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The Headless Halloween Horror – lostandwhatever

Originally published on my Patreon.


The Halloween costume contest had become an annual duel between Victoria and her old rival June. This year, though, Victoria had an ace up her sleeve to ensure she beat June at the party tonight. She just needed to convince Fred to help.


“This is ridiculous,” her boyfriend said. “A magic spell?”


“Yes, it’s actual magic. I found it in an antique book I purchased at the bookstore downtown.” She had set the decaying book by her side on the floor and used it as a reference while she drew out a magic circle in chalk on the kitchen tiles and surrounded it with candles. “Now, sit down on the other side and help me, please.”


He sighed and grudgingly took a seat across from her. “You should have just bought a costume.”


A sudden rumble of thunder outside turned their attention for a moment to the window and the overcast skies above.


Victoria focused back on her magic. “This will be better than a costume. With this spell, I will really be able to transform myself into something amazing. I’ll be sure to win the contest.”


“First, magic isn’t real. This isn’t not going to work,” he said. “Second, why do you need me for this?”


“I tried it earlier, but it didn’t work,” she said.


“Ah ha!” he said, feeling justified.


“Then,” she added. “I read some more pages and found that some transformations need two or more people to make them work.”


He sighed again. “Fine,” he said, deciding it was best to just humor her. “Let’s get this over with.”


She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then gazed into a candle in the middle of the circle. She began to chant the Latin in the book.


After about a minute had passed, Fred asked, “How much longer do we have to…?” But, he trailed off when rain began to pour down outside and a sudden breeze blew through the room out of nowhere, making the candles sputter and flicker. The odor of fall filled the room, rot and leaf smoke mixed with dampness.


They felt their bodies lifted off the floor and suspended in the air, levitating. The chill breeze became a howling gale and they shut their eyes against it as it thundered around them. The indoor storm was so wild that they barely noticed as their bodies began to change.


First, their clothes disintegrated and blew away. Victoria’s bare body began to shrink, going from a shapely woman’s figure, to the size of a girl, then a baby, then a doll. However, as the rest of her shrank, her head from the neck up did not change at all. Soon, her whole body had disappeared and only her head remained floating in the air with her hair blowing everywhere around it.


The opposite happened to Fred. His head shrank away, becoming the size of a softball, then a baseball, then a golf ball, then a marble, until it was gone, and only his decapitated body remained. Yet, that was not the end for him. His masculine physique, thinned out and reshaped into a more curvy female form. In moments, he had the sexy body of a particularly shapely woman, lacking only a head.


The breeze died down and the rain outside slowed to a drizzle. Then, what was left of their bodies was gently deposited back on the floor near the magic circle, with a soft rumble of thunder in the distance, signifying the end of the storm.


Feeling her head resting on the floor on her ear, Victoria opened her eyes and realized that her dark hair was draped over her face. She went to brush it aside with her hand but found that she could not move her hand. In fact, she could not even feel her hand or any other part of her body from the neck down as if she had been paralyzed.


“Fred!” she called, feeling her cheek slide against the floor as her jaw moved. “Help me! I can’t feel my body! I can’t move!”


Fred sat up, feeling cool and naked and strange, and looked around. “What happened?” he asked, but his voice seemed to echo out of nowhere as opposed to exiting his mouth. He went to touch his face, but his hand went right through it without contacting anything solid. “Ah!” he cried and tried to touch his head again with both hands, but they only found a  rough stump at his neck where his head should have begun. He could see and hear and speak as though his head existed, but it had no physical form anymore, it seemed.


Then, he noticed his chest. As if being headless was not weird enough, he looked down to see he had a pair of enormous female breasts. His feminine hands cupped them and felt their weight, and he discovered them to be surprisingly sensitive to the touch. Then, one hand slid down to check his crotch and discover that he had become female down there as well.


“Oh my God!” he said. “What happened to me?”


“Fred?” Victoria called to him again. “What’s going on? Help me up. I can’t see. I can’t move. I’m scared.”


Fred noticed the hairy lump on the floor where Victoria had been sitting. He crawled over to it and said, “Is that you?”


“Is what me?” the hairy lump said, blowing the hair out in one place.


Fred nervously reached his hand towards the oblong object and carefully moved the hair away from what he thought might be its mouth, revealing a pair of lips and a chin, and the tip of a nose.


“Oh my God!” he said. “Victoria… Your head! Your body!”


“What happened to it?”


“It’s gone!” he said. “You’re only a head.”


“What?” she said, sounding less afraid and more surprised. “Really? It worked?”


“What ‘worked?’ What were you trying to do to us?”


He finished clearing her hair away from her face, and she looked sideways up at his headless body in confusion. “Fred. Is that you?”


“I’m here,” he said. “But, this isn’t me. I mean, my body…” He ran his fingers over his curvy form.


“Uh oh,” she said. “Oh boy! I think I know what went wrong. Can you lift me up and bring me to a mirror?”


Fred squatted down and carefully rolled her head to face the ceiling. She felt his delicate fingers on her cheeks as he repositioned her. Then, she felt the hands take hold of the sides and back of her head and raise her into the air. Fred held her in front of him, giving her a good look at his huge chest, each breast nearly the same size as the head he was holding.


In the bathroom, he elbowed the light on, and changed his grip on her skull so that she could see herself in the mirror.


“Oh boy!” she said. “Well, it did work, just not how I expected.”


“What do you mean?” he asked, as the bathroom tiles made his ghostly voice echo even more.


“I was trying to turn myself into a headless woman,” she explained. “You know? Like the headless horseman? I could walk into the party normally and remove my own head and hold it in my hands. You know, just like this. It would freak everyone out so much. No one would know how I did it.”


“It’s sure freaking me out right now.”


“Yeah, amazing isn’t it?”


“But, why did it transform me?” Fred asked. “I didn’t want to be a headless woman.”


“I suppose,” she speculated, “that the transformation spell could not put me in control of both my body and my head at the same time. So, the magic made you my body and me my head.”


“I can’t believe this,” he said. “This is insane.”


“It’s absolutely fascinating, though,” she said. “I mean… Wow! I have so many questions. Like, how am I speaking now if I don’t have lungs? Am I using the air in your lungs now? Also, how can you see and hear me? How can you speak if you have no mouth?”


“I don’t know,” he said, staring at the space where his face should be. “It feels like my head is still there. It’s just I can’t touch it or see it anymore.”


“Wow,” she said, getting more excited. “That’s so cool! A ghost head! You have a freaking ghost head!”


“What are you talking about?” he said. “Are you enjoying this?”


“I can’t feel my body at all,” she said, ignoring his questions. “So, I don’t have a ghost body. That’s kind of… inconvenient.”


“It’s horrible,” he said. “What are we going to do? Can we turn ourselves back to normal? Are we stuck like this?”


“Calm down,” she said. “Let’s just go back and check the book.”




Fred made a brief detour to their bedroom to retrieve a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt to cover his nudity, while temporarily leaving Victoria to rest on her pillow as if she had lied down to bed and forgotten her body.


Then, they returned to the book and magic circle. Fred settled down to sit cross legged in front of the ancient tome and positioned Victoria with her neck in his crotch and her head pressed beneath his breasts.


She began reading in silence as he waited nervously. He wanted to speed along the process, but the book was written in Latin, which only Victoria had studied. All he could do was turn the page when she asked.


After what felt like half an hour, he asked, “Have you found anything to help us, yet?”


“Almost,” she said. “Go back to the previous page again, please.”


He flipped the page back and waited another minute. “Well?” he asked.


“Okay,” she said. “It seems that the spell I used will undo itself at midnight. That’s good news. I knew it would only be for a short while, but I wasn’t sure how long.”


“Good,” he said. “That’s a relief. We can just wait here until we go back to normal. Nobody has to know about this.”


“What?” she said. “No! What about the party?”


“Are you kidding? I’m not going out anywhere looking like this.”


He felt her face squirm, and she grunted and said, “Turn me around to face you.”


He set her down with the back of her head between the pages in the gutter of the book.


“Listen,” she said. “You know how much this competition means to me. There’s no way I could lose this year if we go looking like this.”


“I don’t care about any dumb competition. I get that it’s important to you, but I’ll be the one walking around having guys staring at my tits. There’s no way I’m doing that.”


“Oh, come on,” she said. “So what? They’re not going to do anything to you at the party. Besides, they’ll be so fascinated by my head that they’ll barely even look at your tits.”


“I think you underestimate the draw that big tits have on men’s attention.” If he was being honest, he would admit that he was struggling not to stare at his own cleavage.




“No,” he said. “I didn’t agree to this. I’m not going anywhere.”


She groaned in frustration. “So, you’re really going to do this to me? I have the greatest costume in the history of Halloween, and I won’t get to show it off to anybody because you’re too chicken shit to be a woman for one night?”


There was a moment’s pause while he glared at her, until he realized how pointless that was since she could not see his eyes. Instead, he simply stood up and walked out of the room.


“Fred?” she called to him as he left. “Wait! Fred!”


He took a seat in the living room, crossing his legs and arms. He sat listening to her yell at him.


“Fred, come back!” she said. “You’re being so childish! Don’t just leave me lying here.”


He said nothing, but a satisfied smirk was forming on his intangible lips.


“Fred, I need you. Please!”


Realizing he had the upper hand, he began smiling.


“Come on,” she said. “Let’s just talk about this. Maybe we can make a deal or something.”


He stood up and returned to the kitchen. Then, he stood in front her with her head at his feet. She lay on the book where he had left her, unable to move an inch on her own now. He stared down at her, past the enormous breasts she had given him, and he began to imagine all the things he could do to her in her current state.


“What do I have to do to get you to go to the party like this?” she asked him.


He wished that she could see the sadistic grin on his face, but he hoped, at least, that she could hear it in his voice. “I have some… ideas.”


She looked concerned. “‘Ideas?’ Okay. What ‘ideas?’”


“I want to have a little fun with you first,” he said. “I mean, it’s not every day that someone gets their own severed head to play with.”


“Uh huh,” she said, sounding less than thrilled at being his plaything.


“We have hours to wait until the party starts. In the meantime, you get to be my toy. You’ll let me do whatever I want with you, within reason, until then.”


“If I do, then you’ll take me to the party?”


“Yes,” he said. “I’ll take you to the party if you let me have some fun with you first.”


She sighed. “All right, then, it’s a deal.”


He crouched down above her, gathered up all her dark hair into a ponytail near the top of her head.


“What are you doing?” she asked and shrieked as he lifted her into the air by her hair with one hand.


“Does that hurt?” he asked her as he held her up to where his face would be.


“Uh,” she said, her eyes darting around worriedly. “No, not really. It’s a little uncomfortable, though.”


“Oh,” he said, gleefully. “The discomfort has only just begun.”




Fred started off by dropping Victoria’s head on the bed. He held her over the center of the mattress and let go of her hair, letting her fall a couple of feet. She let out a horrified shriek as she freefell with no way to brace herself for the impact. She hit the comforter face first, and her head bounced up again, rotating upside down in a sickening spin, until she landed again on the back of her head and bounced up once more. After a couple of gentler bounces, she came to rest on the side of her head.


“You all right?” Fred asked her.


“I’m not hurt,” she admitted.


He picked her up again and held her with the back of her head palmed by his right hand.




“What is it?” she asked as she felt him moving her up and down slightly.


“You weigh about as much as a bowling ball now,” he said.


“No,” she said, wishing she could shake her head. “You’re not rolling me on the floor.”


“I could,” he said. “There’s no way you could stop me. Maybe I’ll set up some books like dominoes and try to knock them down with you.”


“Please don’t.”


“Okay,” he said.


She let out a sigh of relief.


“We’ll just try it on the bed.”




From the side of her eye, she watched helplessly as he piled up pillows on one end of the bed as a sort of target for her. Then, he walked over to the other end of the bed and took aim.


“What if you miss?” she asked him.


“Don’t worry,” he said. “You’ll just bounce off the headboard.”


“That’s what I was worried ab-”


But, before she could finish, he had already flung her towards the pillows. Her world spun around madly for a few seconds as she let out another shriek. It felt as though the bed was rotating over her head from her face to her neck, to the back of her head, to the top, and then back around to her face again and again. She hit the pillow pile neck first and stopped moving as the pillows tumbled onto her, burying her beneath them.


She could hear his muffled laughter coming from beyond the pile.


“What’s so funny?” she demanded.


“It’s just…” he said, but had to catch his breath. “You were rolling and screaming at the same time. You sounded like a siren of something.” He laughed. “It was so ridiculous.”


He dug her out of the pillows and brushed her hair back into place. He lifted her up again in both hands and hugged her to his ample chest, sinking her nose into the fabric filling the gap between his breasts.


“Ooh,” he said. “That feels kinda good. Hmm…” He looked off in the distance as an idea formed. Then, he set her on a pillow on the bed and removed his T-shirt, exposing his breasts to her. Feeling a bit more comfortable now in his female body, he picked her up again and asked, “Have you ever had a guy motorboat you?”


“Um,” she said, staring at the huge tits in front of her. “No.”


“I’ve never done it. I wonder what it feels like.” He pulled her in close again.


“Wait a second,” she said and squinted, but there was nothing she could do to stop him. Her face was mashed into the breasts again and then vigorously twisted side to side, slapping her cheeks again and again on each soft tit, as she let out a wordless moaning protest. When it was over, she felt disoriented and dizzy.


“Hmm,” he said. “That wasn’t all that great, I suppose.” He looked down at his breasts and noticed that his nipples were slightly enlarged. “Looks like I’m still getting turned on a bit. Maybe I’m just enjoying playing with you, or maybe we need to turn up the thermostat.”


He moved her close to his left nipple. Seeing it approach her mouth, she asked, “W-what are you doing now?”


“I feel kind of like I’m holding a baby when I hold you. I probably won’t be a woman again. This might be my only chance to experience someone sucking on my tit.” The nipple was brushing her lips now. “Open up,” he said.


She started to say, “No,” but when she opened her mouth to speak it was immediately stopped up with his nipple. She let out an aggrieved sound through her nose, as he moaned in satisfaction.


“Yes,” he said. “That feels nice, very maternal. Come on. Give it a little suck.”


Realizing that he was not about to pull her away until she complied. She gave it a few sucks, and he moaned again, sounding more excited now.


She stopped sucking, and he unstopped her mouth.


“Thank you,” he said. “I wish I could return the favor somehow. Give you a lick or a kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, I seem to be lacking lips at the moment.”


“Can we just be done now?” she asked him, but he seemed to be ignoring her.


“Hmm,” he pondered their situation again. “Actually, now that I think about it. I do have lips… somewhere else.”


Realizing what he meant, she said, “Oh no!”


Again, he set her on the bed, so that he could remove his sweatpants leaving him totally naked. He stepped up closer to her, and stood before her, giving her a good view of his crotch just above her.


“Well, Head?” he asked. “How about a little ‘Head’ from my Head?”


“No!” she said and tried to turn away, but nothing happened.


“What?” he replied, sounding genuinely surprised.


“You’ve put me through plenty already. I think I’ve had enough.”


“But, this is basically your body anyway. It’s not like you’d be doing something with another woman. Aren’t you curious at all?” There was a pause, and he continued in a tone that sounded more like a confession. “I’m curious what it would feel like.”


“No,” she said. “I refuse.”


“I’ve done it for you many times. Can’t you-?”


“No.” Her decision was final.


She heard him sigh and watched his shoulders fall. No doubt, he would have been frowning as well if he had a face. “Fine,” he said, knowing when to stop. “If you won’t do that, then I’ll just have to play with you in other ways.”


“Oh, come on,” she protested. “Can’t we be done?”


He hopped back up on the bed, positioned his nude body to recline on a comfortable pile of pillows, and clasped the sides of her head between his feet.


“Not the feet,” she said. “Please.”


“Oh?” he said, she could hear his voice grow more cheerful again. “You don’t like feet on your head?” He dragged her head a little closer to him, giving her a good look at his feminine crotch again. “Well, I can stop it with my feet, but only if you agree to do that other thing I asked.” He caressed her cheeks with his toes, eliciting a disgusted look on her face.


“No,” she said, both as a response and also to beg for him to stop.


The feet began to rock her head side to side between them, as if she were shaking her head.


“Come on,” he said. “So far, you’ve gotten all the interesting experiences. All I’ve gotten is a half-hearted nipple suck.”


“No,” she said.


“What did you say?” he asked.


“N-” she started to reply, but he squished her lips between his toes, muffling her reply. The smell and taste of the toes disgusted her.


“I didn’t get that. Say it again.” He lifted his toes again.


“I said, N-” This time he stepped right on her mouth and pinched her nose shut between his big toe and the one next to it, making her hum her reply. He lifted his foot again, and she spit and cried, “Stop it!”


“Or, what?” he asked. “You’re going to turn me into some kind of magic freak? Little late for that kind of threat.”


“Can’t we just get ready for the p-?” This time he completely covered her face under his feet.


“I wonder if I can pick your nose with your own toes.”


“Enough!” she cried when he let up his feet again. “Fine!” she said. “I’ll do it. I’ll lick your damn pussy.”




“Yes,” she said. “I’ll do it. Let’s just get it over with.”


“Thank you,” he said as he sat up and pulled her head closer with both feet, spreading his legs wider as he did. Then, he guided her mouth in the rest of the way with his hands. She got to work with her tongue, her lips and parting his own. “Ooh,” he said, as her nose brushed against his clit. With one hand he began to massage that part himself as he let her work with her tongue below. “That’s good,” he said. “That’s amazing actually.” He gasped, and Victoria felt her face start to get wet from him. “Have you done this before?” he asked.


She paused and let out a muffled groan.


“What’s the matter?” he said, pulling her face back.


“I’ve got something stuck in my teeth.”

“Show me.”


She pulled her lips back, and he spotted the hair stuck in there. “Oops,” he said. “Let me get that for you.” He pulled the hair loose and said, “There, all better. You doing OK.”


“I’m not loving this,” she said. “But, I can finish.”


“Great,” he said. “Keep going. I think I’m almost there.”


He moved her back into position and they continued their magically perverted lovemaking. Not much later, he was gasping and moaning as he worked his clit and mashed her face even closer. Then, he came, drenching her face and leaving his female body a quivering wreck. He slumped back onto the pillows as her head slipped from his fingers and rolled back to rest on the bed on its ear again. She wanted to wipe her face dry, but all she could do was lie there, dripping with his vaginal fluids, unable to do anything but wait until he cleaned her up. It was utterly humiliating. She felt like a discarded sex toy. She wondered how she had ended up stuck in this situation. All the while, she began to quietly plot revenge.




A short while later, he had recovered and brought her head to the bathroom to give her face a thorough cleaning.


“Thanks again,” he said. “That was… amazing.”


“You’re welcome,” she said as he finished toweling her off. “But, now you owe me a party. For the rest of the night, you do whatever I want. Got it?”

“Of course,” he said. “I’m all yours. Whatever you want.”


“Good,” she said. “Now, put on the costume I laid out on the chair in the bedroom.”


He went and fetched the black dress and underwear and returned holding them. “Um,” he said. “I’m not sure if I can do this.”


“What’s the matter now?”


“This is a pretty low cut top.”


She smiled and said, “It is. You’ll be showing off a lot of cleavage tonight.”


“I don’t know…”


“Hey,” she said. “What happened to ‘I’m all yours. Whatever you want?’”


He sighed. “Fine. Tell me how to put on the bra.”




A short while later, he had on the full outfit, leaving him looking like a sexy vampire or witch, minus the head, of course. Then, it was time to put on her makeup.


“You’re smudging it,” she said as he applied some eyeshadow, while she rested on the bathroom sink, facing the mirror.


“This is not easy to do when I’m trying to let you see it in the mirror.”


“Well,” she said. “Maybe there’s another position you can put me in.”


“Hmm,” he said. “I have an idea.” He lifted her head up and went to balance it on his neck.


“Wait!” she cried, thinking he was about to drop her. But, instead of falling, her head sank into place, the stumps of their two necks joining up like puzzle pieces to form one connected whole. Then, sensation returned to her. She could feel an entire body beneath her neck again. She tried moving her arms, and was delighted to find she had control of them.


“Hey,” his ghostly voice cried from just above and behind her. “I can’t move my body anymore. What happened?”


She ran her hands up and down her body, simply enjoying the sensation of having a body. “Looks like you handed me control when you put me on top,” she said.




“Can you feel this?” she asked as she cupped her breasts and gave them a squeeze.


He let out a little whimper and said, “Yes, I can. Damn, this is weird. It’s like you’ve got me possessed. I can’t control anything but my voice now.”


She chuckled. “Seems like the heads on the other foot.”


“What does that even mean?”


“I don’t know. I thought it might sound clever.”


“Well… damn,” he said. “Can you even take your head off again?”


“Oh,” she said, realizing that they might have a problem. “Let me try.” She grasped her head in both hands and lifted upwards. Without much effort, her neck separated again, and she lost sensation below it once more.


“Ha,” he said, feeling control return to him. “It’s mine again.” He set her head back down on the bathroom sink.


“Interesting,” she said. “So, you can put me back on again and take me off whenever we want. This is going to be so awesome at the party. Everyone’s going to freak when they see that.”


“I don’t know,” he said. “That was kind of scary. I felt so powerless. Can’t we just go like this.”


“Come on,” she said. “You said you’d do whatever I want. I want to show up on top. Now, put me back on so I can finish my makeup properly.”


“All right,” he said. “You’re the boss.” He lifted her back into place and gave her control of their body once more.




A short while later, Victoria drove them to the house party and parked on the street. Outside, kids walked by houses, draped in cobwebs and surrounded by jack o’lanterns. Everything was lit in orange, green, and purple. The kids wore cheap costumes and carried bags of cheap candy, but they chatted gleefully and giggled as if they owned the world. For the first time in years, Victoria shared in that same giddy excitement that the children enjoyed.


“Now,” she said as she got them out of the car and put on her pointy witch’s hat. “No talking until I ‘summon’ your voice. Got it?”


He was silent.


“You still there?” she asked, growing worried.


“I thought you just told me not to talk?” his ghostly voice replied.


“Good,” she said and walked to the house. “Let’s head in.”


He snickered.


“Quiet,” she said as she reached the door and rang the bell.


Despite the music and chatter they could hear inside, someone noticed them and greeted them at the door.


“Hello, Victoria,” Allie, the party host, said. She was dressed up as a mummy. “Where’s Fred?”


“Hello,” Victoria said, stepping inside. “Fred will be… around,” she added with a cryptic wink.


“Okay,” Allie said. “Well, you’ve made it just in time. We’ll be starting the costume contest vote soon.”


“Excellent,” Victoria said. “I’ve got a big surprise for everyone tonight.”




“Something mind-blowing.”


Allie said, “It’d better be. June has gone all out this year.”


Victoria walked into the party and began greeting the other guests and complimenting them on their costumes. Fred was awkwardly aware of how the gaze of the male guests tended to glance down momentarily to check out their cleavage. He really wished he could just drift off for a while, but he was stuck there on display with Victoria.


Eventually, they made their way to June by the bubbling dry ice punch bowl and saw what Allie had been talking about. The woman was dressed up as a succubus, with her skin painted bright red, and there was a lot of it to see as she wore only a black lace corset and a matching pair of panties. Protruding from the back of the panties was a long tail that came to an arrow point. It seemed to be swaying on its own, possibly actuated by some hidden motor inside. She wore a pair of high heels that mimicked the look of cloven hooves. There were a pair of short black horns protruding from her hair. When she saw Victoria approach, June smiled, showing off a pair of fangs as she looked at them through yellow contact lenses. It was a fantastic costume. On any other Halloween, it would have been certain to win. But tonight…


“Victoria!” June cried. “How lovely to see you.”


“Hi, June,” she said. “You’re looking amazing tonight.”


“Thank you. Yeah, I’ve been working on this one for a while.” She looked over Victoria’s outfit and said, “That’s… an interesting look. What are you supposed to be?”


“A witch,” Victoria stated, realizing for the first time that she was not actually wearing a costume at all.


“How… classic,” June said, trying to restrain herself from smiling. She clearly felt that she had already won the prize. “Where’s Fred?”


“He’s around,” she said. “Waiting for the big reveal.”


“Ooh,” June said. “A reveal. Sounds exciting.”


The music stopped and Allie called out. “All right everyone. It’s time for the costume contest. Come sign up on the sheet here if you want to participate.”


“Good luck, Victoria,” June said.


“Good luck, June,” Victoria replied.




The other contestants took turns standing up and showing off their costumes to the party. There were some classic movie monsters, some politicians, some abstract puns made into clothing… Then, it was Victoria’s turn, but she requested to go last. Allie allowed it, but June gave Victoria a suspicious look.


June was second to last. She did a good job modeling her succubus outfit, strutting around on her heel hooves and spinning around to show off her tail. When she was done, it was clear that she had secured the vote of every man in the room.


Then, it was Victoria’s turn.


As Allie had done with the other participants, she asked Victoria to say what her costume was.


“I am a witch,” Victoria stated, confidently.


“Well that’s lovely,” Allie said with forced charity as she could not see anything exceptional with the costume.


“Tonight,” Victoria announced to the crowd, lifting her hands in the air above them., “You will witness magic—true magic—unlike anything you have seen before.”


“This’ll be good,” June whispered to Allie, derisively.


“First,” Victoria said, “I call upon my familiar spirit. Speak now!”


“Hello,” Fred said from out of nowhere, causing people to look around curiously to find where he was hiding. “How’s the party going?”


“Oh spirit,” Victoria said, ignoring his casual attitude. “Assist me in my magic this night.”


“Sure,” he said. “Ready when you are.”


Victoria improvised a speech in which she called upon the spirits of the earth and the four winds to give her power to amaze the people around her. There was a sudden gust of wind that rattled the window panes followed by a distant rumble of thunder.


Then, Victoria removed her head.


The crowd reacted with gasps and exclamations and then fell into stunned silence as they tried to figure out what the trick was. Fred, now back in control of their shared body, lowered her head to rest it on his cleavage, both to make it easier to hold and to try to cover up a bit.


People began to whisper and mutter. Some started to appear genuinely concerned, not so much because they were confused but more so that they were nervous that something truly supernatural had just occurred.


Realizing how much she had just been upstaged, June marched up to Fred and Victoria and began to scrutinize their costume, most likely looking for mirrors and wires. “What do you think, June?” Victoria’s head asked her, causing her to jump and nearly trip over her hoof heels.


Allie declared, “Amazing! Simply amazing, Victoria, and I assume, Fred as well. Yes?”


“I’m around,” Fred said. “…somewhere. I expect half of the prize, the lower half.”


People chuckled nervously.


“Wonderful!” Allie said. “Well, voting will begin now. Everyone, take a little time to look over all the costumes and then come up here, write your vote on a slip of paper with your name, and drop the slip into the plastic pumpkin on the table. Don’t take too long. We’ll be naming a winner at the top of the hour.”


People cautiously approached Victoria and Fred and started up a conversation with the two of them, all the while staring in amazement as Victoria spoke and responded to them normally. They walked away delighted by the trick they had just witnessed, still debating how Victoria had managed such an incredible illusion. Meanwhile, June went off to sulk in the corner.


Fred decided to start showing off. In the middle of a conversation, he slowly rotated Victoria’s head upside down until her hat dropped off, letting her hair hang straight off the top of her head. She kept talking although she started to sound increasingly worried by her new orientation. The people she was talking to were absolutely amazed by it, however. After that, Fred walked her over to the table with the punch bowl. For a moment, she was afraid that he was about to soak her in it. Thankfully, he just set her on the table next to the punch and stepped away. When people saw her head just sitting there alone on the table. They started checking under the table to find her “real” body. Meanwhile, Fred was distracted by people asking to take photos with him. Some of them, getting behind him to pretend to be his head.


Suddenly, Victoria felt her head lifted off the table. She noticed Fred across the room and called for him, but he did not hear her over the music. Victoria was carried through the house and down into the relative quiet of the basement.


“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where are you taking me?” Her head was set down on a ping pong table and she saw the face of her abductor. “June!”


“This is amazing,” June said, examining Victoria’s head from different angles. “It even felt like real skin and bones in my hands.”


“What are you doing with me?” Victoria asked, growing increasingly worried as she realized that she was far from Fred and it appeared that June thought she was some kind of fake and not a real head. “June, I need you to bring me back upstairs.”


“You can hear me too?”


“Of course I can.”


“Can you see me? Are there cameras on this thing?”


“I have eyes, if that’s what you mean.”

“How did you even afford something this realistic?”


Victoria chuckled.


“What?” June asked.


“I bet that my costume cost less than yours did, and I’m going to win that prize.”


“Not if you can’t find this head you won’t.”


“What?” Victoria asked. She felt herself begin to sweat. “What are you planning on doing?”


“I’ll just hide you somewhere, maybe stuff you in a pillowcase and then put you in a box.”




“If they can’t find this head, then the costume will be incomplete. People have short memories. By the time the vote is done, I could convince them that you were only a cheap trick. I could still win the prize.”


“You sneaky little shit,” Victoria said. “I’m going to get you back for this.”


“What can you do about it now? Unless you want to reveal your little trick to everyone by coming down here.”


As if on cue, they heard the door to the basement stairs open and a person begin to walk down the steps. It was Fred, still in the form of Victoria’s headless body. “There she is,” his ghostly voice said. “Someone said they saw you walking towards the basement.”


“Fred!” Victoria cried. “Help me! She’s going to hide me somewhere to help her win the contest.”


Fred held up a finger and wagged it side to side. “Naughty, naughty,” he said.


“What is this?” June asked, sounding particularly worried now. “Is he on a speaker? How are you hiding your head? What the hell is going on?”


“Come on, June,” Victoria said. “Occam’s Razor, what’s the simplest explanation?”


June shook her head. “It can’t be…”


“Magic?” Fred asked. Then, he walked over and picked up Victoria’s head and held it under his arm. “It’s actually a simple trick. Here, let me show you.” He reached for her head with his free hand.


June panicked and shrieked and took off running up the stairs, losing her heels as she went. Fred and Victoria chucked together as they watched her completely lose it.


“Come on,” Fred said. “Let’s go collect our prize.”




Later that night, they returned home with their cheap Halloween trinket prize. Victoria was back on top again. They had decided that a headless woman driving a car might be a bit of a distraction for other drivers. Besides, they had no way of putting a seatbelt on Victoria’s detached head. It was the only safe choice.


Back in the house, Victoria took a seat on the couch and set her hat and the prize down next to her on the cushion. Then, she gave her breasts another fondle and listened as Fred’s voice moaned.


“You like that?” she asked him.


“I’m feeling what you’re feeling,” he said. “But, I’m not a fan of being out of control like this.”


“Fine,” she said. “Here you go.” She removed her head, relinquishing control of the body back to Fred again. He set Victoria’s head down on the cushion right next to her prize.


“All of that work for a silly little plastic pumpkin full of candy,” he said.


“It’s not the prize that matters,” Victoria said. “It’s the fact that we won.”


“You won,” he said. “This was your accomplishment.”


“You did save me from June,” she said. “I can’t believe she actually ran straight out of the party.”


“Yeah,” he said. “I think we freaked her out a little bit.”


“Probably gave her nightmares for a while.”


“I doubt she’ll try to upstage you ever again.”


“Yeah,” Victoria said. “I’m almost going to miss the competition.”


“So,” Fred said, checking the clock on the wall. “It’s almost midnight. I hope you were right about us turning back to normal.”


“Like a coach turning back into a pumpkin.”


“I’d better not turn into a pumpkin.”


As it had done when the spell was cast, a mysterious wind blew through the house and lifted the two of them into the air just as the clock struck midnight. Victoria’s head sprouted a small body from her neck that swelled and grew back into her normal body. Meanwhile, Fred’s own head emerged from his neck stump and grew back to its normal size. All the while, his female body reverted back to its regular male form, growing larger and less curvy until he was back to normal. The winds gently set the pair of them back down on the couch, Victoria totally naked and Fred tearing apart the witch costume at the seams.


They explored their own bodies with their hands, checking that they were totally back to normal.


“I think everything is back where it should be,” Fred said. “Oof, this underwear is digging into me.”


“I think I’m good too,” Victoria said and let out a sigh of relief.


“Well,” Fred said. “I’m planning on removing these clothes and taking a shower. Care to join me?”


“You go first,” she said. “I want to clean up the kitchen first. I’ll see you upstairs when I’m done.”


“Wait a moment,” he said. She turned to him, and he leaned in and kissed her. “There,” he said. “I’ve been wanting to do that all night.”


“You’re a bit frisky now,” she said.


“I haven’t had a dick for hours, maybe I’m making up for lost time.”


“Well, you might want to make it a cold shower. I’m not feeling like fooling around tonight.”


“Aww,” he groaned like a frustrated child.

“Tomorrow,” she said and kissed him again. “We’ll have a lot of fun tomorrow.”




The next morning, Fred woke up feeling that something was wrong. He could not feel any part of his body below his neck. He tried to move, but he had no control over anything except his face.


“Victoria?” he called to her and gasped when he heard her voice coming from his mouth. “What happened to me?” He felt himself lifted into the air and his view was turned to face Victoria, sitting on the bed next to him, totally nude.


“Good morning,” she said and smiled. “How are you feeling?”


“Why can’t I move? Why do I sound like you? What did you do?”


“A new spell,” she said. “A variation on the one from yesterday.”



“Let me show you,” she said and carried him to the bathroom. She held him up in front of the mirror to give him a good look at himself. He saw the reflection of his girlfriend holding an exact duplicate of her own head in her hands.


“Oh,” he said and saw the head mouth the word.


She rotated his head around to face her and planted a big kiss on his lips. He could do nothing to stop her. She had all the power now.


“So strange,” she said, when she let up. “It’s like I’m kissing myself.”


“I see,” he said. “My turn?”


She nodded.


“Oh boy,” he said.


“Happy Halloween, Sweetie” she said, with a wicked grin.



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