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The Cursed Ones (Chapter 5)


by Planet



Sabrina and Kenneth were perplexed. They were the only ones left, and their only question was which of them would go next.

Kenneth was particularly upset, since the last victim had been his sister, and his parents were incredibly affected. At least, unlike his worried Mom and Dad, he knew that Jenny was alive, though she had lost a decade of her life.

He had been the most shocked of all when he had seen the beautiful woman Jenny had turned into, taller than him and no longer the awkward tween he used to tease. She had just arrived to the bungalow in the morning, damp and shivering.

The rest of her friends helped her out of her soaking clothes and into one of the adult underclothes they had gathered during the last few days, looking almost as surprised as Jenny was herself at the incredible beauty that had been bestowed upon her.

But all the positive feelings had paled next to the horrors of the previous night. The most terrible thing of all was that this time there had been a murder, and Jenny had witnessed it.

It took the police until the afternoon to discover Mr. Laverne’s ravaged body, and when they did, the public was quick in linking his death to the disappearance of the six girls, the last of which had lived just across from his house.

By then, Jenny had calmed down a bit from the horrible experience, and was ready to get back into action.

“The worst part is that he never could tell me where we should go. What was the place where we supposedly could escape the curse,” she said. “But he spoke about the hill, and some mark… maybe we can still find it on time.”

But Kenneth couldn’t stay and help. He needed to go back to his parents before they missed him too. Sabrina also returned to the town with him. The transformed ones, meanwhile, decided to try and help Jenny deduce the location of the mysterious mark Laverne had hinted at.

The day passed quickly for the boy. Before he noticed it, it was night again, and he was terrified about what could happened. He took a bath and stepped out into his room, wearing nothing but a towel.

Unlike his sister’s, Kenneth’s early teenage years were being gentler to him. He was 14, and he already showed the promise of becoming a good-looking young man. He was getting tall, even if his body was still thin and childish. Girls his age, though, didn’t care much about that, so he was still the class’ heartthrob, thanks to his great hair and fetching face.

Right now, he was wondering what changes puberty would bring. He had to admit he had felt a sting of jealously when he had seen his new adult sister, looking so mature and beautiful. He instantly remembered that his turn was just around the corner, though.

With that thought in mind, he decided not to wear any more clothes to bed. He laid in there wide awake for hours, certain something would happen that very night.

He didn’t have to wait for long.

Kenneth felt some movement beneath his sheets, as if a strong air current –or rather, a ghost–, had been crawling under there. Trying his best not to yell, he got on his feet.

The sheets were pulled away to reveal 30-years-old Agatha, dressed skimpily in black and smiling seductively.

He had recently started getting interested in girls, and he had to admit this woman, evil crone or not, was especially appealing.

“Hello, little boy,” she said, emphasizing the last word.

He blushed. He hadn’t expected her to look like this at all, not after seeing her horrible, wrinkled corpse.

She got up from his bead and approached him. He couldn’t even take a step back, so he just dumbly stared up at her. She was quite taller than he was.

“Cat got your tongue, uh? Like what you see? You’re about to like it even more,” she purred, and her long, claw-like fingernails touched his bare chest.

That sent an exhilarating shiver through his spine, but soon, pain started as his body began to age.

Kenneth had fallen on his knees, but that didn’t prevent him from noticing he was growing taller at a quick rate. His feet expanded to almost twice his size, and his hands, planted firmly on the floor to give him some support, became unbelievably big.

His back stretched side to side, making him exceptionally broad-shouldered, easily twice the width he had been seconds earlier. It was very painful, and he let out a series of boyish moans.

Without warning, his testicles dropped and engorged. Simultaneously, a prominent Adam’s Apple emerged on his throat, and his moans became hoarse and manly. His scrotum was now bulky and hairy, and soon his member started to gain width and length too. His small underwear was strained, and the sensation was so powerful that he had to hold his large package with his equally big hands.

Hairs were popping all over his skin, and it was very uncomfortable. But the pain was never as intense as when every muscle on his body started to expand. His skinny limbs became wide, and then some. From his position, he could see his arms getting as beefy as jams, and feel the considerable strength that came with them, not that he could do much with it while he was in such agony.

His pectorals exploded forward, now huge, and his abs were equally ripped. While this happened, his face had become rugged and square, and facial hair had grown enough to give him stubble.

When it was done, Kenneth was a massive adult man of 24, still on his knees, his barrel chest heaving as he panted.

“You turned into a fine specimen,” a female voice said. “You’ll do admirably.”

Kenneth looked up, not understanding what she had meant, and he was shocked at what he saw. Agatha had looked attractive before, but now she was a goddess to him. It wasn’t only because she had improved a bit after regressing ten years, but rather because he had aged enough to get fully affected by her. His hormones were raging now.

She walked closer to him and he stood up immediately. He was much taller than her now, but she still felt so commanding to him. Her hand again touched his chest, now ample and muscly, and he felt a ripple of desire that was overpowering to the extreme. He felt his new manhood swelling even more, responding to her sight and touch.

Mr. Laverne had been right. No man could have resisted the full power of Agatha’s sorcery. Kenneth was a man now, and he was at her complete control. He needed her.

She kissed him fully in the mouth. He embraced her passionately, rubbing her back, her hair and her buttocks. The motions came to me with an odd ease, almost instinctively. Her claws dug into his muscular arms and torso, leaving scarlet marks all over. It was painful but oddly exciting.

They fell on the bed and he ripped her clothes off. Her body was amazing. Kenneth clasped her full breasts, but she didn’t seem to be that much interested in foreplay. She was on top and she removed the towel that were covering her privates. She went right to the point immediately.

An unfamiliar sensation engulfed him as he found his manhood inside her, immediately ejaculating powerfully and uncontrollably. Ecstasy was too much for the new man to endure. He almost passed out in pleasure, but then it slowly started to subdue, and when he looked up, she had vanished. Not even her destroyed clothes were in the floor any more. The only evidence of her presence were the scratches, and of course, the fact that he was fully adult.

Still not fully recovered from his excitement, he got up on wobbly legs and started worrying about what to wear and how to escape the house unnoticed. First, though, he had to warn Sabrina.

Once he texted her, the grown man washed himself on his shower and started to cry.



  1. BLZBub

    Well, this was certainly more exciting than some of the other chapters. Kenneth seemed to have enjoyed himself. But there’s still a problem. Agatha has only one child left and if Sabrina gets her youth drained, the curse is permanent. Though I’m not sure if Agatha would want to get any younger than she currently is.

    • bela04

      Yes, I recognize certain elements on this chapter that are in your style. Glad you found it exciting.

    • bela04

      I uploaded it last week. I’m waiting for Bela to approve it 🙂

  2. We really should try to upload some more male age progression stories on this site, you know.

    • BLZBub

      I agree, if only for variety’s sake. I hope we may be getting new stories like that soon, but it’s too early to be certain.

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