Dee Dee’s Laboratory

Continuing from ‘Dee Dee Blinded Me With Science‘…

(Also, since the link to the video in the last chapter didn’t work, here it is again: Dee Dee Transformed Me With Science)

Dee Dee was growing increasingly worried about Dexy’s behavior. Her former younger brother was getting more reckless as the night went on. Not only was Dexy still dancing wildly, but she was chugging down every drink offered her and throwing herself at boys. This was crazy and dangerous, even for Dee Dee.

Eventually, she tugged at Dexy’s mini-dress as she was making out with another guy. “Dexy, I think it’s time for us to go home,” said Dee Dee.

Dexy broke off the kiss and said, “Aw, Dee Dee. I was, like, getting all warmed up.”

Dee Dee scowled and said, “Mom says I need to be home by ten and it’s half past nine now.”

“Oh poop,” said Dexy before turning to the guy she was kissing and saying, “We’ll have to continue another night, handsome.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” said the guy in a dreamy voice.

Dee Dee glared before pulling Dexy away and towards the front door. This was getting out of hand. It was almost as bad as when Dexter changed into that crazy clown. Well, there was only one way to fix that problem and it should work for this problem.Continue reading