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The Drone – Chapter Two – The Roommate

Hello, boys and girls!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve returned with the next installment of my most ambitious project to date: “The Drone! – Chapter Two”

I want to express my gratitude for the positive feedback on the first chapter! It’s been three years since I embarked on this comic journey, and I’m delighted that you all appreciate the concept as much as I do. While there are still plenty of twists and turns ahead, let’s delve into what Chapter Two has in store for the story:

It’s here! My biggest and longest project ever is now available: ‘The Drone, Chapter Two’!

In the last chapter, we delve into the impact of the changes on David and Sarah’s relationship. It appears that their conversation has played a crucial role in helping Sarah regain her memories. However, the anticipation builds as David awaits Sarah’s return to her dorm room from her meeting with Rob. To his surprise, when the door opens, it’s not Sarah who walks in, but someone else. This unexpected turn of events introduces a character who is about to reshape David’s perception and refresh his false memories about Sarah.

As promised back in December, brace yourself for another Female Age Progression (AP) and some small, size changes between the characters! Head over to the store to discover the intricacies of David’s life and what unfolds in this chapter. 🙂



  1. Keyser

    This was great – watching Dani grow ‘thicc’, with her hips splaying out and her breasts getting nice and heavy was… very pleasurable…

  2. Brutus89

    I can’t wait to see more. Though I would have loved to see more of Sarah with her clothes off.

      • Brutus89

        Ooo tease tease. I hope she gives David that taste of being with with a more experienced woman like she promised. Even if it ends being the last time he does.

        Any estimate on when the next chapter might be out?

  3. DandyChiggins

    Hi Bela, sorry for asking this here but I wanted to know what happened to Gevousarte… His comic “Couple” was one of my favourites and was taken down. The artist seems to have been banned from everywhere… 😭

    • bela04

      Hi there, since he quit making comics he asked me to remove his comics from Agearts. :/

  4. DahliaWC

    In this one, I’m actually hoping for a happy ending for David.
    To have his whole life messed up and this guy just makes everyone hate him for no reason seems so wrong to me. Lol.
    Just a bit of a different thing.
    A lot of them seem to get their comeuppance, but this one seems to just keep smacking the poor guy around.

    • bela04

      There is no secret that the story is about how David’s life get messed up bad and how he needs to “survive”. Many humiliate situation happens to him until we reach to the point where he fights back and…. who knows… maybe he come out this whole situation better? 😉

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