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The Magic Touch – BLZBub

Today, I bring you a little bit longer comic what was made I think early this year. It was one of those “I’ve got some inspiration let’s put it on “paper”, so this is how “Magic Touch”  was born. However, I never really had the chance to finish it but nowdays with the AgeArt’s Writer Group, (Thank you guys!!!!) it finally can see the sunlight thanks to BLZBub!  

This week you can also see some new comic so stay tuned! Also, I have a quesion for you what is important for me to know! Please vote!
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  1. can we add answers? I’d like to see maybe bimbo comics involving sci fi devices rather than curses or were bimbo’s. not all the time maybe 1 every month tho

    • bela04

      It’s easier to write down this kind of opinions! 🙂 This three option gives me the clue is you guys are open for any other material!

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