The Gypsy Deal

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The Gypsy Deal

by BLZBub

This story, like several others, is one of the proposed ideas of our writing group that was turned down. Unlike the others, this one won’t likely be made into a story itself because of Bela’s limited rendering ability, particularly with medieval settings. So this story was written to be posted on the site without any illustrations. This won’t be counted as one of the stories to be voted for making into a premium comic.

A glossary is found at the bottom to explain the meaning of the Romani words in this story.

Annamarie hurried through the woods as fast as she could. She knew it was only a matter of time before her father went hunting for her or send out the hounds for her. She just hoped she’ll be able to get far away enough in time. She was also worried that she could get lost, that she ends up wandering around in the woods until she was nothing but skin and bones to covered by the autumn leaves.

But then Annamarie sees a light ahead, some kind of campfire. She pushes through the underbrush more earnestly. Eventually, she came out into a clearing. With a sigh of relief, she saw it was the gypsy camp. Their colorful wagons were parked as the gypsies sat around the campfire. One of them was playing a fiddle while the others clapped along. Another was singing in that strange language they were so proud of.Continue reading