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The Clearing: A Short Story

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Sophie sat on the rock peacefully gazing over the small clearing she had discovered on her exploration of the local forest. It was a peaceful place and she was glad to have found something so naturally beautiful. She eyed a small stream, that seemed to head underground, in the back of the clearing. Her interest peaked she jumped off the rock and approached the small stream. The grass softened the sound of her booted feet’s footsteps as you moved. Sophie was a beautiful 24 year old who was going to the local college in the town outside of the forest, she was happy with life. Her body was thin but full of curves with her D cup breasts sitting on her chest. Finally reaching the stream Sophie crouched down and examined the strange stream, it seemed to be crystal clear water the flowed down into a cavern that seemed to be below her. Fully intrigued she debated giving the water a taste as it seemed to make her more thirsty the longer she stared at the mysterious water. Going against common sense she cupped her hands beneath the water and lifted the liquid to her lips and took a deep sip. The water tasting surprisingly fresh and quenched her thirst almost immediately. Satisfied with her discovery Sophie decided to head back to her apartment to relax for the day.

Sophie closed the door to her apartment door as she finally reached home. Tossing her bag on a chair she collapsed on her couch and turned on the TV. Watching idly Sophie was overcome with a strange sensation, a faint tingling that slowly spread throughout her body. Once the tingling reached her groin she suddenly was overcome with an intense warmth, turning her on almost immediately. Moaning slightly Sophie didn’t notice the slight changes happening to her as she slowly started regressing, now only 22. One of her hands slowly snaked down to her groin as she began rubbing herself through her pants panting slightly as she started getting more and more horny from the tingling. Soon her other hand was massaging one of her breasts through her shirt as she dropped to 20, her clothes now starting to appear baggy in spots. Not able to contain herself she quickly slipped her hand down her pants, not noticing the slight gab that had formed. Quickly fingering herself she cummed quicker then she would normally have. As the orgasmic waves washed over her she suddenly felt the strange sensation of her bra loosening. Alarmed her hands grasped her tits feeling them. Shocked she realized they were smaller as she dropped to 17. Quickly running to the bathroom she starred in the mirror as she reached 16 her face looking more youthful as some maturity had slowly left her face. Glancing down she realized that her clothes were loosening even more as her body seemed to retreat even more as she dropped to 15. Suddenly she felt a sudden pressure building, not understanding what was about to happen to just continued to stare her reflection.

Having moved to her full length mirror in her bedroom, Sophie examined herself more thoroughly. She was happy she seemed to have stopped at 15, maybe it was done. But deep down she knew it wasn’t as she considered the building pressure she had been feeling for a while, now feeling like a dam about to burst. Feeling the pressure burst suddenly she let out a soft gasp as her body freefalled through youth. Tits quickly flattening into her chest, ass shrinking away, hips and waist meeting each other as her curves melted away, and her height just dropped like a rock. The changes happened so suddenly that Sophie couldn’t catch her pants as they dropped, she could only stare as her maturity quickly left her and left her at 5 years old with a t-shirt that barely stayed on. What was she gonna do now, she wondered as she sat down. [/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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