The Detention – New Premium Comic!

Here we go again!

New month new comic! This time something special! Remember “Detention” ? It was a commission I made one of our fellow AgeArts user and it looks like we had a case here! This is what happens when someone’s idea inspires someone else to see how could a story continue!
So one of my patreon supporter asked me to create a next chapter for the comic called “Detention” (you can find it in our gallery!) and when I started it, it was based on a few short sentence but as always, I loved the idea so it end up as a full comic!

Just to keep it short here is everything what you need to know about Detention 2 
Age Regression/Progression (Both Male & Female) a little bimbo and something what is special: UNBIRTH! A very detaield one, if you ask me! 😉


“Our “hero” is a young teen boy who somehow got himself some power. Power that can alter people… Thanks to his bad childhood, he start a little revenge on his Step-Mom and the neighbours next to him. What starts as a revenge, ends up in creating a new life but not just for himself, but the other ones around him.”

I would like to thank to lostandwhatever for the help and putting so much effort into this tale! Without him, it wouldn’t be this good!

More updates coming this week!

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