The final part of “THE CURSED ONES” & “The Time Bubble” comic

Great god, it’s already 2018! Wow, thinking about when I started this whole website…. or even just think the first time I used DAZ… it’s been 5 years now…

Well it’s hard to believe what we’ve achived during those years… I’m greatful to all of you who supported me and my work – and with that the community – during these years, here on DA or on Patreon!
I wish that all of you dare to use 2018 to achive more in your personal life to be successful and chase your dreams to become something what you always wanted to be!

But since it’s January, we going to start this year right now! First, I’m happy to announce that Planet is released the last chapter of the “THE CURSED ONES” ! It’s been a great pleasure to have her on AgeArts last year and I’m happy that Planet  is trying to widen the boundaries on a personal side! More about that later…
So if you enjoy AP tales I suggest you to read the whole story, it is a great tale to feed your fantasies! You can find the First Chapter here and the Last one here! 

The second news is that my latest comic is up in the gallery! It is a little bit different than the other and if you want to be specific, there aren’t any AP or AR in it. It is about a girl who is trapped in a bubble and had to see years pass around her. She is watching how her family’s life changing during the years… Her family’s and her little sister’s…. I’ve got help for the story for this one by BLZBub! 😉

Check it our in the Gallery!

Final news is that the new Sci-fi premium comic is almost ready, if everything goes as planned you can find it on the webshop in this week! But if you are hungry for more, check out my Patreon Page  where I begin an “intense” January! I will release new comics in this month to feed everybody’s hunger!

See you later guys!



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