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The Maternal Experience – bela04 & TGTrinty

The Maternal Experience

Written by TGTrinity Images by Bela04

Based on an idea by Vakhoar



There were so many to choose from. “Can I take this one?” Amy said with a big smile as she held up a pink swimsuit with little frills at the bottom.

“Totally,” Sara said as she placed the cute swimsuit into a small bag. She was taking little eight-year-old Amy to the water park without her parents alone for the first time. She loved spending time with Amy, and her parents paid her really well too. Now she was getting paid to go play at a water park all day, something she would have easily done for free.

“Okay,” Amy said as she looked over the bathing suits that Sara had brought from her home, “don’t you have any other bathing suits? Like, don’t you have any bikinis?”

Sara looked down at the bed and shrugged. She was eighteen years old and had what many would consider to be a nice body, but she was very self conscious about her breasts. They fit her frame nicely, but they were not as big as her friends. This often led to her choice of swimsuit is a one piece instead of the tiny bikinis her friends would use to show off their curves.

“I really don’t like bikinis,” Sara said as she grabbed a couple of towels.

“You said I could pick out our swimsuits today, and I don’t like any of these,” Amy replied as she sprinted out of the room.

“Where are you going? We have to leave soon!” She yelled as she folded the towels and packed them away. When Amy returned Sara looked up and the bottom of her stomach seemed to fall. Amy was holding a tiny black bikini that she had most likely stolen from her mother’s room, and although there wasn’t much fabric, it was obviously too big for Sara. “What are you doing with that?”

“This is the bikini for you, silly!” Amy giggled as she ran over and placed it in the bag. “Honey, there’s no way that I can fit in that… I’m not as big as your mom.”

“You’ll look so cute, and anyway you said that I could pick it!” Amy had her fists clinched and was sporting a look that said that any arguing was useless. Sara rolled her eyes and zipped up the bag, thinking that she could just buy a new suit once they got to the park.

“Fine, we need to get going.”

“Yay!” Amy shouted as she raced out to Sara’s car. Soon the two were on the road, and a few minutes later they had paid for their tickets and were walking down the hallway to the women’s changing area. Each step made Sara a little more nervous, as the shop at the park didn’t have anything but bikinis in her size. This meant that she would be wearing the tiny black bikini, which also meant that the entire day would be spent being uber self-conscious.

“Hey, didn’t I tell you to leave your phone out in the car? Your parents don’t want you to lose that,” Sara said as Amy flipped through her phone.

“Just give me a second,” Amy replied, “I’ve been saving up all of my allowances to get this new app, and I finally get to use it!”

“Oh, and what’s so amazing about this app?” Sara said with a grin as she thought that it probably involved placing a unicorn horn on the user’s picture.

“It’s amazing, but you have to really see it to believe it,” Amy said as she got a big grin and pressed a button on her phone.

For a moment Sara felt like she was going to be seasick like she was suddenly on a boat out in the middle of the ocean. The little hallway they were in was spinning about her like a top, and it felt as if she was fading away into nothing. Even stranger than the sickening sensation she was experiencing, was what she was seeing with her own eyes.

Amy was growing up!

Sara watched as Amy’s legs lengthened, causing her jeans to move up her thighs. Two breasts began to bud on her chest, as her shoulder-length blonde hair started growing like a weed. Her tiny girlish curves exploded all over her body, now looking very voluptuous and womanly. As she grew taller, her breasts finally came into their own, and Sara watched as they practically caused her red t-shirt to burst. They didn’t stop growing until they were at least twice the size of Sara’s… and it was only then that Sara realized her body had changed as well.

The sickening feeling was covering up the transformation Sara had, but there was no hiding the fact that Amy was now an adult, while Sara was the little kid. Her breasts had disappeared, and she was now shorter than Amy was before the change.

“W-What…” Sara stuttered as the sound of her childish voice gave her pause. “What’s going on!?”

Amy looked absolutely giddy and didn’t seem to care at all that her new breasts were practically on display for anyone who could walk by. Her two massive mounds were now wrapped in a purple tank top that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Wow,” she said in a soft alto, “it worked! I was saving up for this ‘Maternal Experience’, and it was well worth it! Holy shit, look at my boobs,” she giggled as she felt them with her hands, “I’m so glad that I picked the extra-large features package!”

“Y-You did this?” Sara asked as she shifted about in her new clothes. Somehow she was now wearing the shirt and jeans that Amy was wearing a moment ago. “I thought that I was your favorite babysitter! I even talked your parents into letting me bring you here!”

“You are my favorite babysitter, that’s why I wanted you to be part of this! You were the one that made me want to care for someone else, and now I can take care of you!”

“No! You just can’t turn me into a kid and take care of me!” Sara said as she stomped her tiny feet and clenched her fists.

Amy got a serious look on her face and bent down so she could look into Sara’s eyes. “Hey, that is no way to treat your mommy, young lady! You should be glad that I didn’t order the “Baby Package” because I had enough money to do it.” Her face then softened as she took Sara’s little hands in her own. “Look, it’s just for the day, so let’s just go have some fun.”

“Do I really have a choice?” Sara asked as she looked at the ground.

“You can choose to have fun or mope all day, but you don’t get a choice in how old you’ll be while doing it,” Amy added before straightening up and walking into the shower room with Sara’s hand in her own.

The room was fairly empty, and Sara was glad for it. She quickly got out of the large sundress and underwear and bolted to the nearest shower. She covered up her little body as best she could, as she was now very embarrassed. What happened next caused her to become even more nervous.

Amy stepped into the shower area completely naked, and she wasn’t trying to cover up at all. Her new breasts were so big, yet they were still so perky. They bounced a little with each step, and Sara saw that some other women were actually checking Amy out!

“Be sure to wash your hair really well,” Amy said with a smile as she began to lather up her body.

“I know that I need to do that because I’m the babysitter and you’re the kid!” Sara said with as much ferocity as she could muster, but her childish voice made her sound completely harmless.

“No, you’re my daughter, and I’m your mommy,” Amy replied to Sara without getting mad at all. “Just go along with it, Sara, we can still have a lot of fun today.” Sara was having a hard time focusing on anything that Amy said, as she couldn’t stop looking at Amy’s new breasts. “I can tell that you’re staring at my breasts, are they really that big?”

At first, Sara was embarrassed for staring, and it took her a while to actually gather her thoughts. “Well, they’re certainly bigger than the boobs I had,” she said with some discouragement. She didn’t

want to tell Amy that they were bigger than any pair she had seen with her own eyes, as that would only make things worse.

“You were beautiful,” Amy said as she bent down on her knees. “I know that you didn’t have breasts as big as my mom, but they looked so cute on you!”

“Really?” Sara asked as she felt a little better. “Absolutely! You are the cutest girl I’ve ever seen!”

This caused Sara to smile for the first time since the changes happened, which made Amy smile too. She was beginning to feel more motherly with every passing moment, and making her little girl feel better about herself made her happier than she thought possible.

“Thanks… Mommy!” Sara said with a grin as she went about washing herself. The two finished up washing, then returned to their lockers. “Oh, that’s why you picked that bikini,” Sara said as she picked up the pink one piece that was meant for her.

“Yeah,” Amy replied as she bit her bottom lip, “but now I’m a little nervous about putting it on.” “Why?” Sara asked as she pulled on the tiny pink swimsuit.

“I… I’m not sure…”

“Come on,” Sara said as she slipped into the swimsuit.

“Well, I’ve seen my mom wear this around the pool at our house so often, and she looks so gorgeous. Now I realize why she typically wears one-piece swimsuits to the water park because her breasts are so big…”

“And big boobies get a lot of attention,” Sara said with a giggle. “Yeah. So now I’m thinking that I should go buy another…”

“Just wear it, silly!” Sara said with a smile, but it wasn’t genuine. Sara was trying to play the part of the good girl for Amy, but it was only because Amy had all the power. Deep inside she was seething with anger, but the mention of a “Baby Package” scared her even more. Still, she could find ways of punishing Amy for what she had done and making her feel a little self-conscious was just one of the many things she could do. “So what if all the boys stare at your bouncing boobies?”

Amy smiled a little, then shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah, who cares!”

For a moment Sara grinned as she thought that her plan was working, but then she noticed something: Amy looked too good in that bikini. Sara was thinking that Amy would feel the same sort of nerves that Sara would have felt in the bikini, but there was simply no way that would happen. A girl as good-looking as Amy wearing a bikini like that could get away with anything. She would have all the attention in the park, but it would only make her feel more powerful…

“So, how do I look?”

“Fine,” Sara said dejectedly as Amy took her by the hand and walked her outside. The sun was high in the sky, and people were running around in swimsuits of all different colors and sizes. Parents and babysitters chased screaming kids around, while groups of teenagers loitered about trying to look cool. It was an incredibly crazy environment, but everything seemed to slow down when they stepped into the sun.

Every eye seemed to be on Amy, and soon wives and girlfriends were slapping the back of their husband’s and boyfriend’s head. “God, it feels like everyone is looking at us,” Amy said with a nervous grin.

Sara rolled her eyes, knowing well that no one was looking at her. No, everyone was looking at Amy’s curves, and wondering how so little fabric could keep such womanly curves in place.

“So, where do you want to go first?” Amy asked as they passed by a water slide. “I just want to go to the kiddie pool,” Sara added before dropping her head.

“Hey, what’s wrong, little one?”

“Ev-Everyone is staring at you, and no one ever looked at me like that,” Sara said right before some tears filled her eyes.

“Of course guys checked you out at the pool, silly,” she said, trying to cheer her up again,”it always made me so jealous!”

“No, it didn’t…”

“Of course it did! Why do you think I was asking you about bikinis this morning? I was just surprised that someone that was as cute as you wouldn’t show off their body more.”

Sara thought about what Amy was saying, but it didn’t anything to brighten her mood at all. “Even if I was in my own body, wearing the sexiest bikini ever… All eyes would still be on you, and your stupid giant boobs!”

“Hey, you can’t talk to your mommy that way,” Amy said as she grabbed Sara’s hand and pulled her to the kiddie pool area.

“You’re just a big meanie! A big meanie with big stupid boobies!” Amy was finally able to get her to the kiddie pool, but Sara was now crying. “I hate you, and I want to go home! I don’t want to play with you anymore!”

“Just sit here by the pool and play! Mommy needs to sit down,” Amy said with her best smile, but she was growing tired of dealing with an angry eight-year-old. She was thinking that this would be fun, but instead, it was just a constant fight.

“That’s such a tough age,” a woman sitting in a nearby deckchair said. “Excuse me?” Amy asked as she was a little startled.

“What is she, eight or nine?”

“Oh, she’s eight,” Amy said as she sat down next to the woman. She appeared to be in her late thirties, but still had a nice enough body to show off with a blue and gold bikini.

“I thought so. I’m here with my two kids, twelve and fourteen, and that age was rough. They want to be so independent, but they still really can’t take care of themselves…”

Amy listened as the woman talked about her children, but she began to think about how she acted when she was eight. She thought that she was pretty independent and could take care of herself, but maybe she was wrong. Maybe she was just as bratty to Sara and she was being to her…

“…so I’d take a teenager over an eight-year-old any day. Really though? I wish that they were still babies I could hold in my arms. Don’t you miss that connection? When you were their whole world?”

Amy nodded to the woman, and then a thought entered her mind. She still had enough money to upgrade to the “Baby Package”, and maybe that would be nicer than this…

While Amy was talking with the other woman, Sara was kicking her feet in the pool. She was still so mad at Amy, but she knew that there was nothing she could do about it. She watched as other kids her age splashed and played in the pool, but there was no chance of her finding any joy today. Amy not only took her age away but also made her feel even less like a woman.

Tears began to swell up in her eyes, and soon she found that she was crying uncontrollably. She was just so sad, and it felt like there was nothing that anyone could do to make her feel any better. Then she saw something that caused her to smile, but it confused her at the same time. Amy was now holding her, and however hard Sara tried she couldn’t look away from Amy’s large breasts. They looked even larger than they did earlier, and now Amy was undoing one of her straps and revealing her dark nipple to Sara.

“Waa-” Sara was trying to ask Amy what she was doing, but the words just weren’t coming. Everything in her mind was fading away, and only one desire filled her now. Even though she didn’t quite understand why she was doing it, Sara leaned up and placed her lips on Amy’s nipple. She began to suck on it as hard as she could, and soon the sweetest milk she had ever tasted began to fill her up…

“Oh, that’s such a wonderful age,” the woman next to Amy said as she watched her breastfeeding, “and I’m glad there are still women your age willing to breastfeed like that in public,” she said with a smile as she went back to looking after her children.

Amy was certainly glad that she made the change earlier to be an adult and make Sara an eight-year-old, but this was something else. She watched as Sara sucked on her exposed breast, and she had never felt so good in her life. The woman was right, Sara looked up at Amy as if she was her entire world.

She soon noticed some glances from nearby people as they realized that she was breastfeeding, and the sight of her exposed breast even made a young man trip over a garbage can. No one said anything, and most mothers gave her a smile before smacking their husbands for staring. It was going to be a good day, and a new message on her phone only made it better.

“Thank you for using the AgeArts app! As our 100th user today, the effects of the app will last as long as you deem necessary. Thanks again for using AgeArts for all your age manipulation needs!”

Now she could spend all day with her little baby, or maybe even longer… “Well… This is going to be a great experience.”




  1. Wow! I must say, in the third image (shower room), Amy looked so real! bela04, your artworks are, as always, really good! And the story…TGTrinity you’re really awesome!

  2. ARWander1600

    This story is one of the best one’s I have seen in a long time! The interaction between the characters was fantastic, it felt believable as to why Amy would use the Baby Experience (which was a great with the age regression and breastfeeding) and the artwork was amazing! Please continue to make more stories like this! I might even want to eventually do a commission myself!

    • i am glad you liked it. TGTrinity and bela04 did a great job of making my idea real.

      • Thank you for sharing with us. It takes some courage to share. Also, thanks to Trinity and Bela for making this person’s fantasy a reality. Good work all around.

      • ARWander1600

        I completely agree and I want to thank you for adding it to this amazing forum! I might add some ideas as well because of you!

  3. How do you read this? All I see is a line of script.

      • bela04

        Hu, Thanks for the heads up! Correct it, now it is available online! 😉

  4. TgPolishGuy

    Well, pretty much every story (with some exceptions in early Age Progression ones) can’t properly show its imagines. Even the photos for categories don’t work with only exception being Age Regresion and Progression.

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