TGTrinity’s idea: The Trickster Doll

Do you remember Trinity’s  Regressive Psychology ? That was part of our little “exchange ideas” movement months ago! I remember when he searched for me about this. He was working on a big TG Comic and thought, it would be a good pause to work on something different. So I gave him one of my ideas and he gave me one of his idea! In the end he was waaaay more sooner ready with his part than I do!
I was thinking how to do what he asked for and probably the “hardest” part was how to end it? But after a quick brainstorming, it was ready to go! After that All it was necessary just a well written dialogue what BLZBub  solved very well and that’s how “The Trickster Doll”  was born. Exclusive for AgeArts as Trinity  wanted! This is a special one, I hope you will all love it.

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