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It was a warm day and the sun shone brightly on the beach, ensuring that there would be a sizable crowd around when Tommy pulled open the knot to Esme’s swimsuit top. A sudden breeze made sure that everyone in front of her saw her already impressive breasts exposed. Even Tommy had a glimpse of them when she turned to see who had disrobed her. She glared at him with an unholy fury, and he ran off to hide.

Once he was concealed in a patch of bushes, Tommy took a moment to let out a sigh of relief, satisfied that he had accomplished his older brother’s dare. Sure enough, his brother and his brother’s friends had been the ones distracting Esme with a beach ball when Tommy had snuck up behind her. Esme had been holding the beach ball above her head at the moment that her top came loose. She had had no chance to cover herself before it was too late. Tommy felt bad for doing it, but a dare is a dare, and he was not about to let his brother make fun of him and call him a girl again. Tommy was 11. Esme, his brother, and his brother’s friends were 13. It was a big deal that he not seem like a wimpy kid around them, even if it meant that he would feel guilty about what he had done to Esme.

Tommy liked Esme. Aside from being very pretty with shimmering dark hair and emerald green eyes, she also had this mysterious, aloof attitude that drove all the middle school boys crazy. Plus, her breasts would be above average even for a girl in high school. Still, he knew what he did was wrong. Doubtless, he would be a hero to the older boys. Was it worth it to have made an enemy of Esme?

He peeked through the bushes, checking to see if Esme was still on the beach, but he saw no sign of her on the sand.

“Looking for me?” said Esme from behind him in the bushes.

He spun around to face her. Her top was done up again, but he could not stop himself from glancing at her breasts, recalling what was concealed beneath that blue and white polka dot fabric.

“Did you think that was funny?” she asked him. “Huh?”

“S-sorry,” he stuttered, looking back up at her face. She seemed furious but thankfully still in control of herself enough to keep from screaming at him. It seemed her rage was not like a wildfire but more like a cutting torch, blue and intensely focused. He started to circle around her, so that he might back away from her through the bushes and then away from the beach, altogether.

“You boys just had to take a peep at me,” she said. “Do you have any idea what that feels like, to have everybody looking at your body like that?”

“N-no,” he said, wondering if it would make things worse to run now.

“Well,” she said. “I think you need a lesson, then.”

Esme raised a hand in the air and muttered something unintelligible to Tommy. He could have sworn he saw a dull violet glow in the pupils of her eyes.

“Try to run,” she told him, smirking.

He tried, but his feet seemed as though they were stuck to the dirt, cemented in place. No matter how he swung his arms around and jerked his body, he could not shift his feet even an inch.

“Call for help,” she ordered him.

He tried to open his mouth, but his jaw would not move and his throat made no sound, not even a whimper.

Esme smiled. “Now,” she said. “It’s time for you to learn.” Again, she raised her hand and spoke strange words. This time, Tommy was sure he saw her eyes glow. She swung her hand down to punctuate the final word, and he felt a sudden burst of energy blast into him.

Tommy’s skin tingled all over, but most noticeably on his head and between his legs. He felt his hair growing out on his scalp while something precious shrank away between his legs. Moments later, long hair was draped in front of his eyes. He parted it and looked down at his swim trunks. A quick examination with one hand found that he was no longer a boy down there anymore.

“How does it feel to be one of the girls?” Esme taunted him.

He tried to respond, but he was still unable to speak.

Seeing this, Esme said, “I will allow you to speak again, but only if you promise not to scream for help, not until I’m done. If you do, I’ll make sure you never speak again. Do you understand?”

He nodded, causing his long hair swing around.

Esme waved her hand, and he felt his jaw unlock. He moved his chin around, loosening up the joint and taking a couple of free breaths. “Please turn me back,” he said and gasped and gripped his throat after hearing the girly voice that had come from it.

“I’m not even close to being done with you,” she said, raising her hand up again. She spoke another spell, her eyes flashed violet, and she swung her hand at him, unleashing more magic on his body.

This time, Tommy felt himself growing all over. First his legs and arms lengthened, stretching longer and thicker. Then, he felt his swim trunks grow tight around his broadening hips and swelling butt. The two mounds inflating on his chest drew his attention there. He watched in stunned awe as a pair of breasts grew right before his eyes. He looked over at Esme and found that he was as tall as her now. Soon, he became even taller than her and still kept on growing. His legs and hips became even curvier as his breasts ballooned out and hung heavily from him. Seconds later, the growth slowed to a stop.

He gazed down in stunned awe at the huge pair of breasts resting proudly on his chest. He hesitated to touch them, feeling some residual reluctance at touching a girl’s body, but that lasted only a moment. His feminine hands found their way to his breasts and began to test the weight and probe the softness of them. They were surprisingly heavy and pleasantly stimulating. He loved them, but he would have loved them even more if they were not his.

“Sure,” Esme said. “They’re fun to play with, but they get to be a real pain after a while.”

He pulled his hands away from his breasts and looked at Esme. He was shocked to see how small and young she appeared to him now. Before, he had thought of her as being so mature, an actual teenager. Now, he saw only a little girl before him.

“Right then,” she said. “You’re ready. Now, go for a walk on the beach. Let the boys see your chest, just like they saw mine.”

His hands covered his nipples, and he shook his head. “No,” he said. “I can’t do that.” It dismayed him to hear a voice very much like his own mother’s coming out of his mouth.

Esme sighed. “Fine,” she said. “If you’re going to be difficult, then I’ll just have to give you no choice.”

This time she raised both hands high above her head. The air tingled with energy as if lightning was about to strike. A swirling breeze picked up around her, lifting her hair up into the turbulent air. Her eyes shone bright violet as she chanted in a strange, barely human sounding voice.

Tommy felt his body grow again. This time, every part of him grew proportionately larger all at once. His already tight trunks, ripped and split apart, flinging themselves away from his body and revealing his hairy, feminine crotch and bare ass. His head rose above the top of the bushes and kept rising. He looked down at Esme casting her spell and watched as the girl seemed to shrink smaller in front of his growing feet. Soon his whole upper body was visible above the bushes. Again he tried to run, but his feet were still stuck to the ground. He crouched down to hide. That only concealed him for a moment until he was too big for the bushes even while crouching. It felt as though his body was betraying him, pushing him out of this shelter as it grew. There was no way to fight it. He gave up trying to hide and stood tall, where he discovered that his view had risen to dozens of feet in the air. Below him he heard the little people crying out and shouting to each other once they noticed him. As they pointed at him, he tried to cover his crotch with one hand while wrapping the other arm across the expanse of his breasts. However, there was not much he could do to hide the rest of his body. Everyone on the beach could see him, even his astonished brother and his brother’s astonished friends, who pointed and stared, lusting after his female flesh.

Then, the growing stopped, leaving him several stories tall, unable to do anything but stand there and be gawked at by all the little people below, on display with his feet stuck to the ground like a living nude Statue of Liberty.

“Listen!” Esme yelled up to him.

He bent forward and turned his head to hear her better over the noise of the excited crowd.

“These curses will wear off, eventually,” she informed him. “Some will wear off sooner than others. Hopefully, by the time they’re all gone, you’ll have learned your lesson.”

Then, she turned and walked out of the bushes and slipped unnoticed through the crowd that was forming at his huge feet.

“Wait,” he said. “How long?”

She did not stop or even glance back at him.

“How long?” he demanded.

Esme kept on walking, not looking back even once.

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