound like my Dad,” Alicia said as a smile graced her face. “Oh my gosh! Something is happening!”


It was way too noticeable to deny at that point, and Tony was amazed. “My eyes! I-I think we are growing!”

Tiny specs of colored light seemed to pop off of their skin as they grew. Tony watched as lean muscles began to expand over his body, before little hairs began to cover and grow all over   his skin. While he saw Alicia’s hair continue to grow, he reached up to his head and found  that his shaggy hair was now neatly trimmed.


“My hair is different!” He exclaimed as his tiny shorts morphed into a pair of jeans.


“Tell me about it,” Alicia said with a grin as her hair continued to grow until it was halfway down her back. “It’s…” she said before taking a deep breath. “It’s starting to feel really good!”


Tony looked over at his best friend as she exhaled, then his eyes nearly shot out of his head as he saw two large lumps grow on her chest. She was growing boobs, and for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He had been around plenty of boobs in his life, as his mother, sisters and teachers had them, but he was looking at Alicia’s new boobs as if he was seeing them for the first time.


“What are you staring at, Tony?” She asked in her lovely new alto.


The changes were not just physical, as Tony felt his skin seem to burn when she said his   name. It stirred emotions in him that he didn’t understand, yet he knew that he liked the way they felt. “Your… Your chest is growing.”

“Oh my God!” She said as she looked down and saw her new breasts. “I’m growing breasts just like my Mom!”


Tony was about to say that Alicia’s new breasts were much bigger now than her mothers, but something told him that he shouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. “I think that we’re becoming… I mean, I think that we’re grown ups now.”


“OMG!!!” Alicia said excitedly as the changes seemed to come to an end. “You are right! We are adults!” She was now standing up and jumping around her room, and while Tony wanted to join her he found that something new was keeping him from getting up. “Can you see it!? That is so cool! This way we can decide our own fate!

“I-I can see, yes! This new feelings are distracting my attention a little bit…”

“Oh my God! Look at my clothes!” Alicia said as she continued to jump around the room. “My boots are so freaking cute!”


“Yeah,” Tony whispered as he sat on the toy chest at the edge of her bed. There was a tightening in his pants, and instinctively he understood that he was experiencing his first erection. It was kind of frightening at one moment to find a part of his body had changed so much, but then he saw the way that Alicia’s breasts bounced around in her new top and he felt pretty damn good.

“This means that we don’t have to leave!” She said as she sat back down on the bed next to Tony. “We’re fucking adults!” She said as she quickly covered her mouth.


Tony was finally distracted from the feeling in his pants, and a laugh escaped. “Oh my God! you said a bad word!” He was laughing really hard now, and Alicia hit him on the shoulder.


“I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from,” sh e said with a devious grin all while her face turned a bright red. “This is all so strange… I just can’t believe that the coin really worked!”

“I know,” Tony said as he began to feel light headed again. “Oh my… Do you feel funny again?”


“Yeah,” Alicia said as she placed her hand on Tony’s thigh to sturdy herself.Together they witnessed the room begin to fade in and out, like someone was flipping the light switch on  and off. The same little balls of light began to spread across the room, and soon they saw things change. It started off simple, like all of the pink disappeared at once, but then things happened quicker. The walls changed color before Alicia ‘s bed expanded into a much larger version. The colors of the room became much more adult, and photos of Paris and waterfalls hung in small bunches.


“My room… It’s totally different,” she said quietly as she got up and looked around.


“Yeah, but why would your room change? I figured the coin just made us older,” Tony added as he looked around. “Holy shit!” He exclaimed as he walked over to some photos.


“Swearing!?” Alicia said with a laugh as she walked over to see what he was talking about, and then she was just as surprised. “Holy shit!”


“I know, right?” Tony was looking at large groping of black and white photos hanging on the wall, and everyone had them both in it. “These are all pictures of us,” he whispered as he looked them over.


“You’re right,” she whispered as she pulled a photo off the wall. It was the two of them standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris… and they were kissing. “Oh my God, we’re… kissing in this picture.” She turned to look at him and saw that he was transfixed on another photo.

“Yeah, we’re kissing in this one too,” he said as he pulled it off the wall and showed it to her.


“I’m… I look like an actual adult,” Alicia gasped as she saw herself wearing a very small bikini on the beach.


“You look better than any adult I’ve ever seen,” Tony said with a smile, and for a moment the two just stared into each other’s eyes.


It was Alicia who finally broke the silence, mostly because she didn’t understand what her body was trying to tell her. “I-I think this is our place! I don’t know how, but it looks like we moved together!”


A moment of realization passed over Tony, and he better understood what was happening. “Yes, I can remember! We are together for years now! This will be our little home until we are in college!” Alicia didn’t say anything, but stepped in close to her best friend and hugged him as hard as she could. “I wonder what kind of other emotions are going to come and hit us!”    He said with a laugh, only he looked down and saw that his best friend was laughing.

“I want to kiss you right now.” Tony didn’t know what to say. He had been feeling the same urge, but was too embarrassed to say anything. “Come on, Tony… This isn’t our first kiss. I can remember our first kiss like it happened yesterday.”

Tony smiled down at the beautiful girl in his arms and nodded. “I can remember, too. We were ten years old, and you fell into the Muncie’s Pond. I jumped in and got you, and you were so grateful that you kissed me.”


“What?” She said coyly. “I’m fairly certain that it was you who kissed me, big guy.”


“I guess we can argue about this all day, or…” He bent down and kissed his best friend on the lips, and found that she was kissing him back. There was nothing strange at all about the act, as it felt familiar and exciting all at once.


“Oh my God… I just kissed my best friend!” Alicia said with a big smile as she finally stopped kissing him.


“What were you doing with your tongue?” “Why, was it bad?”

“No!” Tony exclaimed with a grin, “It was awesome!” She smiled up at him, and they continued to kiss. Before long they were kissing on the bed, and Tony could feel Alicia trembling. “What is it? What’s wrong?”


She looked embarrassed, and her face was becoming bright red. “We’ve done more that kiss  on this bed, haven’t we?” Memories of the two lying in bed together naked filled her mind. As she thought of what he did to her on the bed, it caused a funny sensation in her panties.


“Yeah… I remember too.” Tony was thinking about previous night’s where he had kissed Alicia’s naked breasts while she lay on the bed screaming in pleasure. He remembered that although there was a strong feeling of passion between the two… It was more than that.


“We’ve… made love here,  haven’t  we?” “Love…” Tony whispered as he stared at her. “Yeah,” Alicia said with a girlish giggle, “love…”
Nature took over and the two best friends soon found themselves as willing lovers. The same feeling from kissing before was felt, only this time it was magnified a hundred fold. “I never want to be away from you!” Alicia said in between shouts of pleasure.


“There is nothing in the world that I want more than you,” Tony whispered in her ear as he moved his strong body over hers. “This is all I’ve ever wanted.”


Alicia’s legs were wrapped around Tony as she felt a tidal surge of pleasure wash over her. “Yes! I love you… I love you Tony!” They collapsed into each other’s arms, both fighting to catch their breath. “That was incredible, Tony!”


“I know!” Tony said as he began to chuckle.


“What’s that for? What’s so funny?” He got on his side and looked at the beautiful girl laying next to him. Her large breasts were glistening in the moon light, and he was entranced with how they moved with each breath she took. “Stop looking at my tits and tell me what’s so funny,” she said before hitting him in the shoulder.


When he took his eyes of her breasts, he found something even more incredible to look at. Alicia’s big blue eyes were looking up at him, and there was nothing in the world that could make him look away. “Grandma said it would only grant one wish… The coin, I mean. Yet here I am thinking that I’ve just had every wish imaginable granted by you.”


She slowly got up and straddled his naked form as he sat up. “I could never asked for anything better,” she whispered as she kissed him on the lips again.


As their bodies became one again, Tony knew that she was right. There was nothing he would ever want more than what he had right in front of him. “I love you!” He exclaimed as they made love as a couple who were more than just best friends or boyfriend and girlfriend.


They were soulmates, and one wish guaranteed they would never be apart.




This story was based on an idea by BLZBub


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