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The Farmer’s Daughters

The Farmer’s Daughters

by Planet


“Oh, Daddy, I told you we should have eaten those marrows!” cried 14-years-old Mary-Ann.

Her family owned a farm in Texas where they cultivated every kind of vegetables. That morning, they had gone to their field to make an astonishing discovery: every one of their marrows had mysteriously grown overnight to roughly the size of a 1-years-old baby.

“We’re going to make a fortune with these!” said her Father happily, cutting one to prepare their breakfast and taste its flavor.

Mary-Ann had thought they shouldn’t eat it until they discovered what had happened, but her family objected, and happily: the marrows were incredibly tasty.

While her little sister, Daisy-May, waited at home, Mary-Ann helped her father load the vegetables into his truck and they drove downtown. True enough, the marrows sold in a matter of minutes, and they made a great amount of profit.

It was when they were driving back to the farm that the strange things began to happen. Her father started to sweat like crazy and to say he wasn’t feeling too good.

“It had to be the marrows!” repeated Mary-Ann, as his father stopped the truck and got out to take a bit of air.

Then, miraculously, his body started to shrink. They watched in terror as the man lost more and more of his height, but also his corpulence. Even the hairs on his arms and face were thinning down to nothing. His features were shifting, youthening. In little more than a minute, he looked like a 7-years-old boy in very large clothes.

“What happened to you, Daddy?”

“I… I don’t know!” even his voice was childish.

“We all had those marrows. Are we… are we going to be affected too?”

“I don’t know, baby girl.”

“Oh, no! Daisy-May!” shrieked Mary-Ann. “She’s all alone at the house. We need to get there!”

“I can’t drive, Sweetie. I’m too small. I need you to do it for me.”

Mary-Ann was scared, but she nodded. She had practiced in the truck a couple of times.

“Okay, Daddy, let’s… Oh! It’s happening to me!”

Mary-Ann doubled over, her body shaking as her father’s had. But instead of shrinking, the opposite was happening to her.

Her shoulders broadened suddenly. She looked down and could see her collarbones emerging, and for a moment she was afraid that they were going to tear through her flesh. But nothing was hurtful. It all felt pleasant. Enjoyable, even.

Her waist was lengthening impressively, which was a good thing since her arms and legs were doing the same. She was looking proportionated, if yet thin, as she shot up to be 6 feet tall. Her boniness was changing, though, as muscle swelled everywhere.

Her thighs and calves became extremely thick and powerful, as did her hips and buttocks, straining her short pants. She lifted her arms like a bodybuilder to see her biceps enlarging, strong but still very feminine.

“I’m growing like crazy!” she said, and the voice that emerged for her elongating throat was deep and womanly.

Her blonde hair also grew down a bit, and her face was reshaping into that of an adult, almost a decade older than she was. She could see her reflection in the rear view mirror of the truck, and she marveled at her beauty.

Mary-Ann’s waist was still narrow but also becoming supremely fit. She could feel the contours of her abdominal muscles getting defined under her soft skin. Her white top had gotten tiny on her Amazonian frame, and the emergence of breasts did nothing but worsen its state, especially since she gained several cup-sizes in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, she felt like she was sporting a couple of melons on her chest, but luckily her back muscles were very strong.

She panted, holding the truck’s door for support, shocked about the radical change her physique had undergone.

“Mary-Ann…” her tiny father was looking at her with eyes wide open.

“Come on, Daddy,” she said in her commanding new tone. “We need to get to the farm to see if we’re in time to help Daisy-May.”

She helped him up inside the truck (he barely weighed anything to her!) and took her seat. She still wasn’t very confident about her driving skills, but at least her longer legs would help her do it.

It wasn’t as rough a drive as she had thought, despite her haste and nervousness. She stopped the old truck in front of the house and got out, taking a few seconds before she could register what she was seeing.

Daisy-May was laying against a wooden wall, a bewildered expression on her very blue eyes. Except this Daisy-May wasn’t the tiny 9-years-old who had been left at the house by her sister in the morning. She had also been transformed into a tall and extremely curvy adult woman, pretty much in the same way as her big sister had.

Her blonde locks now cascaded down her back, and she looked way too smug inside her small clothes. Despite her new sexy visage, her gorgeous face still looked innocent as she plead to the new arrivals.

“Please miss, help me. I don’t know what happened to me! I got all big!” he voice was like a purr.

“Daisy-May, it’s me, Mary-Ann!”


“I also changed! It was the marrows! And look what happened to Daddy.”

Daisy-May looked down in disbelief at the minuscule boy who barely reached her peeling short pants.

“We have to try and warn everyone who bought those marrows,” Mary-Ann said. “I hope we’re on time.”

But it was already too late. By the time they could spread the word, countless people had already tasted the vegetables. And though it triggered extreme growth on females, making them bigger, stronger and more beautiful, it did the opposite on males, rendering them into young boys.

The effects were permanent and the cause never discovered. But it was a bizarre and unforgettable episode in Texan history.



      • bela04

        Thanks. I’m not an English speaker, let alone an expert in US dialects, so I’m glad it came across credibly.

    • bela04

      Thanks! This is one of the rare cases where I first got the images and they inspired the story instead of the other way around.

  1. Well written story! It was a fun read, and the pictures really added to it!

  2. This is great. I’d love to see more stories of people eating the narrows.

    • bela04

      I was almost considering making a sequel, but I don’t think I will for the time being. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Actually, I have a feeling that a sequel to this story would sound amazing.

  3. Lovely story; would love to see more from these people that ate those marrows!

    • bela04

      The temptation is too great, but I think I’ll leave this one without sequels. Thanks for your comment!

  4. bela04

    Oh, gosh those pictures! WOW, you choose really well for this one! Or the pictures gave the idea for the story? Who knows, I really loved this one! 🙂

  5. I’m dreadfully, truthfully, sorry for accusing Bubba1995 of stealing your stories on Deviantart, Planet. I wasn’t exactly thinking straight due to Bubba1995’s first account being suddenly deactivated. I didn’t even get a chance to apologize for that unforgivable comment I made towards you and Bubba1995. If you want to keep me blocked on Deviantart, I understand.

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