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The “Genie” and the September Contest!

Oookay, let’s start this week with some fresh new updates!

First, as I promised I proudly announce the September Contest for you boys & girls! The Summer Contest was a big success and many of you were really happy to share the ideas what was in your mind! So I’m not going to make it hard, the rules are the same:

  • You need a free registered account here on AgeArts (ha! where else?!)
  • Leave your idea in a comment form RIGHT UNDER THE CONTEST PICTURE, HERE ! This month’s Contest Picture was brought to by TGTrinity !
  • keep the Caption to under 100 words! We are okay if it a is a little but more but try to keep yourself! 😉
  • The story can contain Age Progression/Regression, Body Swap, Gender Change etc. We want to see some creativity!
  • Deadline: October 12!


The Prize are the same as it was with the Summer Contest:

  • 3rd) Free 3000 Word Story Commission by TGTrinity, with illustrations provided by Bela04
  • 2nd) Free 5 Page Comic Commission by Bela04
  • 1st) Free Premium Item from

Aaaand today’s comic is also connects to the Summer Contest! It is lost whatever ‘s prize. He asked for a 5 page long comic including some magic with elements of TG & AP! I hope you will like it, it is called “Genie” !

Oh, and psstt….! I’m going to post a new comic every day this week! New challange for myself! 🙂



  1. So my free registered account on myspace isnt enough?

  2. I can’t believe that the experiment actually worked!
    Now all of the students are all grown up, and all of the teachers have become little kids!

    • bela04

      Is that a submit? If it is, please comment this right under the Picture in the gallery! Only if I see there, I can accept the submit!

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