Anime Town Anthology: Gachamom

By ARWander1600


Anime Town Chan: Konnichwa and welcome to Anime Town, my name is Anime Chan and I’m here to tell you about this wondrous place. Anime Town, a small section of the sprawling downtown Tokyo dedicated to all things otaku. Here locals and tourist alike can escape the stress of life and enjoy their love of nerd culture from the past and present. However, unwary travelers beware, all of the shops, items and entertainment, especially in the back alleys, are meant to either bring back memories of childhood or to create a powerful nurturing instinct. Will Carly and Erica be able to resist the need to collect all of the “limited edition items” or will they be changed by the selective power of the Gachapons!

Picture 1:

Carly: Mom thank you so much for taking me to Anime Town for my birthday!

Erica: You’re welcome sweetie, it’s not every day my little girl turns 13!

Picture 2:

Carly: Subarashidesu! (Oh my God, I’m so excited right now, waku waku si masu!!)

Erica: Wow, you’ve gotten really good at Japanese, it must be all that anime you watch! And it’s no problem, with the new promotion that I got I’ve got more than enough money to spend on our vacations now.

Carly: I can’t believe it, we’re really in Japan! Anime Town is amazing…Mom, I’ve wanted to go here since I was seven…thank you so much!!

Erica: It’s no problem honey, with my new promotion, I’ve got more than enough money to spend on our vacations now.


Picture 3:

Carly: Mom, I really can’t thank you enough…just a few years ago we could barely afford anything…but you put yourself through college and got a new job all while taking care of me… (She did all of this for me… I don’t deserve a mother like her…)

Erica: Aww, there’s no need to cry sweetie, I did it all for you…

Carly: Arigatōgozaimashita…I just wish there was a way I could pay you back… (I would do anything to pay you back, you’ve been so good to me…)

Erica: Well maybe one day you can…hmm… what’s that over there?

Picture 4:

Carly: (Are those what I think they are?! OMG they are!!) Those are Gachapon!! Eeeee!! I’ve been wanting to get some!

Erica: So what are they? They look like toys.

Carly: Well, they are toys! Each one is one of a kind and you never know which one you’re gonna get!  I’ve been told their very addictive, although I’ve never seen these ones advertised online…

Picture 5:

Erica: Let’s get some, after all, it is part of your birthday present!

Carly: Well, I don’t know these ones look very different from the one’s I’ve seen online… They don’t even have pictures on them… (All they say is “Bela’s Kaware”… which means change in Japanese…this is so weird…)

Erica: Oh come Carly, we can find the ones you looked at later, I bet we’ll still find some cute one’s here!

Carly: Okay, then let’s get a few… and then we’ll get some of the one’s advertised online… (Then we’ll get to the main part of Anime Town where there are thousands of these and tons of shops!! I’m sure I’ll find something Mom will think is cute there!)

Picture 6:

Erica: Alright so I just put the 100 yen coins in here… Why isn’t it coming out? Carly: You forgot to turn the knob! (Ha, it’s so funny that Mom can be a manager for one of the top 100 companies in the world but she forgot to turn the knob! She’s so funny!)

Erica: Oh, that makes sense!

Picture 7:

Erica: Alright let’s see what we got…

Picture 8:  Erica: Hmm, it looks like I got a teen girl? How random!

Carly: I know, they make thousands of different one’s a year so it’s rare to get the same one twice! (That’s why this is going to be so much fun and we have so much money for souvenirs!)

Erica: Oh, that means mine is limited addition and it’s really cute! I think you should do the next one!

Carly: Okay, I’ll do this one! (OMG my first Gachapon!! Let’s see what I get…)

Picture 9:

Carly: Mine looks like a…business woman? (Oh that’s kind of lame…)

Erica: Well, it’s never too early to start thinking about your—

Picture 10:

Carly: Mom what’s wrong?! (Did she just get a little shorter?)

Erica: I don’t know but I feel really, like, happy!

Picture 11:

Carly: Mom, you look…younger, like a teenager…in the 80’s… (Oh God it’s like watching The Breakfast Club again…)

Erica: I do? That’s like so totally tubular! I feel, like, so great!

Picture 12:

Carly: Mom, I don’t think we should get any more gac—

Erica: Whoa you’re, like, changing!

Picture 13:

Erica: Radical, I like your business suit and you’re as tall as me now!

Carly: (It feels so strange wearing a business suit and this skirt is just a little bit too short.) Mom, I think the gachapons are doing this! Maybe if we get away from the machines the affects will wear off!

Erica: I want to do another one!

Picture 14:

Carly: Mom, no! (How could she want another one of these gachapons after they did this to us?! And how do people walk in these things?!)

Erica: Carly, like, let go of me!

Carly: Mom, you don’t know what you’re doing!

Picture 15:

Erica: Let’s see which one I got this time!

Picture 16:

Erica: Ooooo, she looks totally like a little princess!

Carly: No Mom, I don’t want you to be that young! You’ll be younger than I was!

Picture 17:

Erica: But her dress is like—

Picture 18:

Erica: So PRETTY!!

Carly: Mom, we need to leave right now, you look like you’re in kindergarten! (Although she is really cute in that dress, she really does look like a princess!)

Erica: You need to catch meeeee first!

Picture 19:

Carly: Mom please come back! You dropped your purse and I can’t run in heels! (I’m practically tripping over myself, I feel like such a klutz wearing these things!)

Erica: No way, this is fun!! Tee hee!!

Picture 20:

Carly: Erica—I mean Mom, come back here right now! (Mom has so much energy at this age and she’s going to get a huge spanking when I catch her! Wait did I really just think that?)

Erica: Naah naah! Carly can’t catch me! I’m gonna get more gatchas!

Picture 21:

Carly: Ouch, crap one of my high heels broke! (Okay that’s it, these torture devices are coming off!)

Erica: Tee hee! You can’t catch me!

Picture 22:

Carly: Mom where are you?! (It sounds awfully quite now…I hope she’s okay…)Where ever you’re hiding please come out! Let’s head back to our hotel, we can look up how to fix this there… (God, I hope I can find a way to fix this!)

Erica: Hi Cahwy!

Picture 23:

Carly: Mom!! Is…is that you? (She looks like she’s maybe a year and a half…she so young…and KAWAII!! I don’t think I want to spank her anymore…she’s just a little girl now…no not a little girl, she’s a baby!)

Erica: Yeth et mee, Cahwy!

Carly: B-but how!? Erica: Eh fine too mo gaccha!

Picture 24:

Carly: –Mom give me the other gachapon, we have no idea what it will do to you… (Or me for that matter…it might turn me into a baby too!)

Erica: Otay! Dis won fo yu!

Picture 25:

Carly: Thank you Mom, I’ll keep this one in the purse you dropped…(I still kind of want to see what is inside of it but… I don’t think I should see it until we’re back at the hotel…maybe whatever kind of magic this is wears off if you’re away from it…)

Erica: Buh won et tange yu?

Carly: Well I haven’t opened the gachapon, so I hope it won’t affect me… I bet we can find out more about these gatchapons at the hotel, so let’s head back to the hotel Mom! (Before you get any cuter!)

Picture 26:

Erica: Otay, Cahwy! Cood eh hold u han?!

Carly: Umm…that’s a funny thing to ask but yeah I could hold your hand…(She really needs someone to be there for her…maybe I could—no that’s stupid idea…)

Erica: Yay! Yu cood peetend yu mee mommy!

Carly: (I was thinking the same thing, but is it weird that she was thinking that too?) Hmm… you know what, I don’t think pretending you’re my daughter is a bad idea.It might help us blend in and besides you are extremely cute! Erica:

Fanks Mommy! Tee Hee!

Picture 27:

Carly: (She really just called me Mommy…she is so precious! That’s interesting, the gachapon packet just started glowing…we should leave before anything else happens…) Do you like holding my hand “sweetie”?

Erica: Mmm-hmm! Dis es fun!

Carly: Aww, I like holding your hand too…(She is so cute, I just want to pick her up and shower her with kisses! In fact, this might make getting to the hotel faster!)

Picture 28:

Carly:  The walk to the hotel is pretty far, would you like a “lift” honey?

Erica: Yay!! Uppie Mommy!!

Picture 29:

Carly: (I know we’re supposed to be just pretending until we get to the hotel but I really like taking care of my bab—I mean Mom so far). So how do you like the view “princess”?

Erica: Eh fewl bib as Mommy!

Carly: That make’s Mommy so happy to hear! (I don’t think even coming to Japan has made me as happy as I am now…holding this sweet little girl…maybe if she gets hungry–NO She’s your mother!)

Erica: Wook Mommy!

Picture 30: Erica: Yu boobies awe bigga! Carly: Whoa!! How did that happen!? They’re almost bursting out of my blouse! (Maybe they need some help from my ba–NO THAT CAN’T HAPPEN!)

Erica: Bib boobies!! Tee Hee!! Oh…um…

Picture 31:

Erica: Mommy?

Carly: Yes sweetie? Erica: Eh fink eh hab ah acceedent…

Carly: (Well her diaper did feel a bit warm all of a sudden! With the thoughts I just had, I think this is becoming more real than pretend! Maybe we should stop acting like mommy and baby… but I can’t just leave her with a dirty diaper… and she needs a mommy to do that…) Okay let’s find a restroom to get you cleaned up honey!

Picture 32:

Carly: (It’s a good thing that so many women’s restrooms in Japan have private nursing stations for changing babies…and feedings… but maybe it won’t come to that…maybe…) Okay sweetheart, let’s get you changed!

Erica: Mommy…eh maid ah tinky…

Carly: I know baby! (I think I’m starting to like the way that word sounds…she is a baby…she could be my baby…no let’s just get back to the hotel…) I hope there is a diaper dispenser in here…

Erica: Wook Mommy, yu paase!

Picture 33:

Carly: Whoa! My purse turned into a large diaper bag! (That’s convenient, although the gachapon is pulsing inside… maybe if I get rid of it now and head back to the hotel, maybe all this will all wear off! I know they have diapers at the hotel…) Well that solves that problem! (But…) Let’s get a new diaper on your little bottom! Lift your legs up baby! (It takes time to change a baby…)

Erica: Otay!

Picture 34:

Carly: You’re being such a good girl for Mama! (I can’t believe I’m changing my mother’s diaper and… I’m liking it… Should I stop thinking of her as my mother…) Alright we’re almost done changing that stinky diaper!

Erica: Yay! Eh almoss cwean cwean!

Carly: Yes you are baby girl! Who’s the most kawaii baby? You are!  (She really is so cute! I remember her showing me her baby pictures… maybe we could have a whole new set of baby pictures taken…oh there are so many cute ideas I have…)

Picture 35:

Carly: Alright we’ve got you all clean my little angle, the changing tables here in Japan sure are strong! Now we have to head back to the hotel…to make you into a big girl again… (Do I really want her back as Mom again…I think I love my baby…)

Erica: Mama…me no wanna bee adolt…

Carly: Really?! You like being a baby? My Baby?!

Picture 36:

Erica: Me oways wike mak yu happi…an yu happi as Mama!

Carly: That makes me so happy to hear! Of course I’d love to be your Mommy for real! (I can’t believe it, she really wants to be my baby! She’s just so cute! I almost wish she was just a little bit younger…cradled in my arms…suckling on my swollen–)

Erica: Boobies Mama!

Picture 37:

Carly: Oh My God, I can’t believe I soaked through my blouse! I was just thinking about…Mommy things…I should take off my dress and…my bra…(God I really hope she wants some milk…I’ve got so much of it…)Are you thirsty baby?

Erica: Mmm hmm!

Picture 38:

Carly: Aw, my baby girl’s hungry, well now that I’ve taken off my wet clothing, let me cradle you in my arms so you can have some titty…

Erica: Yay! Milkies!

Picture 39:

Carly: Okay, baby girl, here comes Mama, open wide!

Erica: Mama!!

Picture 40:

Carly: Does my baby love how Mommy’s milk tastes? (I bet she does, she’s going to town on my breast!)

Erica: (suckle)

Carly: What a sweet little angle… Keep going baby, mommy has lots more! (I could probably feed an army with my tits but for now it makes me so happy just to feed my baby…)

Picture 41: Carly: I love the way you’re looking into my eyes, it really makes me feel like I really am your Mommy (Wouldn’t that be amazing…) …wait are you getting–

Picture 42:

Carly: –younger?! (Is this because of my milk or the gachapon?! I feel like I should be freaking out but I’m not…she’s getting so little…and even cuter!)

Picture 43:  Carly: (Aw, she looks like she’s four months old now and she’s still going…what a hungry little baby!) I wonder how much smaller you’re gonna get? I bet my milk is really yummy, that’s why you’re still not done with your meal…

Picture 44:

Carly: I might as well check to see what is inside the gachapon…(She’s gotten even younger… I bet the gachapon wants me to keep you somewhere warm…)

Picture 45:

Carly: All done baby! (It’s a good thing that the diaper bag had a dress in it, I should have known that the gachapon would be of a pregnant lady! But that’s okay, my little Erica has a womb with a view!) It felt so good to carry you in my arms but looks like I’ll be carrying you in a different way! You’ve been such an amazing mother to me and you took me to Japan for my birthday, but now it’s my turn. When you’re born, I’ll be the best mommy to you and since I speak Japanese you’ll grow up knowing two languages… You’re going to be so smart my little akachan…and don’t worry mommy’s got you…I’ve gachamom!