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The Cursed Ones (Chapter 2)

The second part for Planet’s great story has arrived! 


by Planet


First thing next morning, the rest of the kids were already at the clubhouse. They marveled at Daniela’s transformation. There was no way to deny what was happening now. Plus, though Clementine had grown a bit taller than them, Daniela was now much bigger, practically doubling little Melissa’s height. She was a truly shocking sight, as she still struggled to keep her balance in her bulky form.

“Does it… hurt?” asked a worried Melissa.

“Not now,” said Daniela, wincing. “I’m just unused to be this size and it’s hard to control my motions. But it did hurt a lot while I changed.”

“Are you sure you didn’t fall asleep?” asked Sabrina dismissively. “Maybe you were dreaming after all.”

“No, I was awake. She appeared in front of me in the woods, for real.”

“Then I guess I remained awake all night for nothing,” shrugged Kenneth.

“Well, I couldn’t. I tried, but I was too tired. I think I fell asleep after just a couple of hours,” admitted Barbara. “And I didn’t have any strange dreams.”

“Me neither,” announced Isabel. “I fell asleep on purpose, wanting to go next, but I hadn’t any luck!”

Daniela glared at her best friend.

“What? You won’t tell me you don’t like what happened to you at least a bit, will you? Look at the two of you! I know you think it’s awful, but I can’t wait for this to happen to me.”

Daniela lowered her head.

“It’s not… all bad. I mean, I’m fully grown now, and there are a few nice things about it. But I lost part of my youth and I can’t even let my parents see me like this!”

“Speaking of which, I think you should leave the clubhouse,” said Jenny as she cleansed her glasses. “Our parents know we hang out in here, and now that two of us have disappeared, there’s bound to be general panic. The police is already involved, and they’re obviously coming here soon enough.”

“But where will we go?” Clementine seemed about to have another anxiety attack.

It was Sabrina who spoke next.

“My parents have a nearby bungalow, but they only go there on summers. Nobody will find you there, and we can reach it by bus easily enough. It’s also much bigger than this cabin, so… if… more of us get changed too, we can hide there.”

Melissa clapped at the idea, but Daniela felt doubtful. After all, last time she had followed one of Sabrina’s suggestions, she had been cursed. Yet, there was nowhere else to go, and since nobody else had any other suggestion, Daniela ended up nodding too.


Jenny’s prediction came true. There was widespread panic in town when the news that a second schoolgirl had vanished hit the general public. In such an uneventful place, something like that was huge.

Parents immediately became overprotective, in a town where kids had always roamed freely. The close friends of the lost girls, particularly, became subject to close vigilance from their worried guardians, which restricted their movements greatly.

None were more jealously shielded than Melissa and Barbara. Their parents wouldn’t even allow the sisters to go out of the house.

“It’s for your own safety,” concluded their mother. “Just until we know what happened to your poor friends.”

So the two of them remained at home, probably more scared than they would have been if they could have gone out trying to learn more about the curse and ways to defeat it.

Young Melissa, in particular, was terrified. The 9-years-old girl had always been faint of heart, and now she just wished she would have listened to her cowardice in the first place, instead of trying to be brave to impress her big sister.

Shivering under the sheets and unable to sleep, she remembered the events of five nights ago as if they had just happened…

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Barbara had said that night, now seemingly distant. “Think of how you’ll be able to brag in front of your classmates!”

“Yeah, I don’t know…” insisted Melissa. “Everyone says the Hannigan House is haunted. There’s a curse for trespassers… even Mom says they never went close when she was a teenager.”

“But you don’t believe in curses any more, do you?” said Barbara, who didn’t look that convinced herself. “That stuff isn’t real. Besides, we’ll just take a quick look to see what all the fuzz is about and then we’ll leave.”

“This was all Sabrina’s idea, right?” guessed Melissa.

“Well, yes… What, you still don’t like her? I know she can be a big snooty, but she’s my pal.”

“She always forces you and your friends to do what she wants!”

“What? No, no! If you must know… Kenneth is going,” said Barbara with a slight blush.

“Jenny’s brother? I bet Sabrina just made him go so that the rest of you silly girls would swoon over him and accept her challenge.”

“What? Nah, I don’t… He’s just cool to be around, that’s all.”

“Okay, if you says so…”

“Are you coming, then? Please, it’ll be so much easier to escape home tonight if you help me. And I so want the other girls to see you’re big now. That way you can join our club!”

Melissa could swear that idea had come directly from Sabrina. She knew how to sway everyone her way.

And so the two sisters had joined the other six kids that night in front of the Hannigan House’s abandoned lawn. The old fence had been quite easy to get open, not so the front door. In the end, they broke an already cracked window in order to get in.

The interior of the house was even dustier than they had expected. To add to the general creepiness of the place, the décor was decades old. It was obvious that nobody had set foot in there for years.

Which was why it was so weird when they noticed some light flickering on a distant room. Half of them stopped with the intention of retreating, but Sabrina kept going and, again under her lead, they followed.

The living room’s fireplace was lit. The flames were actually quite healthy, obviously recently fed. Yet, there was nobody in the room, except…

“Guys, what’s that bundle over there?” Isabel had asked.

For there was a dark, large shape in the center of the rug. They all approached slowly, curiously. And as soon as they managed to see exactly what it was, they all jumped and ran away from the house, most of them screaming like mad.

The thing on the floor had been a dead body. The corpse of an elderly woman, probably in her nineties, judging from her ancient-looking face and white mane of hair. Her faded eyes had been open, yet there was no doubt in their minds that the woman was completely lifeless, even though most of them had never seen a dead person before.

They didn’t stop running until more than ten minutes later, when they had put a good distance between them and the house.

“I told you!” said Melissa, breathless and hysteric. “The curse! That was Mrs. Hannigan’s ghost!”

“Don’t be silly!” said Sabrina, dismissive even when panicked. “That was no ghost. That was just a cadaver. We were at a crime scene, that’s all!”

“But…” Barbara struggled to talk. “Then the killer was still inside… or had just left. The fire was lit.”

“I don’t think I noticed any smoke coming from the chimney when we arrived, did you?” Jenny had commented, though nobody paid her much attention.

“Yes, it had to happen tonight, probably in last hour or so,” commented Sabrina. “Which means that nobody can ever know we were here. You have to promise it. You can’t tell anyone.”

They remained silent for a while.

“You’re right” concurred Kenneth.

“I get it, but… it was a crime. The police must know what we saw,” said Daniela.

“We didn’t see anything that can help them catch the killer!” insisted Sabrina. “We’ll just get in trouble. SO much trouble.”

And in the end, they had all agreed.



“Is that you, Melissa? What do you want?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

“Can I bunk over with you?”

“Uh… Okay,” conceded Barbara finally, not admitting how relieved she was at not having to spend the rest of the night on her own.

And though they tried to get a bit of rest, after a while they had to admit their defeat. It was Barbara who started talking.

“You were right, you know.”

“About what?” Melissa asked with curiosity.

“Everything. About how it was a stupid idea to go to that place. About how I only did it so that Sabrina wasn’t disappointed on me. And I’m so sorry I took you there with me. Now you’re cursed too and it’s all my fault.”

“Don’t say that. I accepted to go, it’s on me. I also did it to impress someone.”


“You, Barbara. I’ve always wanted to impress my big sister.”

“Oh, Melissa, but you already do. You’re so much smarter than I am, and a better person. I actually look up to you.”

They again stopped speaking for a while, moved, but their silence felt like a mutual embrace.

“Do you hear something?” asked Barbara, worried.

Melissa sat on the bed, listening. There was a thumping sound coming from outside the room. Steps?


Both girls had a scare jump, but it was only the window, which had opened suddenly. Then it closed again, and then it opened by itself repeatedly, always banging loudly, and increasingly faster.

The bedside lamp flickered on and off, and the flowery wallpaper tore at parts as if an invisible knife had slashed through it.

“This is it, isn’t it?” muttered Melissa in dismay, but her sister was too scared to even nod.

Then, crawling on the ceiling, they saw the terrible figure of the old lady. She was alive this time, or at least it seemed so, but she also looked slightly less ancient than when they had seen her corpse, courtesy of the twenty years she had already absorbed from Clementine and Daniela.

But that didn’t diminish her grim aspect, or the terror she caused in her intended victims. When she spoke, her voice sounded unnaturally guttural.

“Twice the sinners, twice the youth. You’ll both pay for your trespass dearly. A decade of your life each.”

Melissa let out a brief, high-pitched scream. She suddenly felt an odd sensation. Barbara looked at the bed and saw that her little sister’s legs were stretching out bellow the hem of her pants.

“Sis, this hurts!” complained the 9-years-old, tears in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want this for you!” yelled Barbara, also crying even though there was no physical pain for her yet.

Melissa’s shoulders widened, tearing the back of her clothes, as she kept getting taller and a bit thicker. Shocked, Barbara realized that her little sister looked around the same size and age as her, then she surpassed her in both accounts.

But then Barbara also felt the burning pain on her body as she also started to get older.

For the 12-years-old redhead, it started at her chest. Her nipples hurt as they enlarged, then a significant amount of tissue started to form around it, every new cell causing her discomfort as she clutched her massive new chest. By then, Melissa had developed breasts too, a lot smaller but firm and nubile, and the maturity that her face was showing clearly marked her as a teen rather than as a child. Her adorable golden pigtails were coming undone as her hair grew thicker and more abundant.

Barbara was also getting taller, but not as much. Even though she was again older than Melissa, she was a good five inches shorter than her blonde sister, who had stopped at 5’11. But Barbara had become curvier instead, with full thighs and a backside which nicely matched her large chest.

As the agony subdued and the aging stopped, the paranormal activity around them ceased too. They looked up at the ceiling and were relieved to see that the crone was gone, as were the marks on the walls.

Panting wildly even after the pain had ended, Melissa and Barbara looked at each other, now a 19-years-old and a 22-years-old respectively.

The first was now a lofty and slender teenager, fair haired and graceful; her pretty face still looked innocent and marveled as she gazed at her alien, well developed body, her jeans shredded and her once large sweater, way too short for her tall torso and arms. Her braids had succumbed to the pressure of her new long mane. On the other hand, her older sister had turned into a curvaceous ginger who suddenly oozed sensual appeal. Her red shorts had exploded, and she struggled to contain her enormous chest inside her tiny stripped top.

“Sis! It really happened. We’re women!” said Barbara, her voice noticeably deeper.

“Yes… I can’t… I can’t believe it.” Melissa still retained a semblance of her dulcet tones.

“Look at these bodies. We’re so much older!” Barbara was shaking. She grabbed at her head. “Our hair has grown.”

“Yeah, down here too!”

Melissa examined her reflection, unable to believe how remarkably good-looking she had just become.

“Why do you think Mom and Dad didn’t come to see what was happening? It’s not possible that they didn’t hear all this racket, is it?”

“Nothing of this seems possible, Barbara.”

“Good point,” she conceded, nervously glancing trough the room’s window.

Yet they were sure, they could easily wake now, so the new women were careful to dress their adult bodies in clothes that fitted as silently as possible. That proved a challenge, for they were still uncoordinated in their larger frames, and finding proper garments without entering their parent’s room was difficult.

In the end, Melissa found one of her mother’s bikinis among the laundry downstairs. She didn’t want to wear dirty clothes, but at the moment, that was the lesser of her troubles. She nervously removed her clothes and put on the underwear, scared at the alien body she was dressing.

On her part, Barbara was utterly unable to fit any of her mother’s brassieres over her heavy breasts. She put on a sheer white beach outfit that barely covered her front.

“I feel like a cow,” she said shyly, trying ineffectively to close the gap.

“I can’t believe your boobs are so big,” Melissa said, shaking her head.

“Look at you! You’re so tall.”

“I know,” nodded her sister, putting a t-shirt over her long body. It didn’t even reach her navel. “I hope it’s not very cold outside tonight.”

“Yeah, I know. We’re so exposed.”

Barbara leaned back against the window, already tired. She needed to get used to the weight of her chest, but right now it was overwhelming.

“We can’t leave our old clothes here. If our parents see them, shredded, they’ll think the worst.”

Melissa agreed, and put the remains in a plastic bag to take them along.

“And we need shoes,” added the younger blonde. “We’ll catch a cold for sure if we go barefoot.”

The problem was that they could only find two pairs of shoes: some flip-flops and a couple of high-heels. Melissa’s foot had grown too large, so she couldn’t fit in the heels. Indeed, the flip-flops were equally small, but at least they had some room on the back.

That left poor Barbara, whose feet were about the same size as her mother’s, to wear the heels.

“This isn’t fair,” she complained, wobbling. “I already had these… jugs! How can I make it to the bungalow with these shoes too?”

Melissa couldn’t help but smile from the first time since their ghostly experience.

“Walking is not that easy for me either, being this tall and stuff. Remember I was only 9 and about this big.” She gestured below her stomach, around the height where her head used to be.

“You’re right. So… ready?”

They both left the house quietly, shivering in the cold night air, and slowly made their way to the bungalow where Clementine and Daniela had been staying, quietly weeping at the thought of their parents’ horror when they found in the morning that their two daughters were missing.



  1. BLZBub

    I’ve been waiting for this next chapter. I had a feeling the sisters would be done together. And now we have a bit more information about how they were cursed. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • bela04

      Thanks! There’s more information coming in the next chapter too. I’ll post it next week.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this story and that I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to write! I hope you like what’s left.

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